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  1. FunckyFish's post in Bet settled was marked as the answer   
    For sure it was an own goal in the match. Go to live chat and for sure they will help you.
  2. FunckyFish's post in Access to my account was marked as the answer   
    Probably you need to wait until a certain time.
  3. FunckyFish's post in Unibet are a :Heart::Hearts::Heart: mafia was marked as the answer   
    No bookie guarantees that the cashout option will be available all the time and for the all offers. Everybody has this rule in t&c, including Unibet.
    So yes, it's legal!
  4. FunckyFish's post in Another promotion, another problem for Unibet was marked as the answer   
    After 8 hours Unibet fixed the promotion. 
  5. FunckyFish's post in Can't Upload Verification Documents was marked as the answer   
    @stuggy talk with live chat, for sure they will help you faster. You can attach also in live chat documents if they will request. 
  6. FunckyFish's post in Cash out was marked as the answer   
    "The Cashout option is a limited feature offered by our Sports traders and there is no guarantee that it will stay active through the whole duration of a match. There are a multitude of factors that influence the availability of the option and it is intended to be used whenever it is made available."
  7. FunckyFish's post in Error on corners for the game Solihull Moors - Eastleigh was marked as the answer   
    It's strange that Unibet commercials are talking only about the stats feature, that we like to bet after we see the "fantastic" stats from the live events.But after we bet, we receive that rule. It's kind of funny.
    Unfortunatelly, like also with the loialty bonuses, ONLY WORDS ...
  8. FunckyFish's post in Feel Robbed was marked as the answer   
    Hi @BlueBilly83 
    These are the rules at Unibet. If you bet on match odds on tennis and one set is played they will settle the winner the player who will advance to next round. It's not something new, there are a lot of bookmakers that are using same rule. Indeed also other bookmakers are voiding all the bets if a player is retiring. If of this bet it was bad for you, on other bets it can be good.
    If you placed the bet exctly when the set finished and right away the player retired...I mus say you are very unlucky...
    Terms that apply as mentioned are 28.2:
    "2) “Match” bet offers are based on the general principle of tournament progress or tournament win,
    depending on which phase of the competition the match refers to. The player/team progressing to the
    next round or winning the tournament is to be considered as the winner of the bet regardless of match
    duration, withdrawals, disqualifications, etc. These bets require at least one set to be completed for bets
    to stand."
    Just added the terms that back @FunckyFish 's explanation - Ray-Unibet
  9. FunckyFish's post in Wrong result was marked as the answer   
    One card i think it was for a player who was not playing in that moment and as per Unibet terms:
    5) On all bets related to yellow/red cards, booking points, etc., only cards shown to players which at that moment are on the pitch are valid for settlement purposes. Cards, disciplinary actions, suspensions, imposed on any other individual which at the moment of the sanction is not, or should not, be actively playing on the pitch, as well as disciplinary measures taken after the game has officially ended, are disregarded.
  10. FunckyFish's post in Trungelliti, Marco - Donati, Matteo was marked as the answer   
    If you have a bet on match odds it will not be voided since one set was played
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