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  1. Switzerland vs Spain 0 : 0 Belgium vs Italy 0 : 0 Czech Republic vs Denmark 0 : 0 Ukraine vs England 0 : 0
  2. In next league, can we have a 3rd tournament in a day that will be a flip? And a separate leaderboard for it to see who is the luckiest community member. I didn't played a lot of community games because my time is limited, but i can register in some flips. What do you think guys?
  3. If this happened, i will not play a single cent on Unibet poker from this moment. I've registred in both 50 euro flips on Sunday and i see i didn't win anything. But i don't care that i didn't win, i care that the poker soft is bad if this can happen. Not fair for somebody who makes a buy in of 50 euro...
  4. @Stubbe-Unibetyou will play tonight? Or somebody else from the team?
  5. Ah ok, because it was so strange... At my table everybody was playing fast... at the other table everybody very slow. And i was close to remain without chips because of this.
  6. Question from a fish: when top 9 is paid and 10 people remaining (2 tables) , it's not hand for hand mode?
  7. Since Malta will sing 6th, no chance to win Probably the battle will be between France and Italy.
  8. Yesterday registred in the 10 euro flip, woke up today and saw that I won a 50 euro ticket . I said in the beginning of April that also the 10 euro flips will be good because there are a lot of players that want to gamble like this. And from what I see there are more people than I was expecting. Thank you @Leo-Unibet! @Leo-Unibetcan you check also the 2 euro buy in flip for Neptune. I think over 90% of the tournaments are cancelling because not enough players. I know I registred myself over 5 times in last month and no tournament has started. I think you need to put it 5 euro buy in to be a 5x win. A 12.5x flip with only 1 ticket is not nice. 5x flips are the best! Thank you.
  9. It's easy to say what is on paper, but actually is not like that And my verification is standard, I've just made under 10 deposits and said to make my first withdraw, not a lot of money. I will tell you @Stubbe-Unibethow things are working: Day 1. I've made first withdraw from account. Message in account that verification is needed, requested document for proof of adress and picture with card that i deposited. Uploaded a bill with name and adress and my Revolut card.. Bill was rejected fast with reason that must be received from post, not to be digital. So in 2021, Kindred is requesting printed bill when for many years all the companies are trying to make people to request bills only digital to be good for our Planet. My last bill received from post is from 6 years ago, now everything is digital and even people over 70 years have digital bills. But Kindred doesn't care about our planet. You want it from post to be sure that the person is receiving at that adress the bill. It's hard for somebody to print the bill to have it like he is receving from post? This process is 10 years old...I didn't print a bill, I've used a police conduct which I had and everything was good. Day 5. I've asked support what is happening with the verification, they told me card is also ok, but they requested also a selfie with ID. No email from support about this. I've gave also a selfie with ID, in 1 hour received an email that I need also a selfie with passport. Luckly I have also a valid passport, sent also this. Day 6. Support confirmed one more time that card is approved but they are waiting for the selfie with passport to be approved Day 7. I've asked support about the verification, they say everything is ok, but my card was not verified!!! AFter on day 5 and 6 3 persons told me that is already approved. Day 8. Card still not approved after 8 days. Support is telling me to send also the card verification document from my Revolut account. Since I gave a new document, it can take up to 5 days again to wait an answer. I gave also pictures from my Revolut account, metal card and metal plan. Day 9. still waiting... This is Kindred verification in 2021
  10. 36 days and still no answer. @Jami-Unibetcan you please check this ticket CSOP-347014? You said that you will help one month ago. 4 weeks ago support told me that it's almost done...from that moment no update...
  11. In 2021 to wait 5-7 days for a verification it's crazy. I am waiting for 6 days at another Kindred website that have same licence as Unibet. @Amysue.ac my advice is to calm down and wait . It's true that on other websites i am playing i got verified in less that 12 hours, but at Kindred the process is very slow.
  12. @masloA lot of good bookies have this rule for tennis. You can google the list of Sportsbook with rules on tennis retirement to see.
  13. You have it every time in UK https://www.unibet.co.uk/promotions/sportsbook-promotions/streakr
  14. Easy to say without a proof I had yesterday a joker in my hand but nobody saw it
  15. What did you won on slots? I suppose it was a big multiplier
  16. Yes, never play 2 sets of free spins from same promotion at Unibet because you will have automated cancelled the winnings from 1st set. I think you can play in your example 50 free spins, after play and wager the winnings...and when this is done, you can play the next 50 free spins and nothing will be cancelled. It happened to me also one time and made this mistake...
  17. The registration for the 4 cents tournaments is set 1 hour before the flip is starting which I think is wrong! We cannot register to all tournaments...
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