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  1. I agree it's not the way it used to be... I miss the hot streak comptetion a lot. Hopefully it will be back soon. Also the Grand Slam tennis promo tradition shouldn't be abandoned. The French Open starts in a month.
  2. Mine record is 48 and I''ll remember it as unlucky occurance. Game was left on auto while I was rolling cigarretes in another room and when finally got the bonus realised that it was triggered with my last 0.02. Otherwise, I find the game more interesting than the Book of Dead because of this feature.
  3. The turbo was so turbulent that I managed to finish ITM with 1/2 ante Maybe for the next edition the starting stacks could be larger...
  4. It's been awhile since I've won MTT with so many (127+92) players Few crippling bad beats made me the shortest stack near the bubble. Later when 8 left I was with just 5-6BB and the 7th one had ~20BB. Then at the FT emotional and chipleading roller coaster happened. From last to first and to last again, but had fortune on my side with 99>JJ or I'd busted 5th. The game was interesting with 30BB avg. stack and my opponents were good at the end. Actually it's my firtst win of this tourney. I rarely play it because at this time I already have so many registered and most of them being at late phase. I recommend it to players who like some postflop play toward the end and even at the final table.
  5. 1.The € sign in front of stacks. 2. Bounties are placed in different position(below the cards) which looks weird to me(just saw it's mentioned 15min. ago, but a discussion would be nice). 3. The close button is no longer X . 4. There are chips visible to the pot, not just numbers. 5. The Cards symbols not numeric, but some letters ( what they stand for?). I mean these: And these: 6. And the very long awaited Auto Add-on
  6. Chuck Norris avatar would be great against bad beats :haha:
  7. @Andy-Unibet I'm really sorry that it looks like I tried to deceive you! It's my bad memory - it happened in February. Here are two screenshots from my account history showing what happened. It could be seen that I played the 1st set of free spins on TNT Tumble and that was my last casino activity for the month. And always complete at least the monthly missions for the €3000 freeroll. I could post my entire casino history from 1 Feb although it's quite lengthy, so it become evident that no other TNT Tumble spins were played. Sorry again for wasting your time and all the hassle @Andy-Unibet .
  8. @Andy-Unibet I accidentally clicked on No Thanks during the previous month promo 2nd set of free spins :sad: Then I contacted the live-chat about it and she answered that nothing could be done. I know it happened almost a month ago, but some bonus points would be greatly appreciated.
  9. @Stubbe-Unibet I'm really glad about the card backs I've been asking for this option for so long...
  10. Thanks @Stubbe-Unibet and thank you in advance for the BPs... and for the great incentive of course.
  11. Thank you @psrquack and congrats to your 1st place too :Smile: - perfectly eligible for the prize of @FunckyFish :Thumbsup:
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