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  1. I'm back to the 80s( musically speaking) so often...Nowadays there are so many great bands inspired by this decade playing electronic music and the best thing is that it's way more available. This is one of the bands I've discovered lately:
  2. Just saw that and I'm more than pleased Congrats @TTABKATA and don't disclose the odds, although I asked few days ago
  3. Then it's some kind of masochism, I guess. Take a break, man. When the game stops to be fun and just the opposite it's the right thing to do. Read some books or watch movies, videoclips, concerts or even play some good game.
  4. I've seen it all esp. during the night. People calling AIs with every two and just can't lose... But I'm ready to bet big that they are losers in the long run.
  5. @Merenitsu the bad luck is sure to end and that could happen in minutes. I think that not flipping for €1 is very --EV... You had to click twice and could even not watch. I personally find it extremely irritating when bust all the higher buy-ins MTTs and have to play the last which is 1/50 of the other buy-ins. That's why I squeezed with 83s from BB the other day. Otherwise I understand your frustration - I've been through so many nasty downs and you've been too and I promise you that if you never give up there will be many more even worse There is one thing which helps while waiting for the upswing which is sure to happen as well - don't give a f*ck. Easier said than done, but is the better than to waste your nerves on such things not dependent on you. Good luck next week in the League and much sooner in the other games
  6. I'm posting not to complain, but because of strange bug when the alias is changed. @Stubbe-Unibet I think we had something similar before
  7. I agree with all of the details, except the starting stack. My opinion is that it would be better to be smaller - 8 000 or even 6 000. I have few considerations... If it's 10 000 , many players won't register for the first few levels and given their length this might mean a lot of later registrations, which isn't good, esp. for a new tournament. The other thing is that the lack of antes prevents the stacks to dwindle with the same rate as in NLHE. The last one is the speed of the gameplay - the players decisions take more time, thus the blinds rotate slower, but exactly for the same reason the levels should be longer(as you proposed) and especially until there is a room for a post-flop play.
  8. Missed the action tonight I thought I'll have a little nap witch didn't go as expected - my alarm wasn't set right. At least I'm fresh and ready for a night session now
  9. Yes @Purps, but not exactly the same here... Mine are eligible only for ATP, while I prefer much more the WTA matches for watching and also for betting. They are more interesting imo and also offer great opportunities for high odds bets. @Jami-Unibet would you be so kind to tell the sport promotion department that this isn't the first time WTA is excluded from similar offers. At least sometime there wasn't mention in the promo, but the boosts/free bets worked for both. I personally find that the omission of the women tennis in such events is a bit misogynistic. Also I'd like to ask you if the Highest Odds Challenge is actually running, as the leaderboard is still not updated after 10 days?
  10. @Pickleman I didn't play these series, but agree with your statements, as I am fan of PLO tournaments and like to play them regularly. Even my only UOS 1st place was in one of the low PLOs . It was decently structured during the first few levels, but lately the stacks were too shallow and this happens in lot of Omaha tourneys. The Deep Space is maybe the best in terms of gameplay. While the Sputniks are on the other side - becoming too long and boring towards the end. Maybe some UOS-like new tourney would become favorite to the omaholics here
  11. Checked the bonuses section and noticed these two Claim your profit boost now and the error messages: They were not on this page when I claimed the bonus above:
  12. Just saw that I have 3 profit boosts for which I haven't been informed with a message and haven't seen a promotion awarding these: @Jami-Unibet could you check if they could be renewed/extended please? Also the Highest Odds leaderboard is still blank after a week...
  13. Just after my thoughts about bet limitations when a most - games draw is the one pick, but actually the correct score in a set is another great way to make the odds higher. Unfortunately the 6:0 6:1 ones when combined are just below the 1euro. Found a thread which is a good example: https://www.unibetcommunity.com/forums/topic/6393-tennis-ladies-doing-their-thing-odds-520/?tab=comments#comment-6393 Just look at this beauty of a bet slip
  14. Finally decent odds, but not high enough for the promo imo. Hard to tell when even after a week there is no update to the leaderboard. And it says " To be updated daily once promotion starts " Had another shortly after, but these bets are usually limited to less than an euro when the the odds are above 30-40 after making a double with odds of 1.5-2.00. Maybe it's a personal thing, cause of my interest of betting on 2:1 results and draw in games. I also like live-betting when a match point is expected and some of the players in WTA are notorious for losing almost won match! They are serving(with big scoring advantage 5:1,2,3...) for the win against an opponent(good returner and mentally strong which manage to make some great break points) and sometimes the odds at their peak are ~50 - 100 I guess @Jami-Unibet didn't manage to convince the persons in charge that such traditionally neglected promotions (especially when the highest odds and leaderboards are involved) are supposed to be fixed when reported. After few years and dozens of promos ruined by this lack of info about the odds which are usually enough to be into 26-50 rank for €50. At least the missing free bets/ profit boosts, which the mods had to credit manually half of the time , aren't s common nowadays(partly due to the very limited offers). If someone here participate and have an idea of the odds required for the prizes in past competitions, please post some betting intel
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