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  1. Same here @Tigris . On top of it I realised after a month my last pick was for a streak of 3.. No free spins, alas
  2. Nice multi... About the share options I agree they look cool. Only if this thingy was made to share the bets in 1-2 clicks. Few times I was trying to actually make a nice edit, but could not share it afterwards
  3. For the Olympics free bet and for at least 2 wins of 3 in order to continue betting almost €40 daily:
  4. It's mainly my fault not to think twice about the strange ET rule while the option for draw was there. At first I though that it's for the goals, corners and cards only. Then told to myself that even that it might include ET, but not the penalties which still was good for me. If it was clearly stated like in the next match, I'd pick Italy and thus instead of 5th would have been 2nd( €300 difference)... Whatever, the life goes on... I must read the important posts thoroughly. @Purps thank you for the reminders, but lately I log-in not so often ( browser and time issues). On top of it this evening was one of my "yearly" nights out and I couldn't log-in without VPN when I realised my mistake.
  5. Full Time - Draw (3.20) BTTS - Yes (1.92) Any player to scote at least 2 goals - No (1.20) Total Cards - Under 4.5 (1.50)
  6. Forgot to mention the typo which might be a reason for less reentries, as some new players think that there is just one re-entry allowed:
  7. Croatia vs. Spain 1:2 France vs. Switzerland 2:0 England vs. Germany 1:2 Sweden vs. Ukraine 1:0
  8. I agree with @Livertool that having no Ante-ups and Banzai tourneys is good. I think that the turbos were more like hypers and a slightly bigger starting stack or/and smoother level transition would prevent them from turning into all-in fest. I liked everything else
  9. @Samuraichikk congrats on your win and 3rd place = + €250 This hand vs me in the PLO was so sick and FTW...
  10. I agree it's not the way it used to be... I miss the hot streak comptetion a lot. Hopefully it will be back soon. Also the Grand Slam tennis promo tradition shouldn't be abandoned. The French Open starts in a month.
  11. Mine record is 48 and I''ll remember it as unlucky occurance. Game was left on auto while I was rolling cigarretes in another room and when finally got the bonus realised that it was triggered with my last 0.02. Otherwise, I find the game more interesting than the Book of Dead because of this feature.
  12. The turbo was so turbulent that I managed to finish ITM with 1/2 ante Maybe for the next edition the starting stacks could be larger...
  13. It's been awhile since I've won MTT with so many (127+92) players Few crippling bad beats made me the shortest stack near the bubble. Later when 8 left I was with just 5-6BB and the 7th one had ~20BB. Then at the FT emotional and chipleading roller coaster happened. From last to first and to last again, but had fortune on my side with 99>JJ or I'd busted 5th. The game was interesting with 30BB avg. stack and my opponents were good at the end. Actually it's my firtst win of this tourney. I rarely play it because at this time I already have so many registered and most of them being at late phase. I recommend it to players who like some postflop play toward the end and even at the final table.
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