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  1. superflop vs me again superriver vs me again
  2. @Livertoolnormally. 99 good hand also
  3. @WuDu So you can compare cars, music, nature and the rest. In this case, we are talking about poker rooms. In your case, there are still others. They are missing from mine. And I will have to close poker for 10-20 years or forever
  4. @WuDu You have at least some choice left. I don't have it.
  5. I sympathize with you guys. I understand you perfectly. Hope you have alternatives?
  6. I did not know that PSG players do not know how to get out of pressure. The coach needs to be fired urgently
  7. Useless Hexapro mode. Only spoiled the mood.
  8. I see the online community is dying. Previously, there were 50+ people online now up to 10. It's sad. Have fun with my 0 lucky. Yesterday I bet on football, on the favorite. Team 15 in the first half ... attention ... 1. Scored into own goal 2. Got deletion 3. Did not score a penalty I have harvested all the harvest
  9. @FreedoM It just doesn't seem strange to you that they are asking us about what, what they decided in advance.
  10. @FreedoM Yes, it looks like me, because I am alive. big boring life. Once I lived in a hostel with Indians, Chinese, Turkmens at different times. Bad Choice GIFs
  11. @FreedoMfor you https://giphy.com/gifs/cat-kitty-pet-PJd7P414ATAK4
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