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  1. There are two ways you get to clear a PB you Rake (Rake is the scaled commission fee taken by a cardroom operating a poker game) ~ ( all rake counts, cashgames, mtts, sng, hexapro) the necessary amount in a certain time period (90 days) or you don't and it expires. ^ Here's how you check to see if you have another PB active, unfortunately I don't have any.
  2. Poker Playthrough Bonuses are released in increments and automatically credited to your real money balance once cleared. ~ For most PB you have a 90 day period to clear it all or as much as you can. For example if you have a 500eu PB active. For every 500eu you Rake, 100eu get's released into your account, to clear all the bonus you must rake 2500eu in a 90 day period. I think the same structure applies also to the smaller PB like the 20eu. So the reason it says upcoming it means you have a PB already active and as soon as you rake enough to clear it or the 90 day period is over the 20eu PB will become active. Tagging some of the mods maybe they can explain it better. @Stubbe-Unibet / @Andy-Unibet / @Jami-Unibet
  3. @Merenitsu Best of luck on your journey, I hope you find discipline.
  4. Might be wrong but I think when you clear the bonus you have now the 20eu bonus gets activate.
  5. Having the same problem with chrome, somehow managed to make it work so I can place some bets, .com works ok and I just get on the matching page and change .com into .ro and all the offers for that match appear and I can bet. You can repeat this if you want a bet slip with multiple matches. However, at some point, it doesn't work anymore. @Jami-Unibet But this isn't a solution long term.
  6. Might or might not play, for now, I'm in a tilted mood. If I do decide to play I will use one of these aliases. Good luck, and have fun everyone!
  7. @PionrjMaybe it is a huge issue, I mean if it gets to you as a REG, imagine what it does to a REC. It's basically like you don't really remember why you don't like a person years down the road but you remember how he/she made you feel. That emotion sticks with you for a longer time than memory. Sadly like in the real world, most individuals will try and take every edge regardless of the consequences. So it's up to the REGs to report and for Unibet to take action.
  8. I guess those spam emails got send only in the Nordic Markets, I didn't get any. I don't really know what's the needed amount of emails I should get is, but I feel like I get a balanced amount for/from every product Unibet has to offer.
  9. My Account (Main Page in Yellow Once you Click on your Balance) Account Details -> Contact Preferences ( Right Sight) @Stubbe-Unibet I guess so. Only this month I got 11 mails (not only poker) but still, I guess I get notified every time there is a series or a promo, etc.
  10. @MadAdo Can I have a taste of that white chocolate? Uh, you going on a pic posting streak makes me wanna dance. Welcome to the Remix! Ring Ding Ding Fire!
  11. You can set your own game!
  12. ^ It's not a Freeroll and it's Private/Home Game.
  13. Nope. I don't really want to play slots.
  14. Playing for fun implies you're enjoy your time regardless of the result. So if that were true we wouldn't have this debate. Playing to Win is when you start a game with the primary intention of claiming Victory. This looks more like your speed. Also about winning players we can only speculate but only @Stubbe-Unibet can clarify the percent since he has access to this data. My money is on 5% and under from the pool are pro players but the number can be even lower when we take into account many of them also try the other products.
  15. Even if "GameLab" would give/have all the tools/knowledge so anyone can become a crusher 90% will stop at knowing you can become a crusher and never spend the time to actually do it. I know people that did buy courses and didn't even bother going through a quarter of them. I personally have like 3 courses that I never opened. The only people that have the mentality/fear that the games will get tougher are the slightly winning/breakeven REGs, mostly because they aren't doing much to get better themselves. Imagine being so entitled that you think you are owed something in poker or in life. Sorry if someone feels offended but this is ridiculous.
  16. If possible I'd like Poker Bonus Points instead of Cash!
  17. For me personally, I hope you guys don't take offense but it isn't what I've expected. I was expecting something like the "GG PokerCraft" or Better. That said it doesn't make it bad or good, it's just not what I need myself.
  18. @florins1991Take a pen and put your signature onto it?
  19. Can confirm this, had a FB voided and got back the FB not cash or anything else.
  20. Not dead. It's normal for all Sites to decrease GTDs during the Summertime, you only notice it on Unibet because the pool is so small. Don't worry once September hits the GTDs will increase again.
  21. ^ I made this if I somehow got to win the 10K Freeroll! ^ Decided to share it, maybe it amuses you guys.
  22. That's why we love MTTs, they are like the Hunger Games or PUBG.
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