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  1. FreedoM's post in Installing Mac client was marked as the answer   
  2. FreedoM's post in Deposit unavailable in poker app was marked as the answer   
    By clicking on the Bonus Funds it redirects you automatically to Active Bonuses and you can Cancel your Bonus.
  3. FreedoM's post in bonus balance to cash money converting was marked as the answer   
    @copa Hi, welcome to the community!
    On the main site, click on your balance, it should expand and you will see Transaction History / Bonuses / Messages | Account Balance / Bonus Balance / Total Funds | Your Name / Account Number / Last time you connected. Click on Bonuses/Bonus Balance and from there you should get to the Active Bonuses/Your Bonus. You should read the T&C of the bonus!
  4. FreedoM's post in Taal was marked as the answer   
    Click the wheel in the bottom right corner, language and time zone is the last.

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  7. FreedoM's post in Is streaming unibet poker tables on twitch allowed? was marked as the answer   
    @grubby4tw Here it's a list of people that stream Unibet, i'm sure there are more but i can't remember them all. :happyshy:
  8. FreedoM's post in How to change table theme? was marked as the answer   
    In the main lobby after you log-in click "PROFILE" under your alias and you should see "Change Background" in the middle, for other options Click the 3 Horizontal lines up in the left corner near "Unibet Poker" and if you look down you have "Settings". Also when you play at the tables if you look up on the right side there are 3 dots near a House Icon that bring you the options to arrange your tables.
  9. FreedoM's post in change time zone was marked as the answer   
    click the 3 lines right of unibet poker, click on settings down, language and time zone
  10. FreedoM's post in Bet on player that didn't start. was marked as the answer   
    Hope the thread above will be of some help.
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  13. FreedoM's post in Cash ticket expiry was marked as the answer   
    No, you can't cash it out at any time, you need to reach a set amount of flops, usually its 300. Click on Profile under your Alias then click the cash ticket and see how many flops you have to reach till you can get everything. :cash: 👍
  14. FreedoM's post in Help with bonus was marked as the answer   
    Hello!  @bibanul  Welcome to the Community!
    Try Live Chat if your in a hurry, if your not wait for a response from @JeppeL or @RayL
  15. FreedoM's post in Bonuses money was marked as the answer   
  16. FreedoM's post in Poker august mission part 4 More SNG! mission not working was marked as the answer   
    Seems they forgot to specify that you need to play "HU-SNGs" 3 days in a row to complete that step.
  17. FreedoM's post in Winning bets are being re added to my Bonus balance was marked as the answer   
    @ManiyaThis videos should explain it. -> 
    and :Peace:
  18. FreedoM's post in No ticket to €500 Betting Freeroll was marked as the answer   
    @Sfl I think the betting freeroll is no more. At this point you get a ticket that you can use in a 250euro Half time Flip or a 500euro Match Day freeroll.
  19. FreedoM's post in Tranfer money to different unibet account was marked as the answer   
    @Yodaglow Player to player transfer is not possible.
  20. FreedoM's post in Bonus and ticket was marked as the answer   
    @damske1230  Watch This ->
  21. FreedoM's post in Ticket Exchange was marked as the answer   
    @KaimerT Hi, there is no more exchange 😉 Read more https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/General-Poker/New-ticket-exchange-policy-and-schedule/m-p/149350#M25254
  22. FreedoM's post in Poker ticket exchange problem was marked as the answer   
    You might want to read this https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/General-Poker/Poker-Ticket-Exchange-New-Policy/m-p/146381
  23. FreedoM's post in Moving up on week 4 problem was marked as the answer   
  24. FreedoM's post in Where are my stan james unsettled bets? was marked as the answer   
    @punterWelcome and hopefully this will answer your questions. https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Betting-and-Sports/StanJames-Payout-of-pending-bets/m-p/138231
  25. FreedoM's post in Withdraw issues and no response on call or chat was marked as the answer   
    @CB  Paciente my friend, think of it as you are move into a new apartment and u bring all your stuff, it will be chaos for a while and then harmony will follow. I'll tag the mods @JeppeL and @RayL so they dont miss you.
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