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  1. Hi @jiivee, thanks for reaching out to us with this request. I had a look at our terms and conditions revolving around instances like these and what I wound is the below, which is not good news I'm afraid: "20) When placing "Outright" or "Place" bets, no stakes will be refunded on participants/outcomes that are not participating, disqualified and/or withdrawing from an event (both prior and during) for any reason whatsoever, unless otherwise stated. Unibet reserves the right, at its own discretion, to apply Tattersalls Rule 4, as explained in Unibet’s Sportsbook General Terms and Condition" I am more than happy to double-check with our Sportsbook experts tomorrow and get a precise answer for you on this. I'll keep you updated here in this thread. /Ray
  2. Hi @ddd, thanks for reaching out to me with this settlement. I had a closer look at the reply given by our provider and based on that I too can only conclude that the settlements seem to be accurate since the bet you've placed is on a goal to be scored between 59:00-59:59 and the goal actually happened in the 61st minute at 60:10. The Livescore feature onsite is not to be taken for granted, also mentioned in our terms under the section: B.1.2. The confusion here I believe is that most sites cited in your post tend to round off the exact time not giving the concrete second where the goal was scored. But with that being said, I am more than happy to send this to one of our Sportsbook experts to have it double checked for you. I will most probably be able to get back to you regarding this tomorrow. Hang in there, I'm on it. /Ray
  3. @Livertool, the promotion seems to be offline indeed, not sure over the reason though. I can follow up with the promotion owners tomorrow to see if we're getting it back or what's happening OK?
  4. Hi @Jescis, welcome to the Community :) Thank you for contacting us regarding it. We had a look at both and it seems that 4K GTE Leaderboard High Rebuy had 107 rebuys and 97 add-ons, so in the regard of that particular tournament I would suspect a local error with your PC or Software which caused this. I would recommend reinstalling the software as a first step, and please keep an eye out if it happens again. We can raise a bug report if this persists for you. Regarding the 50eur Sputnik, you are indeed right, we have contacted our provider to further investigate this. Thank you for pointing it out and my sincere apologies for the inconvenience. If you feel this answer was helpful, please feel free to click the "Accept as Solution" button on this comment. /Ray
  5. @XY generally speaking they are gone like Spiderman after Thanos snapped his fingers :) but @AndreiBN is right, we're happy to have a look and adjust if that's a case, it's a rare occurence.
  6. The criteria are not public to some events unfortunately @psrquack, maybe not the most satisfying answer, I realize that. Basically you get contacted if you're eligible but not much more one can do just play and regard these as a Bonus if they get offered.
  7. @psrquack, bets placed on leagues that get canceled do get voided as you mention. If there is anything concrete regarding a bet you've placed or are planning to place you would like to know, let me know and we'll look into it.
  8. @Serllok welcome to the Community. We're more than happy to help if you're experiencing an issue, but a bit more information over your issue would be helpful.
  9. Unless you are invited, as mentioned in the actual description of the tournament, there is not much I can tell you about it @psrquack. I'll look into if I can disclose anything though, might take a bit of time till I get that info.
  10. Hi @Marsh8167, welcome to the Community :) As our members mention, we would be happy to have a closer look at your bet but we do need at least a coupon ID, preferably a screenshot of the bat it's self showing the ID and the details of the bet. This way, our members can have a look as well and try to help and we can contact our provider for you to clarify this. Thanks for the intervention guys @psrquack, @Brocky.
  11. Hi @koppen, welcome to the Community :) If the Italian league gets cancelled, all bets revolving around it get voided and your stakes are returned.
  12. Hi @GG1, I know where you're coming from, there's no denying that there were a few technical issues lately. The downtime and the fixes were aimed to make sure that this doesn't happen during the biggest meeting that starts today. I can confirm that there is no maintenance planned and everything seems to be running smoothly. Thank you for voicing your concerns and note that if you experience any issues or have any concerns, we're here if you need us. /Ray
  13. Wow, that is one beautiful site none the less @Dennis_.
  14. @successlaw, @CristianPoker80, I've issued a refund in the form of Free bets on your accounts now and will proceed to close this issue now. If you would prefer poker points instead, please PM me and I'll exchange them. My sincere apologies for keeping you waiting with the resolve. /Ray
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