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About Me

  1. Opening this thread, because every now and then there's all kinds of typos seen in official texts. Starting with this one from the Finnish deposit-page. Not very representative for company, nor appealing to see it if you're are new customer. Been there for ages.
  2. Hi i want to change my language on unibet from norwegian to english as it will be easier for me to understand. But i cant find anywhere to do it, can someone help? Where do i press? Is it even an option? Thanks
  3. Had an acca, on football. 9/10 correct. A game due to kick off at 2 seemingly hasn't been played. When could I expect my betyto be settled? Cash out us way below that if game no 10 is a non runner.
  4. @ReCorpH asked feedback somewhere, don't remember where, so i'll suggest this here: How about if we could watch unibet twitch streams in new community? I think it would be cool feature for example future community league (if someone streams) and ofc for other unibet steamers as well. I know it is possible cause they do it in other sites (comeon wespin for example), don't have any idea if it costs something or what are terms to be able to do it or even technically possible but anyways it would be easier to watch here and it would bring streams and option to chat to those who don't want use twitch.
  5. Why I don't have the Cash out option on the following bet? Thanks
  6. Hello my fellow unibet friends and admins What is going on with unibet this last 2 months ?? Live streams nearly impoosible to watch like right now there are 8 games live but cant watch any of them !!The website is completely bugged.You pick your favourite games but as soon as you click on one of them the whole screen is filled up with just one game so you cant follow and browse between your favourites picked ?! :( and many other issues.It would be a very long message if i continue to write the thing here is that it was not like this before.Why dont we get informed about the problems and that they will be fixed what has happened to you Unibet since New year :( You have been my favourite bookmaker for over 4 years and i am very sorry to see this many problems thats not getting fixed!
  7. Perhaps somebody can help me out. I placed a bet on 3 matches that was played on today. Result is known but my one bet are still pending.. How come? And what to do?
  8. Hello, How does one go about getting odds on a unique cutsom bet? Thanks.
  9. ozzy123


    Hi, I seem to have an issue that has been unresolved in the past concerning Horse Racing. I used to bet all the time on Racing using Unibet, but for the past year or so, whenever I go to the Racing page, as soon as I click on a race or an odd, the page goes blank/grey. However, when I am not logged into my account, I can check out the races, odds, make a betslip with no problem whatsoever. It is as soon as I log into my account that I cannot see the Racing odds etc. Everything else on the site works fine apart from racing.
  10. it's weird players don't get the option to chat with eachother at the pokertables. Why isn't this a thing? Sincerely, Testosterony!
  11. Hi everybody. I would like to propose idea for a basketball competition. For all the time i've been in this community i've seen only one competition associated with basketball and it was NBA not our European one. We have football, tennis, nfl, even fighting competitions but never basketball European Championship or Euroleague typing. It is very strange and i completly do not understand it. Maybe Unibet don't have many basketball tipsters? I don't believe it. I used to go to my local 1st league team matches and there were always full hall of fans, when watching our higher league in tv the same, halls always full. Considering that my country is not the country with basketball as main liked sport, it's not even second or third i think such a competition would be popular and well received here, especially that we have people in community from countries that value basketball more than me. I know, maybe it's not the best time to post this idea. Ray is gone, Jeppe is gone now too. Community finished many promos lastly. On the other side it could be the best time for idea like this. I am not telling to do this right now or in the nearest future. Just want to consider sometimes our European basketball here, we will see how many people will like this idea.
  12. Hello Can not reach site or launch poker app with my wifi, bit if i switch to another network 4g for ecample there is no problem How can i fix these to launch site or app with myhome network
  13. Hello, I have a couple of questions: first: How to change my language from German to English? Second: Why I don't have NFL Drive Markets available in-play? I know that Unibet offers to bet on them on in-play.
  14. Hi where is the post quote button on the phone?
  15. Hi. I deposited 100kr to get the 100 free spin to Aloha Christmas. I didnt get them and now i dont Know what to do? Best regards Jesper Damm PS I have played the 100 kr on Aloha Christinas as i should
  16. I don't understand why there is still no option to change the currency in the poker lobby from Euro to local one, which we are using in our main account. Of course i know that showing it in Euro to all is the best way, but why don't create a possibility to change it with one click to local currency. I am using PLN in my main account and sometimes i would like to know exactly how much do i need to invest or how much i can win with a poker tournament.
  17. Hey i still see that you can play the freeroll missions every month when you achieved the mission? Why we can' t play anymore for a mission to get a ticket in monthly freerolls?
  18. i put a bet on cloud 9 but i wanted to put on ninjas in pyjams how do I change the bet?
  19. Hi Is turniej o szczęśliw spin and it should be turniej o szczęśliwy spin.small typo but it sparks eyes.
  20. Hey guys, To make this short, I've always been a gambler but only recently online with slots and table games. I do however prefer live games as they make me feel like there's more of random randomness to me :). I've been losing quite a bit on slots, paticularly with ones where I've won on before and now it just seems that no matter what game I play, I never get those free spins or bonuses anymore. I'm under the impression that evertime somene plays, it's completely random and doesn't know that you've already hit a few free spins before and doesn't make you lose based on your personal RTP percentage? If I'm on a game and hit the bonus or free spins within a few spins, does it stay random or is there algorithm saying...hey, this guy with this login has already won some money theses past few days playing this game, we're going not let him win until he's lost a certain amount before we let him win again. Or is it possible that there are people who are just luckier than others and people like me are the one's losing to them? Don't get me wrong, I know that gambling for the most part is a losing matter unless you're the house but I refuse to believe that I'm this unlucky :). I'm in denial...
  21. Quiz Game gives me the following error:
  22. hello, a have problems with placing bets, and opt in for promotions, i would like to opt in for world cup promotion, there is just one hour left, i need help from someone from unibet why is this happening to me? i never had any problem here, so please, someone help me with this, thank you.
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