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  1. GG1

    Unsettled bet

    There seems to be an issue with my recent bet as it has not settled the 4.05 race today. Can you rectify ASAP or let me know what the issue is thank you
  2. It is what it is... a sh1t show I'm outa here ...as for the uniboost joke
  3. I think the least they could do was forewarned the punters
  4. Same happened near Cheltenham last year I won't be taking a risk this year I'm outa here
  5. Lucky you I cant get a bet on
  6. Was on to live chat they dont know anything about it. Said it should be sorted shortly joke ..
  7. Lads what is happening I'm here for the racing there is maintenance on the site. Could you not have done it at any other time . Will site be back before racing starts
  8. Jeez unibet I'm sacred now.. logged into place bets twice in past few day and the site is under maintenance. Its CHELTENHAM tommorw..beginning to think made a mistake signing up here. Way to many issues with this site wont be betting until issues are resolved. Can you guarantee no meltdowns over next week .
  9. Same, Im beginning to regret signing up to unibet after 2 weeks, log in trouble , payment issues not good unibet
  10. Experiencing issues with winning payouts is there a problem
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