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  1. If you will be able to build your own RNG how it would look like? For how many persons that algorithm will work ? In those situations you have 2 options : 1. play as usual 2.stop playing
  2. If they want to change account from EURO to RON is there any way to change my account from RON to EURO? @ReCorpH
  3. A. First set of the match will have the higest number of games played.
  4. A. 19 games or less in total in this match.
  5. D. This match will not have any tie-breaks.
  6. "I'm also learning some JavaScript on the side as I eventually want to get out of poker but that's a while away for now." --my post it was written in March -- i was full time poker player for 4-5 years and since the moment i gived up playing for living i am more acomplished than ever before ...bought apartment , get married and now have a child ...and guess what ...a job payed better than playing for living ...and probly no more stress as i had in poker . poker is better to play for some extra money ...when you have time for it
  7. @Purps it was forever like this ..or something has been changed? i am gonna post another bet slip
  8. Hello @RayL , I would like to make a suggestion regardin the romanian content team ...Today's mission it was to play at bingo some amount of money on some minigame.as per my bellow picture.Actually i logged in on Unibet start reading quickly the info from the today's calendar mission and clicked the game it was linked there . After i rolled over that amount (losing 10 euro) i was waiting my ticket lottery . But surprise it was not there. I opend the co.uk website and what i have seen there it was totally different of what romanian content team they did on .ro website . On Co.Uk website it says clear that you have to play on bingo that minigame on romanian website it is not specified clear this rule . The yellow button on co.uk is says clear "Play Bingo" on romanian market it says "Play now" . Why on romanian market the game it was linked through casino and not to bingo lobby? I will post some difference between .co.uk and .ro P.S. i was waiting for nothing my lottery ticket ...the romanian content team must be precised as other juristriction's
  9. flashscore.com is not anymore a trustfull provider of sports informations . are others than are better than this : sofascore.com for example anyway when you bet selections like this is much better to read T&C because for Champions League might be other provider than Premier League and so on. anyway probably at Unibet the settlement it was made manually since it is from Premier League official website with no automatically feed .only mistake it could happen is from the Premier League website
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