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About Me

  1. Opening this thread, because every now and then there's all kinds of typos seen in official texts. Starting with this one from the Finnish deposit-page. Not very representative for company, nor appealing to see it if you're are new customer. Been there for ages.
  2. Q: Hi weird man, who you are ? A: I'm POKER. NO Chris Moneymaker, NO Daniel Negreanu, NO Mr. Ian Simpson ... me, me is POKER !!! Unibet alias: q: Okay, some 'basics' about you personally - who the hell you are ? A: I'm born in 1984. So just a 'comunism' baby and live in a nice Slovakia country (just middle Europe) - quite poor, but proud and we all working damn hard (low salary, but I think that is not all about the money?) I'm a programmer so quite able to understand technical things ... even more - using my brain for earning money - most of the time! Q: Fine and what about the poker - what's your beginning ? A: It dates back to the 2009/2010 when I start by playing on Zynga (Facebook) and know absolutely nothing about the rules and game. Start learning by 'just playing' and winning chips by "novice luck / feeling" quite often :happyshy: Play with spending 'play money chips' only with no real deposit ! When became virtual millionaire I just realize I should move-up ... so shifting to PokerStars first (alias: MadAdoStars) ! (because my friends tried it already and there were a chance by earn real money by freerolls, etc.) Quite soon I install also Unibet, Full-Tilt and WillamHill. I played tons of freerolls on PS, UB, FT and with running on my old laptop with 9" display it was quite funny when pop-ups flood me and I must click (without mouse - just touchpad) like nanonoko beast! I played 3-6 freerolls simultaneously on 3 different software and that was absolutely crazy! :haha: My main 'stage' remains PokerStars for couple years and there was my first real deposit (somewhere end of year 2010) (it was huge 500eur => approximately my full month salary -> as far as I was greedy to clear 'bonus' money ...) You know - I was (still I'm) nano-stakes player so I don't need such a bankroll and played NLHE cash games with $2 most of that time ... running to $5 and very rarely (tilt-mode) with $10 buy-in. Try also popular 50-50 format (6 Sit&Go where 3 ITM double-up money) ... YES, start loosing money as far as I learned with just play ... so not a good start of my "carrier"! Cut the long story - managed to cash-out 505eur on January 2011, so was really happy as good I was Meanwhile building bankroll on other sites by playing freerolls on a regular basis and when have couple bucks, just played cash game and bust-out :waterfall: ... nothing so special! Q: What about life poker ? A: YES, playing with my friends "private league called MadAdo series of poker -> MSOP" -> NLHE 4 players, 1eur buy-in, 1000 chips, 30 min levels ... winner takes all! Later on we extends with possibility of 1 rebuy per 1 player (after elimination, HU rebuy not allowed). From beginning of this 'competition' I start to became winning player (win first one of course with making quads in HU battle - villain had a chance of making straight-flush) ... we played somewhere 25-30 such tournaments and I had decent stats (won leaderboard with most winning - but there have been couple of 4th places as well (include unsuccessful re-buy)) ... I bought chipset, special plastic cards, dealer button, timer, poker cloth ... falling in love to poker and you all know how it taste! I played one 'bigger' tournament where was 7 players (include me) and quite 'unlimited' rebuys. Buy-in have been high-stake 3eur and after all I managed to bink (make another quads during it) and earn somewhat near 30eur! Was quite satisfied because I play with no worry, just enjoy the game ... Q: Do you have any notable/memorable poker success ? A: sure, like we all have some. Here are some of mine best: 1) (Jun 9, 2012) first HU: PokerStars 3466 players Limit Razz, finished 2nd 2) (Jun 30, 2012) 32 players private (CZE/SK) freeroll tournament (1 VPP buy-in as far as I know) on PokerStars: 3rd for USD 22.50 3) (Nov 18, 2012) FullTilt: achieving "Edge status by earning more than 10 Full Tilt Points over a 7-day rolling average." 4) (Nov 26, 2012) PokerStars: Buy-In: $10.00/$1.00 USD (using some 'free' ticket), 18813 players, Total Prize Pool: $188130.00 USD, 62nd place. USD 216.34 eliminated after 4-5 hours battle when defending my bb (play heavy passive) with QsAs and villain from button shove me (6s3s) and 6 on flop sent me to rail !!! 5) (Jan 25, 2013) PokerStars: Buy-In: $1.00/$0.10 USD, 14 players Super Satellite, 1st place, T-USD 33.00 6) (Feb 1, 2013) FullTilt: reaching Edge Silver status 7) (Sep 17, 2013) PokerStars: Buy-In: 1 FPP, 51 players HU format, 1st place. A USD 50.00 8) (Oct 20, 2013) PokerStars: ChromeStar VIP ... many many more ... X) (Aug 19, 2016) FullTilt: Freeroll, 591 players !FLIP!, 1st place. A USD 93.75 + there have been a plenty of bonus money from competitions on twitter + share of Jackpot deal ... I won decent money there (for sure over $300)!!! Q: What is your favourite poker game ? A: HORSE or Stud Hi/Lo for sure! But love Razz, 2-7 NL Single draw, PLO, Courchevel, Badugi ... maybe some more :happy: Q: Any favourite player ? A: Antonio Esfandiari (magician), Tom Dwan and Isildur :laugh: but I like Ian Simpson too! Q: Why posting all of this ? A: Getting really broke last days :waterfall: lost many money and I don't think it is because of my wrong play (wrong decissions if you want) I know what is bad-beat and how the variance should working. Problem - real one - is that I'm getting money-scared and that mean you should probably STOP playing! I don't need restart, I need something else - need to figure it out ... thinking about replacing cash games with Sit&Gos - I have solid results there (no real statistics available) and not enough (representative) amount played ... I have also 'decent' results by playing nano MTT ... you know me probably Okay, I should write more and more, but you probably have my story - I'm was winning player (but consider deposits/withdraws) I know game basics, understand math, pot-odds, starting hands, strategy, ... etc. but that is still not enough! I became to loosing my money never mind what I'm doing and how I'm playing. I wanna change this process, because I never re-deposit and bust only free-roll money so far (long time ago!). Any advice will be appreciated, good luck to you all. LOVE community!
  3. @Stubbe-Unibet should be there some way how to seek for a particular hand ? Let's say I know approximately pot size, so would like to sort and than look for several candidates ... either better way is to have Google search field and type in 'QhQc' as some handy example or just 3.57-3.80 and boom have it already ... Just easy as it - or just another impossible request ? Here picture of my idea:
  4. Hello, With the new update to the Sports Betting app an unpleaseant "feature" was added. Your balance now always stays at the top of the screen no matter the section you are in. (iOS) Previously let's say it was acceptable that once you were scrolling it was dissappearing. Please make an option on all the platforms and games to hide your current balance (Poker already has it and it is fine). Financial status is a private and sensitive area and I think Unibet understands this as well. Maybe I'm drinking a coffee with my friends or I'm using public transportation and I want to place a bet right there, I don't want the people behind me to see how much my Unibet account has, no matter if it is 10$ or 10K$. Thank you very much and keep the updates coming!
  5. UPDATE FEBRUARY 5th 2020: everyone can now buy in to the exchanger tournaments, but the below rules still apply. Being in violation of the rules might result in confiscated tickets, so please read the rules carefully. Guess what's back! Effective from Friday the 26th of April, daily ticket exchange tournaments will run in the client. There're quite a few changes compared to how it was a year ago, so please take some time to read the T&C and FAQ below. Terms & Conditions The exchangers run every day and are visible in the client 23 hours before the scheduled start €50 to €10 run at 15:00 CET €10 to €2 run at 15:15 CET €2 to €0.40 run at 14:45 CET Only €2, €10 and € 50 Unibet Open tickets can be exchanged. You're only allowed to exchange €50 tickets when you've got less than or exactly 20 * €10 Unibet Open tickets at the time that you buy in to the Exchange Tournament. You're only allowed to exchange € 10 tickets when you've got less than or exactly 20 * €2 Unibet Open tickets at the time that you buy in to the Exchange Tournament. You're only allowed to exchange €2 tickets when you've got less than or exactly 20 * €0.40 Unibet Open tickets at the time that you buy in to the Exchange Tournament You're not allowed to join a Ticket Exchange Tournament if you have got more than 20 * €50 tickets If you're found to breach the T&C, you'll lose the ticket exchange privilege and not be able to join any future Ticket Exchange Tournaments Unibet reserves the right to change and withdraw this service at any time By requesting the ticket exchange privilege you accept the above Terms & Conditions FAQ I'm confused about the rules and when I'm allowed to exchange tickets. Can you explain? First thing to look at is the amount of € 50 Unibet Open tickets you've got. If you've got more than 20 (0-20 is okay), you're not allowed to do any exchanges - use some of those € 50 tickets so you can exchange again If you don't have more than 20 € 50 tickets, the next thing to consider is how many of the tickets you wish to exchange to, that you've currently got. If you've got 20 or less tickets (0-20) for the level you wish to exchange to, you can proceed and make the exchange. Let's look at an example. You have a € 10 ticket which you'd like to exchange to 5 * € 2 tickets. It doesn't matter how many € 10 tickets you've got, as it's only the level we're exchanging to that matters; in this case € 2. If you've got 0, 1, 6, 15 or 20 * € 2 tickets, you're all good to go and can join the tournament to exchange the € 10 ticket. If you've got 21 or more € 2 tickets, you're not allowed to exchange any € 10 tickets, so play with that € 10 ticket instead or use some of the € 2 tickets. giphy
  6. I have the same problem two times. I register to tournament in addon break but cant take addon, see info 'tournament will start shortly' but cant take addon (if i know that i cant make that addon i never registered to this tournaments). On sunday i cant take addon in nebula, on monday in 5€ satelite to supernova. Whats wrong ?
  7. Hello, (I hope this topic is OK in this section.) I reckon Unibet Community has members that play poker both here at Unibet and at Pokerihuone. Please, could you guys help me? I have used/currently use my iPad Safari browser to play poker here at Unibet. Apparently there is some issue that blocks players from playing poker both at Unibet and Pokerihuone with the same device. This is, at least, what the customer service at Casinohuone.com has answered me. I guess, this has something to do with the same poker client/network (both Kindred Group). Today the customer service at Casinohuone.com answered me that they have no further detailed instructions concerning the matter, and that the best way is just to try what works in practice. One suggestion they had is to clear browser cache and cookies after playing poker at Unibet; that should supposedly work. Another “fix” is stated in their site and is directed for MAC users: One should be played directly in the browser (i.e., Unibet poker) and the other one in a dedicated app (i.e., Pokerihuone). The App Store features both Unibet Poker App (for Unibet) and Pokerihuone App (for Casinohuone.com). So my question (after the too long intro) is: How do you play poker both at Unibet and Pokerihuone? Can one play poker at both using the same device? My hope would be to play poker at both using my iPad? Has anyone tried this if this works? For me, I cannot access Pokerihuone from Safari browser (not tried the cache & cookies clearing yet). But will the trick of installing the Pokerihuone App help either if playing happens from the same device? Any experiences, ideas etc.? Thanks for the help!
  8. The high-octane action of Texas Hold’em combines with the thrill of winning massive prizes with the launch of Unibet’s new Jackpot Sit & Go game, HexaPro, on December 3. HexaPro games are fast-paced, three-handed hyper-turbo jackpot Sit & Gos with buy-ins ranging from €1 to €100. Every HexaPro game has a random prize pool which can reach as much as 1,000 times the buy-in. Players can select from seven different buy-ins and compete for a share of huge pots worth up to 1,000 times their original stake. To add extra excitement to the HexaPro experience, the size of the prize pool isn’t determined until the game starts. With buy-ins of up to €100 on offer, players could find themselves competing for a share of a €100,000 prize pool. Unibet’s unique HexaPro structure ensures that the minimum multiplier is 1.5 times the buy-in while in 43% of all games, the prize pool will be at least three times the buy-in. Games in which the multiplier is 10 times the buy-in are also programmed to occur far more frequently in HexaPro than in similar games on competitor sites – in fact, up to 10 times more often – giving players a unique stab at very sizeable returns.
  9. Esir mentioned an issue with the fingerprint login on iPhone/iOS (https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Bug-Reports/After-app-update-cant-log-in/idc-p/257397#M4172), and I'm curious to hear if anyone else is having trouble with it since last Friday? "When I open the app it asks me for my fingerprint, I input it and after that a white screen appears briefly, like a web page and after that I am redirected to the credentials page"
  10. Idk if this has been mentioned before but you have banner in poker that takes you to casinohuone. Send them bill for royalties
  11. I don't suppose something like last 10 Tourny wins/biggest tourney wins or a record of past Cash game tickets can be saved to showcase in profile. It's nice to look at how high a player has run up his/her NL4 or NL10 cash game ticket to or a win in a MTT etc. Just a suggestion coming from rec.
  12. Windows 10 Bottom right player is missing their bounty. Didn't happen on the other table I had open that was also a bounty MTT. Player that replaced that playing later in the tourney had their bounty so it's going to be even harder to find :)
  13. Hey. I'm fairly new here and decided to try to do the unibet poker march missions. However it seems I'm not able to get past the second stage. Specifically I'm stuck on the "Play NLHE, then play PLO the next day" part. I have been playing micro stakes NLHE almost every night, and yesterday I made it my goal to play PLO and reach the 10 flops required for the mission, despite not playing the game ever before. But the mission remains uncompleted. First I thought maybe it updates daily or something, so I waited, but nothing... Even went through the trouble of counting the flops I reached on both games in my hand history, and I'm well over the necessary 10 on both games on consecutive days (22nd and 23rd). So is there anything I can do, or should I just ignore these monthly missions in the future?
  14. Hello, First of all, I was disconnecting from poker client while playing poker many times, when came back short in blinds. I got 2 Internet. All Internet options was working properly dual disconnections (Youtube, Spotify etc). I asked refund with screen shots, tourney ID and etc. 200euros or so. Moderators asked log file and etc. I sent it all. Moderators make my case urgent. 2 Days no response -still must wait. In case I can't play 4 days, because of software problems, lost money dual disconnection when my Internet was okay. Secondly, I started can't login to poker client properly. Attaching files below. Just hoping to play soon, because losing time and money. But as seems so just need to wait new releases of Unibet software to play normal. Other sites running good, no disconnections and etc.
  15. Hi Seems to be something wrong with the screen resolution when playing poker with my new ipad 2020... When opening the browser player, the action buttons (fold, check and raise) almost disappear at the bottom of the screen. There is only 3-4 mm left to "push" when playing. I have tried to open in a new window etc, but it will not work properly. My screenshot was declined for uploading, but I'd be happy to PM it to a moderator.
  16. hi. I played a £1 uos tournament. app crashed and I couldn't log back in to play. when the app was up and running I went to look at the results...there was no trace of me ever playing in the tournament..will i get my ticket refunded that I've won during yesterday's flip
  17. @Andy-Unibet. Thanks for looking for it.
  18. Hi how i can get password for Sunday cards chat freeroll?
  19. it seems that i cant start a topic in other categories,only here. so im gonne ask here id like to know where i can use my 2 Belgian champ. tickets cause i dont find any tournement
  20. I wanted to play a freezeout tournament for the March mission, I used the filter Freezeout and played something from there "Qualifier to Unibet Open €25 4 TIX, but it didn't work, that's not a freezeout tournament, it's a mistake, that's a Rebuy tournament and not only that, almost every other Unibet Open qualifier is not a freezeout, yet they all appear when using the freezeout filter (green, not red).
  21. Hey Unibet and community! There used to be a feature in the client where you could see how many flops you saw in the last 24 hours, I used to use this to give me a rough idea of how many hands I'd played (even though it's not that accurate it was something) in the last session / or 24 hours. That's gone now, but it's really useful to know. So this request is for a feature in the client that works like this: You go to your profile.You select a date, or date range.You select a stake. The client tells you how many hands at NLH Cash games you were dealt in that time frame at those stakes. This would be very useful for knowing how many hands you played, so we could check how much 'volume' we are putting in, in any given time. From this we could calculate ourselves things like profits (or... loss!) in BB/100 etc. because we would know how many hands we had been dealt. I know you can get some info if you ask Unibet Support to send you a report (not sure if this includes hands played?), but this kind of info is handy to have on a day by day basis quickly at your fingertips if possible. Thanks!
  22. Do not know where to pitch this in to Unibet, so I am throwing it out here. I like the structure of the Gargle Blaster MTTs, and have played it alot. Also very covenient starting time for me. Do not know how popular this MTT is compared to others though, and I guess thats the most important factor as to wether it is worth while to try it. Would it be possible to have a 2,5 € buy-in Gargle Blaster tournament starting at the same time? The buyin would fit nicely between 0,25 and 25€. If there is an MTT with similar structure I am not aware of, please let me know.
  23. @Leo-Unibet with getting more and more various HX mission tasks - how about getting alternative qualifiers to Sit&Go ? Structure for flips should be pretty the same/similar and there should be even 'regular' HexaPro qualifier tournaments once per a day/week/while ? What do you say - give it a go or forget/burried forever
  24. Hi, I am trying to play a certain freeroll which doesnt appear in my client, nor at the unibet browser. Ive tried to search for it manually but it doesnt appear. I cleared cookies and reinstalled the program and nothing happens, still the same problem. This problem persisting since the starting of this year.
  25. Ran into it a couple of times last night. It is a very minor bug, doesn't seem to slow down the game at all but looks stupid. I think the hand for hand when triggered doesnt check if there is only one table left. At least in one table the situation might have been that it was a small tournament (8 players in the money) and final table started at 9, so we were playing bubble with only one table left. Not a big thing but looks very silly.
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