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Spooky days in the Unibet Poker Community


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Win a 50+ player MTT and get a €50 ticket!

If you win a 50+ player MTT, while playing with one of the below avatars, we give you a €50 UO ticket!

Please note that this is only valid for the first 10 members and until Monday morning.



Post a scary poker identity and we reward you with a €25 UO ticket

You do not have to use the above avatars but can choose any of the ones available. The 3 funiest and scariest - we are the judges - combinations of avatar and alias will receive a €25 UO ticket.


#0lucky HexaPro. If you're on scary bad run with the HexaPro multipliers, we got your back


Hit 10*1.5x multipliers in a row and you can claim 2 buyins (all 10 1.5x will have to be same stake) back as tickets, here in this thread. Just let us know exactly when it happened, or better yet, post a picture. If you play with one of the spooky avatars, we throw in an extra buyin!

Only the first 5 members to claim the reward will qualify.

Terms and conditions
Swedish, Belgian and Danish customers are unfortunately excluded from this promo.
We reserve the right to edit and/or cancel the promotion at any time.

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Check the latest poker release notes. Have a look at our poker promotions

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