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Community Answers

  1. I know only one guy that is better than you in handeling promotions like this one. One and only, Jeppe-Unibet .
  2. second one this week bonus buy.
  3. Not really because had 2 rettriger teases before that hit,that is why I took it as "oh nice, at least three of them" but fourth for sure forced me to put big satisfied smile on my face.
  4. After exit from community tournaments decided to take a few spins, and didn't regret.
  5. Highly doubt anything will change even if we report problems. I did it a few times, other members did it aswell, but nothing changed till this day. Same old, same old. Badly written T&C, promotion page showing up after promotion already started, etc. You said there is a new promo team at work?! Can you tell us from when, and could you name them please . Idealy, could they, or at last one, make present here as a community member beacuse only thing that You and Stubbe-Unibet can do is pass the report to them, and it takes time and often is forgotten.
  6. Should be fine now. Apologizing for inconvenience. :Smile:
  7. Hi @ReCorpH, dont know how much are you in this sport, but could we have this running every week with other leagues aswell, not just top 5 or Premier league?
  8. Will this, or something similar, be alive in near future @AndreiBN?
  9. Thanks for sharing this with us @GR1ZZL3R.Huge respect! We are all goofing around here, but every single of us have a story behind in this uncertain time. Hope this community gave you at least a little bit of necessary sociality. Stay strong!!!!!
  10. Now when Jeppe sing out do we still have this competition alive, or last week indeed was last round @Purps? Just to know to make a NFL bet or not.
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