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  1. Nothing new here,history is just repeating...
  2. Booom! Good job @WuDu I played this game, Premier league though, and quit after very few rounds when I saw how many guys are into it. Now on the road for a grand prize!
  3. Yeah,make sense...I was trying to play them from bingo client (Temple Tumble mini game),maybe that was the problem.Anyhow,got 0.33€ from it.
  4. Thanks for help @Purps , it was not the problem,but You gave me hint. I found them on Temple Tumble Megaways rather than Temple Tumble. Everything fine now @Andy-Unibet,thanks for assist.
  5. That is indeed correct that I received notifications on those days,about free spins, but they were never available in the game.Confusing...
  6. Hi @Andy-Unibet can You please check my account because I am missing free spins from August missions. Free spins on Temple Tumble.Thanks in advance!
  7. I raised this question, about how system decide finishing positions in flip tournaments, and if I remember correctly Stubbe said system distributes money/prizes by dealer button, going clockwise.Now I am confused....
  8. Now towards Camp Nou to watch Memphis show...
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