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  1. Game Bundle 1 Belgium vs. Russia 1 x 2 2.02 3.45 4.55 x x x 1 Denmark vs. Finland 1 x 2 1.34 5.10 11.50 x x x 1 England vs. Croatia 1 x 2 1.65 3.90 6.20 x x x 1 Austria vs. North Macedonia 1 x 2 1.75 3.50 6.00 x x x 1 Netherlands vs. Ukraine 1 x 2 1.68 3.85 5.90 x x x 1
  2. Knew it that (besides me) there must be other players aswell with this mindset ...
  3. I heard something like that if you log in to poker client between friday and saturday (before €vision starts) then you will get some flip ticket. There will be 26 100€ flip tournaments (one for every finalist?) so these people who participated in eventual winner flip tournament will be able to participate in that 4k game ...
  4. Werent their Pokerstars tournaments also unavailable for awhile aswell ?!? They seem to be back now so i should imagine maybe same happens here (sometime in future) ...
  5. I'd imagine i'm one of these weird people who is into cooking by watching Gordon Ramsay cooking videos (but never trying to replicate them)
  6. Atleast 3? Looked who had registered there couple minutes ago and recognized only 2 staff members ...
  7. Wednesday in Stockholm Some friendly Sweden vs Estonia 17:45 CET Estonia +3 AH @2.15 Estonia have already played 2 qualifiers this month which we both lost thanks to conceding 4+ goals in them but on positive note we did score twice vs Czechs and Belarus so this must be great thing considering last time we managed to score 2+ goals in consecutive competive matches was in september 2011 ... Sweden meanwhile won their first qualfier vs Georgia and visits Kosovo today (on sunday) but i'm not going to wait until that match is over ... Anyway it should be quite obvious that neither team doesn't use their strongest squad here so from swedes point it probably means no Zlatan (and probably some other regular starters) ... As for us then after conceding 4+ goals in 2 consecutive games then this game looks like perfect opportunity to try again parking the bus (and eventually failing in it). Anyway Sweden may be unbeaten in the last 5 h2h games from which they won 3 but not a single of these wins was by 3 goals or more and considering last 2 h2h games were 1:1 draws then i'd imagine that Sweden is not going to humiliate this time either and even if we do lose then it's probably by 3 goals or less ...
  8. Lets bring this thread back to life ... Wednesday in World Cup Qualifiers Estonia vs Czech Republic (in Poland) 20:45 CET Czechs -1.5 AH @1.62 in Unibet 2 (european) nations with worst coronavirus stats (in the last 14 days) go head to head so i should imagine winner gets (unofficial) coronavirus cup or something. Anyway our team has still been quite average - its been like almost 2 years since last win with our record since 13 defeats and 4 draws ... Czechs havent been too superior either with 6 wins and 5 defeats in the last 11 games but after conceding in 8 consecutive games they managed to shut down their defense with clean sheets in the last 2 games which they won. Czechs have also won all 3 h2h games so far by 2 or more goals so i expect them to continue this pattern ...
  9. It was held by poker.de and since germans cant play freerolls anymore then NOT seeing this game should not be too big surprise
  10. It's about time for comeback in this competion
  11. @FunckyFish 1000-2000€ fine? Well that's intresting then cause i am pretty sure that most estonians have been playing in one major poker site for years and i just checked - as of 01.12.20 this site X still dont have license here ... So i'd imagine then that Estonia & Romania gambling regulations must be kinda different or whatever. :speechless:
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