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  1. Guess i'm NOT going to surprise then ... Also won 10€ with this 1€ hexapro ticket Round 3: Bayern
  2. Well that could have been one option but thanks to another site's annual birthday offer of 5.- in cash + 30 free spins i dont have to rely on that ^ I just hope now that i'm not going to underpeform in this very expensive 0.01€ tournament
  3. This looks like decent tournament to play on your birthday ... If only i had some cents on my account right now ... Oops Good luck to these who are actually going to play there i guess
  4. Your team probably achieves better result than ours vs Belgium
  5. Winner: Italy Both teams to score: Yes Total Goals By Italy: Over 1.5 Total Goals By England: Over 1.5 Total Corners By Italy: Over 4.5 Total Corners By England: Over 5.5 Immobile to: To Score Kane to: To Score
  6. Missed this round ... Oh well then - guess have to make up possible dropped places in the last bundle lol ... Anyway guess missing this round due to roadtrip wasn't that bad considering i took full adventage of one bookie offer to this game as i used 10€ freebet on 1st half both to score when odds were @11 (around 10-15 minutes to the game) or so hehe ...
  7. Full Time: Spain Both Teams To Score: Yes Any player to score atleast 2 goals: No Total Cards: Over 3.5
  8. Did anyone else (from this community) played this 250€ Supermoon yesterday (or are still in competion & in ITM places after day 1) ?!? Personally i believe i didnt even last until late reg was closed but on the other hand i did send someone to (very early) - sadly couldnt get extra bounties after that eventhough i were close couple times but then again guess it is safe to say now what my minimum target in this sundays 100€ Supernova event is going to be (and in any other bounty game actually) ...
  9. Switzerland vs Spain 1-2 Alvaro Morata Belgium vs Italy 1-2 Ciro Immobile Czech Republic vs Denmark 1-2 Patrick Schick Ukraine vs England 1-2 Raheem Sterling
  10. Looks like 7 people got Sweden vs Ukraine score correct ...
  11. I wonder how many people have already completed this whole thing since i've seen certain individuals with that Team Collector avatar ... Also on the other hand it does look like i've already collected winning nation (and secured place in that 10k game) eventhough i've yet to collect 5 teams but 4 of them are already out so ... With that being said Sweden probably proves opposite ^
  12. @Geoff-Unibet i like your strategy so far in this tournament - you must be having a siesta or something ?!?
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