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  1. 1. I don't like bets other than simple 1x2, with betbuilder you must bet other things too. 2. Don't like this promo, even if i won something in previous editions for example 50 spins they gave me more frustration than fun with 48 empty spins and 2 lowest paying ones. 3. This is nice promo indeed but not for most of sports players who don't like poker... Have you seen how many players are playing this daily? About 100 for tournament. How many players plays Euro matches daily? Probably hundreds times more than this. IMO simplier is better. 100% bonus for euro or some loyalty things would be 1000% better than all this. But of course i know nobody cares about what i say. I feel like some second sort human here. Look at this bonuses i got now. 30 lowest stake spins with turnover for deposit. 25 PLN for 100 PLN turnover in Book of Dead in casino. 25 PLN for playing 100 PLN in roulette. ONLY CASINO OFFERS even tho i am not playing casino... How to explain this other than jokes from unibet side.
  2. Of course you remembered to bet on Euro matches of at least 10 euro stake?
  3. Guys look at this. Another funny translation by Unibet. Indyk means turkey, but only in a bird meaning. In Polish the country name of Turkey is Turcja. So this is the team for Euro by Unibet.
  4. Please remember to post questions in advance cause many of us don't have time or possibility due to work to often check forum. I hope they will be posted one day in advance at the evening.
  5. Today i got amazing promo (for f...ing casino again), 5 free spins with lowest possible stake, won 0,25 euro... What will be next then? Deposit 100 euro and get 1 spin with 50x wagering requirement? I've heard that people got Euro2020 freebets or even deposit bonuses. I got nothing. Thank you Unibet, the worst bookmaker of the year.
  6. I wonder where all good sport bonuses gone. I hope Unibet is preparing something special for Euro 2021. In community only poker promotions. In bonus section i keep receiving casino bonuses, don't know why cause i am playing casino no more than one hour per 2 months. Today again " place a prematch bet and receive a bonus", what bonus? 25x wager at casino... To be honest, community promos was one thing that was keeping me loyal here. Now i don't see any argument for playing here. I would rather choose our local Polish bookmakers with 12% tax for bet than unibet without tax. Why? Every week i am receiving bonuses for deposit, loyalty offers and many other good things. I don't know what is going with Unibet but if it will be like this i don't know you will have any sports players here...
  7. Hi there! I hope you guys will not be scared about our never stoping hunger for promos and whining about everything
  8. For big part of community members poker is boring. I just cut in, not complaining about anything, just waiting patiently for some sports promos
  9. Yeah, i thought the match is lost after 2nd set but was lucky enough to win that one. Won around 80 euro on this match. I had a feeling about Bublik too but i forgot to play him before match and when it already started the score was 1:0 with break for Karatsev so i was just scared about the odds like 5.5 Tomorrow is a new day. I consider playing Bublik and Garin but i must do better research about them cause i am not so sure this time. Ruud beating Tsitsipas today.. on the other hand easy win for Bublik against Karatsev. Though one. Anybody watched Ruud vs Tsitsipas match?
  10. Badosa Gibert Paula Isner John I would be terrified playing with this guy. Probably i would end with my wrists broken...
  11. Anybody have some thoughts about this matches? I think Isner is playing good tennis and Rublev is not in his best shape right now. Odds 3.95 on Isner looks interesting but a little bit scary too. I know Barty is no.1 but Badosa already won with her not long time ago on the same surface. Odds are worth risk i think.
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