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  1. @Stubbe-Unibet sorry, i dont know where to post this.. - in my opinion, same people played on both duck images .. sudden all ins , and big zzz times from both profiles. it was freeroll , but anyways
  2. i lost lots of euros during 3-5 april lol
  3. hi guys... ! whats this all about ?
  4. im not sure if thats not aigainst rules , but mbe you can open bank account , and get trusted adress , mailbox, in some of neibour country >?? Poland, Estonia ? Or Germany ? Lithuania will offer local ty gambling and poker sites only .. not fair play.. if they want to stop gambling, they should ban all gambling, not making it local only.
  5. probably you were losing on tables :D or deposited $
  6. should be absolute zerro zerro system settings like this ! to control luck ! and cards against matematics or slots, when you spending money on bets or poker, they give better .. its easy to see ! it benifits players, who play short time periods .. but hurts players, who like to play long sessions
  7. bots or no , but river and turn cards sometimes are predictable , many dejavu! mbe its fight against bots , where pure matematic wont help, but players who play often, can feel whats coming next .. other thing that should change.. .. when you winning, your luck in other games reduces ! if u lose, your luck returns in other games.. i beleve it all should be absolute random ! sports betting is high risk for players, but almost 0 risk for betting company.. stilll most fair gambling section
  8. im just wondering... what if you cant provide document , bill letter, to prove your adress ( im not recieving any bills ) ? only way i can do this, is by screening bank account, or personal letters ! ofcourse, my account is vertified ... and i never had problems, withdrawing money, but i never had more than 1k eur .. issues like this( not the first one lately ) , makes me wonder, if it is worth to deposit big money, and play bigger games . if u can get problems likes this... - taking photo near house where adress can be seen holding passport :D :D or endless vertification lenght
  9. gichi

    4 of a kind

    ok, mbe im just calling to much ! just bad feeling , when soemoene beats full house . many times you can read the play and think- yes, hes having 4 of a kind. but not calling with top full house seems to strainge
  10. hi guys ! Lately im noticing , that players getting 4 of a kind more often than before . im the only one !? something changed in system ?
  11. only thing i can suggest to unibet.. is to send out letters, for anyone who registers. with spesific, secure number .. to prove your not a bot or something . . requesting face and adress photo , really can make people feel disrespected
  12. that is craezy ! even asking for adress proof ! what if i dont have my own adress and i dont pay electicy, gas , or internet .. anything . makes no sense ... your father case is craezy get your money, send them all they need , and fck it
  13. GAY FREEROLLS with nice prizes... lets make everyone gay !
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