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  1. It was two €500 Betting Freeroll every week (Monday and Thursday), but now I can see in the lobby only one (on Monday). Last week was the same. What happened with the Thursday"s freeroll? @Andy-Unibet @Leo-Unibet
  2. I expected a close match, but England was the far better team this evening. No problem, we have to win on Sunday in Albania.
  3. This is a great promo @Seb-Unibet! I agree it will end sooner than expected. E.g. Dortmund scored the game winning goal in the extra time, so almost half of the competitiors were close to eliminate in the first round. Yes, I agree. Maybe two pick for one team, but with 2 life (everybody is out from the competition after second miss) can be a solution. In this case nobody can eliminate after first round, nobody can pick only Dortmund and Bayern in the first 6 rounds and it can't be a speedy promotion. But it is just my opinion. I like this promo also in this format.
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