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  1. someone's already busted so I'm guessing it is too late
  2. @Leo-Unibet bounties in the UOS PLO mid (i.e. 50e buy in) are showing at 2.35e. Too late to fix this I'm guessing?
  3. Bit late to be asking, as I'm on the bubble right now, but is there a bubble buster freeroll is this UOS (XII)? @Leo-Unibet @Stubbe-Unibet
  4. @Stubbe-Unibet can you remove the antes for the remaining two PLO tournaments this week? I presume they were there in error and it just makes the structure a bit wrong. cheers.
  5. Will the new graphics be tested in Omaha too? Currently, in the hand replayer the winner's chips always obscure their left-most card which is a pain in the neck
  6. This tournament had only this one hand played at this table. In which case I think the "nearest dealer button" rule prevails? @Stubbe-Unibet ?
  7. Well, I don't know for sure what happened, but I'm guessing it is the following: If more than one person busts in a hand, the order of payment in a tournament for the busted players is NOT how good their hands were, but how many chips they started the hand with, in other words it could go something like this: Player A - 10k chips (wins with straight flush) Player B 9k chips (Ace high) Player c 8k chips (quads) Player d 7k chips (full house) If they all went in, player A wins the pot and therefore everyone else busts, but Player B cashes AHEAD of players C and D by virtue of starting the hand with more chips. It may be a funky rule, but it's applied universally in tournaments around the world.
  8. The leaderboards are still on the website. Go to unibet>poker>poker promotions>UOS online series XI then you'll see the leaderboards lower down the page
  9. I always thought that the reason that Omaha tournaments were "demoted" to the later slot was because the number of runners were lower. But it seems that the numbers for the later NLHE tournaments are about the same. Can we have just one Omaha tournament with a decent structure, one that isn't a shovefest around the bubble? While hold em players enjoy 12m, even 15m blinds, we have 6m, in a poker variant which needs to be deeper to play properly. Start at the earlier time, 10k chips, 10 min blinds. Or else 10 mins blinds but with rebuy or re-enter structure. It really isn't too much to ask to have ONE tournament out of a series of 145 that is a decent Omaha structure.
  10. I tell you what, I won't be sad to see the back of some of these major challenges. I've played 3000 hands on my current major challenge and only 6/10 of the way through. They're supposed to take 1000 hands:scared: I know I can skip it, but it's a bit late for that now!
  11. Actually ratholing does confer an advantage to the ratholer. If we consider that there are two general ways of making a profit in poker 1) having value and betting it, 2) having a worse hand but bluffing it - the second of these is massively reduced when the opponent is short stacked. In fact, it's relatively straightforward to devise a strategy of "fold most things, but when you have enough equity, commit" which works for a short stack but for which there is too much jeopardy when deep stacked. Rolf Slotboom wrote an entire book on it for Omaha! It's basically an implied odds/reverse implied odds issue. So it's not just an ethical dimension, it's actually bad for the game to let shortstackers (consistently) get away with it. For sure, sites allow short stacks so that less-rolled players can take a shot, or play more comfortably at higher stakes at least. Taking steps to mitigate ratholing is a way to reduce money going out of the player pool to what is essentially a cookie-cutter way of making money for some types of player.
  12. I did it AGAIN FFFFFFFFFFFFFSSSSSSS im not asking for another ticket swap I guess this is god's way of telling me not to bother keeping my normal Mtt tickets. But please tell me something will be done. If I can do this twice knowing what the problem is this is obviously something that needs to be fixed
  13. wow - that came and went quickly. There was no lobby for that when I checked.
  14. gonna expire in 18h but can't reg until 1st March anyone know what's going on?
  15. Hi @Andy-Unibet First of all, thanks for exchanging the ticket again. Second, having received the generic ticket, I tested what was happening again. When I clicked through to the lobby from (e.g.) a list of 10e UO tickets, and then attempt to register, the pop up window is standard, but above the "register" button is a drop down (it's a down arrow icon, not presented in green and not presented as a button) from which you can chose which of your tickets you wish to use to register. The generic ticket is seemingly defaulted to the top of the list, above the UO tickets, hence my (repeated) mistake. So either the "ticket" label on the button needs to explicitly say which ticket you're using before you press it, or the UI should only offer you tickets of the kind you clicked through from - it shouldn't offer you the choice and therefore the opportunity to mix them up. cheers.
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