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  1. Hand History tournament filter doesn't seem to be working (it worked fine the last time I used it). The buttons for different tournaments are there if you press the "buy in" button, but pressing the individual filter button doesn't filter the relevant hands. Also, you can't scroll down the list of hands - as you scroll they keep on resetting to the most recent ones. This bug, i've seen before. Happening on both mobile (iPad) and Windows desktop version.
  2. As I pointed out in a previous post, the effective rakeback for level 7-9 (taken as a standalone) is almost 96%, so there's no way Unibet were going to give 3000e per equivalent-sized jump in loyalty points there on up. But props for getting to level 7-9. And pretty damn quickly too! And props to @Stubbe-Unibetfor telling it how it is. There's very little motivation for Unibet to keep money making players playing at their site. I guess the only proper argument in favour is liquidity?
  3. @Leo-Unibet Just seen the schedule for UOS 13. It includes an Omaha tournament (E22/23/24) which starts at the earlier time and has 10 min blinds. Thank you for listening to us - this kind of thing is what makes Unibet the best. Sadly I'm not free that night, but I really hope the tournament is a success and a decent structure Omaha tournament remains a feature of the UOS. Omahaphiles - if you want a decent structured major Omaha tournament make sure you promote this tourney! If these tournaments get loads of runners then Unibet will put more of them on.
  4. I can't find the schedule for the UOS 13 even though it's supposed to be in this release. Is it not there yet?
  5. Hello all. Now the summer series is over I have to get excited about the next series . . . So the preliminary date for the UO is 26th Sept. Does that mean we're looking at 11th Sept - 26th Sept for the next UOS?
  6. You're absolutely right, of course, about what he did wrong, and that he's a fish, etc. However, there is a note on ICM here. Remember that the textbook ICM ranges are predicated on your opponent playing ICM too. If they're not, it changes the ranges somewhat. BTW, I'm not saying it changes your KTo shove to an open fold - that's all context specific and I don't know the situation. But to expand - imagine you "know" your opponent will call with a standard cash game range (e.g 20%) rather than a bubble MTT range (e.g. 5%). If you could plug those ranges into an ICM calculator for your stack size and bubble prizes etc., you would find that your shoving range is a lot narrower than the "standard" range for that situation.
  7. but you don't need to earn 4,365,500 to go *FROM* level 7-8 *TO* 7-9 because that's the cumulative total right? you only need 385,000 points. I mean if you had to rake €39805 then it would be like 10% rakeback or something, and it's supposed to be about 50%
  8. OK, I figured as much. So can I get a bit more explanation as to what I'm getting wrong? Here's how I interpreted the table: To get to level 7-9 from level 7-8 you need to rake 385,000 points (i.e. 4,365,500 - 3,980,500 points) which is equivalent to EUR3850 in rake. When you do that, you get a level reward of EUR3000 plus you also get a multiplier bonus of 69,300 points (which is equivalent to EUR693)? You can see where I got the 96% from! But I'm guessing that's ridiculous, I just don't get where I've gone wrong. Would be helpful to know because it presumably applies to the other levels too!
  9. Am I getting something wrong, or is the effective rakeback at level 7-9 almost 96%?! I'll never get to that level of course, I am just interested!
  10. someone's already busted so I'm guessing it is too late
  11. @Leo-Unibet bounties in the UOS PLO mid (i.e. 50e buy in) are showing at 2.35e. Too late to fix this I'm guessing?
  12. Bit late to be asking, as I'm on the bubble right now, but is there a bubble buster freeroll is this UOS (XII)? @Leo-Unibet @Stubbe-Unibet
  13. @Stubbe-Unibet can you remove the antes for the remaining two PLO tournaments this week? I presume they were there in error and it just makes the structure a bit wrong. cheers.
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