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  1. Q: How about yours flipping skills ? A: I'm still polishing but it's nearly perfect : + little bit min-cashing should made a difference for upcoming month (but of course waiting for Santa patiently ...):
  2. @psrquack from my point of view the one and only one 'valuable' reward freeroll is following: Grinding/hunting "rake" just for the chance to play any kind of freerolls seems quite useless for me ... on the other hand, each of us should have very different view on this. Personally I take cash games just as an opportunity to take down some money if all goes expected way (not always a case for sure). See you at the tables, have a good luck.
  3. I take your 'point of view', but not sure what are you talking about (to be very honest) ... I made roughly 200XP points yesterday evening just playing less than hour 3x PLO4 + 1x NL4 (should be NOT considered as high stake, me not reg either ) ... easy job if you play regularly or seriously or constant volume ... If you like to play just 1 table, not a problem, just need to put more time into that Wish you all the best @cris1285 see you at the tables.
  4. + another problem/issue ... whenever I made application to run into background (just switch to any other application) and came back, there are 2 re-login windows ... After typing login information (user+password) there is a message pop-up "Your session have been moved to another device ..." which seems quite weird to me as far as I stay on the same device/application After login button it relaunch another login window and after another routine it goes IN finally Same phone (Doogee Y9Plus, Android 9) as before.
  5. After reconnecting to the application was unable to buy-in into Hold'em table ... (I was registered to the Unibet qualifier - and it was already started if I remember correctly) Here are my screenshots:
  6. Doubt this is not a correct 'thread' but this is how it looks for me (now) when login through the Google browser -> I tried it several times, also clear cookies with no success Version 94.0.4606.61 (Official Build) (64-bit)) by using URL https://www.unibet.com/poker/poker-browser-new: System: Windows 10 Pro, version 21H1 (OS build 19043.1237)
  7. Round 5: Wolfsburg (I would like to keep each round some different team *policy*) Good luck all fellow members - you will need some
  8. I can see that you made just a good call ... better luck(software) next time!
  9. My 4th round picking: Leipzig (Harder field challenge accepted )
  10. My 3rd round pick: Hertha Note: I don't believe in Bayern to be honest
  11. I'm ready/handy to help for that Android testing
  12. My second round pick: Wolfsburg (ITM seems reachable to me -> let's see what happened over the weekend -> 9 out of 10 fingers crossed)
  13. Many thanks for this awesome promo! I'm picking: Dortmund
  14. Q: Do you like double vision ? A: Wait, what is it for ...
  15. Q: Are you 'real money transformator' ? A: Am I ? Who knows that ... meanwhile miss-late-register into 25€ Dwarf Star version during hunt for 5-3 part of August mission - no cash, nor bounty! That is fckn crazy when you intended to play 100x lower version of that. I need to gear on to clear this stupid loss - or throw that away and stay relax ?
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