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Community Answers

  1. @DDVIC try have a look on this => EARLY BIRD
  2. Welcome to the community @wooley123. I take your point, but there is always a case that Mission freerolls takes its part first Sunday of the following month. It is true that the number of players have been slightly lowered (maybe just because you already point to). Better luck in the next one Maybe, just maybe @Leo-Unibet / @Stubbe-Unibet should comes with some explanation ?
  3. Direct bubble always SUCKS :
  4. @niiiiilo let's show the "material" please
  5. ... but failed to finish ITM for that one ... 5? out AQ into xx so obviously another not my day (CASH games either)
  6. @psrquack kicked off 2 hands in a row ... QTs and 86s (boom-boom) ? Sorry mate, better luck next time (I was playing under the DEVIL avatar) ...
  7. Welcome to the community! Tagging mod to the 'rescue' -> but you will probably need to provide some further information (like Log file, system information, etc.) Stubbe should give you help hand here. @Stubbe
  8. @psrquack well, I finished 24th -> which means -> I'm the TRUE sitout beast! Well, I made TOP2 after first orbit, with having confident 200BB, so get sitout as was running out of time - we can fight next time :geek: cheers, quack!
  9. No mail, nor ️ for me - zero lucky fashion :speechless:
  10. @Purps ... and I'm OK with the end of this season at the end :
  11. Q: do you waitin for an 1-outer ? A: from time to time -> it could really comes to the rescue !
  12. Q: did you STOP playing :wow: ? A: there is no much to report, getting indeed 'crushed' on NL4/NL1-> cash-game in general (nano-stakes) no matter how good I'm going to all-in in the hand ... the variance takes its part of the game (I think I can't hold even Royal flush last days) :speechless: So just 'one-more' time thinking about switching swamp a little bit When you stop believing in your game, 2-3 'get-in and take the honey spots' and you are back on the track ... here is my new ALL-TIME-HIGH (why each session couldn't be so ?!? :happyshy:) This session (I will take it) cuts-off my looses by 70% only ...
  13. @jelenarozga welcome to the community! Cash ticket should be used on 'target' tables, so precisely your's CG6 should be used on NL4+PL4 tables. Sit-down let the money goes and once you get lower than 50BB on your's ticket, you should leave the table and cash will be added to your's bankroll. Another option is pass that 300 flops requirements mark. Concerning UB tickets either you play them-up or let them expire. I think that on-one will exchange them for a cash ... Wish you a good luck
  14. Hi, @ReCorpH I did not receive the freebet for this contest. Hi, @ReCorpH me too ... would you have a look on it, please? (10PBP+10FB please) :Peace:
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