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  1. Our community is finally starting to grow out of diapers! GG....
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong. Unibet is not responsible for the game process. Provider and responsible person is Relax Gaming At the time of the development of the poker client, Relax Gaming was a small company with a staff of 20-30 people... I have read about this company. It's very creative and I think it has a great future. But its credibility is not comparable to Unibet...
  3. @ReCorpH I have 3 bonus betting offers. Unibet shut me off from betting. I can't refuse these bonuses. They don't really bother me, but if I happen to take one of them. I won't be able to use the other bonuses. It is possible to remove them. Or better to replace them with something more interesting?
  4. Everything works perfectly. The needle is in its place. I don't see the point in changing anything. At the moment all my resources are focused on improving the design of the doll.
  5. I've had the worst week I've had in two years! :waterfall: And maybe this is not the end and the next one will be even worse):dissatisfied: At times like this, the main goal is to avoid the tilt. Keep your concentration. It helps me: - Not playing long sessions. - Stop Loss 10bi - Walking after the session. Preferably jogging, but I'm a lazy ass. - In other rooms it helps me a lot to sort out the deals. It is good to see how much money I lose when I'm in the tilt. - If the situation is really bad. Then you can do a voodoo puppet @Stubbe. (No more than one needle for each bad beat):happyshy:
  6. As soon as they removed the double problem, I caught a downstrike, the probability of which is 0.7% If this nightmare continues, the environment on unibet will be a little cleaner
  7. @Argevolen ANOTHER REASON FOR ME TO STOP PLAYING CACHE GAMES @Merenitsu Take your time. Maybe next week they'll add something interesting. But not for our markets...
  8. 3,418 including rakeback or net profit?
  9. I got three tickets at once! Is this a mistake or will there be two more freerolls?
  10. I hope you bought them on March 20, 2020:happyshy:
  11. I wrote that I play the classic MSS (50bb) This strategy implies that we leave the table when we have more than 90bb you wrote twice in this thread you play MSS and still claiming not ratholing LMAO!!! tenor let me be clear: SSS/MSS strategies are the definition of ratholing!!! SaneUnrulyAsianlion-size_restricted Our opinion on the ratholing issue is not important! It is important to understand how Unibet sees this situation! My questions and the moderators answers, helped me understand how Unibet sees this situation! I hope it has helped other players as well. Including you, too Your message, this is just spam.
  12. You know it's an easy fold, but as I know you call is the weakest option, so I bet reraise to 8 bb. The typical Bingo-Eskimo move is to re-raise all-in out of the blue here, because why not?
  13. Maxyim, I'm demanding answers! :wow: Maxim is more familiar to me:happy: Specially for you @WuDu I wrote that I play the classic MSS (50bb) This strategy implies that we leave the table when we have more than 90bb In the post above I described for what other reasons I might leave the tables.
  14. Private message :speechless: @AcesHigh Congratulations. You are now part of the Unibet Community team
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