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  1. Finally, after another discussion on live chat, where I scolded them for the wrong promotions, I received free bets, even an extra one. This should be done every time there is a mistake on the part of the site and with the necessary apologies from them.
  2. @Greggg and welcome to the community, I suggest you if the foolishness started not to make any predictions and everything is Ok.
  3. @Greggg the first match is started, how can you think it will be accepted ???
  4. @Jami-Unibet Chat live: yes as usual, it can't be solved, answer: wait for an email today with the problem solved.
  5. @Jami-Unibet,I only received 1 bet out of the 4, what happened to the others, I hope that I will receive the others because I played far above the stake, and without success, I think I should give up this casino.
  6. Congratulations to all participants and winners, it is the first league in which I entered the awards. With all the evils written on my part so far under the impulse of nerves, I must admit that it was a successful league., ,,Unibet" remains the best.Thank You !!! A suggestion from me to sign up for a number of consecutive tournaments, to bring a number of extra points. Registering one hour in advance would receive extra chips. Banzai tournaments I don't think should exist in the league.
  7. I really have to apologize for not understanding the rules from the beginning.
  8. very nice from this community, two single player tickets, Goodbye community.Is it that there are already only favors.
  9. Congratulations, in my opinion you should also have a substantial contribution to the community, to such a gain. Good luck with the next one. I think I should focus more on the game because I think I lose more time on the community than on game.
  10. @Stubbe-Unibet,I also accept poker points !!!
  11. What can I say, nothing, and I don't even want to complain, but unfortunately I also lost the start at the PLO tournament, where I think I didn't have a signal for about 25 minutes, and at the second community tournament I think I didn't signal about 5-10 minutes, so no chance for me last night.Now I do not tag any moderator, leaving it to chance if anyone sees this post.Congratulations to the winners. The interruption occurred at this time.
  12. Wow also ja.Congratz.
  13. @Pionrj Yes, you're right, but I still think that the software is mad at me, otherwise I can't explain how I lose one by one, with all the big pairs, I understand, one, two, but the coincidence is very high to lose them one by one., So leave it at that, because commenting calms me down
  14. Tired of explaining, if the software doesn't want you, it's just not what to do, just wait maybe my turn will come.
  15. More and more disappointing, tickets lost in a week of about 40 euros, and the software more and more angry with me. Is imposibil win for me !!!
  16. @Andy-Unibet Well, I didn't get any tickets for the final tournament. I only got a ticket for the flip tournaments.
  17. @Andy-Unibet I see from the original post because players who connect to the poker client will receive another free ticket, but even though I logged in at the times mentioned, I only received one ticket. I misunderstood the original post or it was an error ? All members received only one ticket like me or two?
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