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  1. I would have participated but I saw the topic late.
  2. I think it is a very ineffective promotion policy for online poker at unibet. At least the 3 freeroles can limit the omaha should have been left.
  3. I say that a break is welcome for those who have the impression that something like this is happening, I speak from personal experience, because it is a time when you play too much, the mind may fail and think only for your own good, but after one break the thinking will be different, you will surely realize that not all players can win every day, but each in turn will surely have a few good days in which he will win. I wish everyone good thinking and a lot of inspiration.
  4. As it appears from the first elections, it seems that Bayern is the most famous team in the Bundesliga.
  5. Maybe here you will find an answer
  6. I really like the joke. Thank you. I was sure even now but the family vacation is in the foreground.
  7. Congratulations to all the winners, I only played one tournament and I thought I would at least be drawn to the raffle, but it seems I needed more luck.
  8. @Pionrj Good luck !!!
  9. @Iceman unfortunately the same books turned against me. good luck to those who have fast in the top.
  10. @psrquack Good game
  11. I spoke today with live chat and they said that today at 2 pm Eastern European the ranking will be updated.
  12. I do not advise to play this slot, yesterday I bought three times the mid bonus, and if I think about it I think I just won, all three together approx. X100, meaning the slot won 3-1 (1 for me).
  13. SCOBY

    Poker table

    I think I was wrong. I apologize.
  14. SCOBY

    Poker table

    @Andy-Unibet, @Jamie-Unibet According to my calculations, depending on how many chips I had at the time of the problem with the server, I should have received approximately 37.03 euros, but my refund is missing about 7 euros. ,,If players are on final table the prize pool will be redistributed according to the ICM (Independent Chip Model) chop, if they are in the money,,.
  15. SCOBY

    Poker table

  16. SCOBY

    Poker table

    @Stubbe-Unibet, @Seb-Unibet What happened, I'm oe the first lic the sudden is frozen. I tried oe browser and the same thing.
  17. After a break from the game, it gives something beautiful, but after the avatar used, is it because all the evil lasts. Yes, I was privileged to see such a rare hand after many years of play. Thank you.
  18. Goodbye for a while, I just activated my account at a competing site, and here I will come back when you are more serious. Of course you will receive feedback from all my friends, already two of them giving up earlier than me, I still hoping that maybe, you will become more serious but it seems I was wrong.
  19. I'm not complaining, in addition my win is insignificant, I'm just saying the right thing, which doesn't seem normal to me, from such a big site to make a contest only on words. Shame !!!
  20. Just like I said the other day I will post situations when I won, and I'm not happy about these, hilarities..
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