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  1. Excellent explanation from freedom just confirming that the upcoming will become active as soon as your current bonus is either fully completed (released full amount) or it expires
  2. I am afraid you actually need to rake a bit, in order to get rewards. Playing freerolls for instance won't get you any rewards through the loyalty system
  3. I’ll be looking into this again on Monday, so if anyone else has any feedback to add, please let me know
  4. Edge can't be recommended for any of our products. Use Chrome and if that's not an option use Firefox or Safari
  5. Seen some confusion around the current rake/fees on Unibet poker, so thought I'd share an overview here. Tournament fees 5 Handed Sit & Go HU Sit & Go MTT* €1 (€0.95 + €0.05) €1 (€0.97 + €0.03) €1 (€0.90 + €0.10) €2 (€1.90 + €0.10) €2 (€1.94 + €0.06) €4 (€3.60 + €0.40) €4 (€3.80 + €0.20) €4 (€3.88 + €0.12) €10 (€9.00 + €1.00) €10 (€9.50 + €0.50) €10 (€9.70 + €0.30) €25 (€22.50 + €2.50) €25 (€23.75 + €1.25) €25 (€24.25 + €0.75) €50 (€45.00 + €5.00) €50 (€48.50 + €1.50) €100 (€90.00 + €10.00) €100 (€97.00 + €3.00) €200 (€194.00 + €6.00) *MTT fee/rake won't always follow this exact structure, as it depends on tournament speed, format and other factors. Cash game rake Texas Hold'Em Stake (Blinds €) Rake % Cap € NL4 (0.02/0.04) 2 0.5 NL10 (0.05/0.10) 3.5 1 NL25 (0.15/0.25) 4.5 2 NL50 (0.25/0.50) 5.5 2 NL100 (0.5/1) 6 3 NL200 (1/2) 6 3 NL400 (2/4) 6 3 Omaha (PLO) Stake (Blinds €) Rake % Cap € PL4 (0.02/0.04) 2 0.5 PL10 (0.05/0.10) 3 1.5 PL25 (0.10/0.25) 3 2.5 PL50 (0.25/0.50) 3.5 3 PL100 (0.5/1) 6 3 PL200 (1/2) 6 3 PL400 (2/4) 6 3 Banzai Texas Stake (Blinds €) Rake % Cap € NL1 (0.05/0.10) 1 3 NL5 (0.25/0.50) 1 3 NL20 (1/2) 1 3 Note that if a cash game hand with 2 or 3 players dealt in, we will cut the rake cap in half, so that it is €0.50 at 0.02/0.04 blinds, €1.00 at 0.05/0.10 blinds, and €1.50 at 0.10/0.25 blinds and higher. If a hand does not reach the flop, we won't charge any rake. For hands that are raked, we charge a minimum of 1 cent and round to nearest cent. Loyalty/rakeback If you want to learn more about our loyalty system, have a look at the post below.
  6. Welcome to the community @Mroyen and really well done winning the ticket! I'm sorry but we do not allow players to sell their tickets, nor can it be exchanged to cash - no one forced you to play the qualifiers Wishing you the best of luck in the Unibet Open Online!
  7. Sounds like it has become more of an issue then. Makes sense if the guys used to just stall every hand with the regular timebank, and when that became impossible, a minority of the previous stallers would change to this strategy. I’ll check with Relax Monday what the status is.
  8. We’ll publish all the details here when it’s ready. Andy and Leo will make the decisions when they’re back from their vacation
  9. No, but this is only ever really an issue in freerolls. Rarely seen in real-money tournaments, and it can always be reported here (unless it's a freeroll)
  10. Not ready yet, but it's being worked on. Generally lower prizepool for freerolls open to everyone.
  11. In case you're opted in to communication but not getting regular (at least a couple of times a month) poker emails, I'd love to hear from you in this thread, if you're primarily playing poker on the site
  12. You’re contradicting yourself a bit here. Previously you said you prefer players to lose a couple hundred and churn indefinitely, rather than lose several thousands over a few years. Now you’re saying you just prefer small wins. Furthermore, I can’t follow your logic. It only really makes sense if liquidity isn’t part of the equation and there’s an indefinite supply of terrible players, which obviously isn’t the case. It really can’t be discussed, the data is clear: anyone wanting to make a profit should appreciate any efforts to keep the worst players in the long run, and that’s both when it comes to monetary incentives and improving the level of play. It’s up to a certain degree of course, in regards to improving level of play, but everyone - perhaps apart from you - seem to agree that it won’t make a huge difference.
  13. And when the ban expires, please start to use this button, or the ban will become permanent. I've merged 6 threads now with the exact same, and you can't seem to read or comprehend the explanation given in this thread.
  14. I haven't seen the code for this one, but 99% sure it just doesn't round up or down. As 10 out of 46 is 21.7%, that'd explain it at least Should have one decimal really
  15. Don’t hold your breath for a win in dollars. North America is tiny for bingo
  16. So one out of 5 is Scandinavian while I just told you +50% of bingo revenue is from those markets. I think the conclusion is the opposite of what you're saying If you're Sven, you won't win
  17. https://www.unibet.com/promotions/poker-promotions/replay-rewards just one of a few different initiatives. Welcome offers and freerolls are not an effective tool in this regard. I'm personally for doing more like replay rewards - whole loyalty should take ecology into mind imo - but it'd mean lower RB for winning players
  18. We agree As mentioned earlier, I don't think it'll drastically change things. Only on-table advise could have a huge impact, but that's a whole different discussion. It remains to be seen what the impact will be. At this stage we can only speculate
  19. That will depend on the stakes. If we're talking the lowest stakes, then sure, you have a point. The school rake requirement is quite low. The second part I disagree about. Sure, it does apply to some, as evident from threads on here, but it's a generalization which I don't think should be made. There're plenty of losing players who aren't deluded about their own skill level. I am a good example. I don't play to win long-term - I'm aware I can't - but I play for the entertainment and goal of short-term profit (hitting a high multiplier on HexaPro or luckboxing my way to a nice MTT prize or big cash pot). I would personally find the game lab figures interesting to look at, but it wouldn't change my game much, as I play for the entertainment, not to become a winning poker player.
  20. Here's the graph I shared a while ago in the other thread: The challenges data is based on 6 months of actual customer data - entire customer base - looking at their rake and rakeback. Things can look very different for individual customers of course, due to how the old system was so different across different game types.
  21. Above is just your subjective opinion, and my reply was based on data. It's not about whether customer wants to stay if he gets better. It's about the correlation between loss rate, churn and lifetime value. Your assumptions are contradicted by all data I've ever seen on the matter. Which is better: 1. Player loses €200 in 3 days and stops playing for never to return 2. Player loses €5000 in 5 years It's really quite simple. And again, I'm not saying the game lab will have a massive impact on this, it's just the principle of wanting to drain players as fast possible, which is wrong and bad for site and all players. I love to hear all opinions, but when something is easily disproven, I'll of course comment on it. It isn't just a matter of opinion, when there is plenty of data relating to the subject
  22. Simply put, you are wrong You want to drain the worse players as fast as possible, which only has a negative impact. Unless you only ever play one session, and you end up with the players doing it at exactly your table, it is bad for you. I'd also like to stress that the game lab won't revolutionize the site and level of play. It'll have an impact for sure, but it's likely rather small, so I don't think you need to worry, even if we say you're right and you benefit from draining players as fast as possible. That's totally fair, even if I don't get it. Challenges were crazy complicated and it was impossible for players to figure out how much rakeback they would be getting - there were HUGE RB swings for players raking the exact same amount, and it wasn't in a way that it benefited the ecology. You can check my old thread with the loyalty system details. In there you got a graph where you can see the systems compared
  23. Denmark, Sweden and Norway all use kr. Furthermore, Sweden and Norway have always been strong bingo nations, so there is nothing weird about the above The countries make up more than 50% of the bingo revenue.
  24. And thanks for the feedback everyone, don't have time to write a reply to you all now. If there's one particular piece of info you'd like to see added, just share here and I'll review it all later. Personally, I'd love to see anonymized hand history as well as easy access to downloading game stats, but there's not quite alignment on that internally at the moment, so we'll see - this way we can continue to mostly focus the game lab on recreationals (of course the higher levels aren't, but I also don't think they provide as valuable info) while also having access to a lot more valuable data for the more serious players.
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