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Hater New member
New member

This site is so rigged. Is imposible to lose 11 hands in a row when you are in front ( ex: 6c Ts 8c flop i got 6h6d, the opponent makes a C/R i call, turn Td, opponent bet and river Jh, the opponent go all-in, they had a JcTh) after this on other table i lose with KK againts QQ and one hand after on the same table i got JJ in SB vs AA in BB.

To many situations like this. is so rigged.

UPSET everytime, is so fking unbelivble, only runner-runner. 



Hi @Hater, welcome to the Community first of all.
A browse around here might give you a different perspective over things as these accusations have been raised and addressed before. There's no logical reason to have a rigged site from the position Unibet stands in. In simple terms, we make our profit with the rake players pay, not from your losses. It doesn't really matter if you loose if you win, you loose to other players and win from other players. There is another aspect as well which is that Poker is between the smaller products that we have, it's Casino and Sports that are the popular ones here, knowing that would you really believe that Unibet would risc loosing it's licenses and presence in a market for what amounts to little compared to the potential of our top products? All of this is backed by the regulators and by the 3rd party systems that monitor us ensuring that we have a fair payout. I use "fair" loosely in this context as Poker is not necessarily a game of luck, but the card dealings are randomized is what I'm trying to say.
Bad beat I guess is what this could be cataloged as and I hope I'm not out of line with this but a little break from poker might not be the worst idea either in this case. You are obviously not enjoying the game that much anymore.

Lastly, the language used in your post breaks a couple of rules we have here so I've edited your post a bit here and there, please give our guidelines a read below, would be appreciated Smile :



Argevolen Rank 11
Rank 11

Tilt post!

Not rigged man!

These guys 4 years cannot set up lobby mtt.... )