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  1. @Leo-Unibet any solution ?
  2. Cmon guys, does no one face this issue ?
  3. Hi guys, I need some help here. I hate that my Unibet poker app keeps changing between landscape and portrait orientation automatically even if my mobile has that setting to off. I play poker while I walk, so this has become a major inconvenience. Is there a way to fix an orientation so that it does not automatically do that?
  4. Hi, I am getting this error when I am trying to sit on a cashgame.
  5. @Stubbe-Unibet and any other admins, I implore you to go and check the omaha cash games i played today, and see how many rivers the opponent made. just unbelievable.
  6. @WileyHack Buddy, when I only mentioned that I am a freeroller, I meant I have not depositedmuch except the first 20 euros. I built mybankrollplaying freerolls but I do play micro tourneys, NL4, hexapro and sng. And the issues I faced was on cash games and sng, not on freerolls. I completely get your point about freerolls being unreliable.
  7. I am serious about the thing that one starts having doubts on the authenticity when the opponent is nailing rivers one after another. On the point that why would a poker platform engage in rigging, let me give a scenario: Consider two players - one that deposits a lot and plays a lot of poker and hence contributes to a higher rake and the other guy is a freeroller, trying to build his bankroll from scratch and does not play huge volumes, thus much lower rake. Out of these two, whom do you think the platform should promote to be on the platform? The guy giving 10X rake orthe guy giving just X rake. Suppose they are heads up, now it does make sense for the platform to favour the guy who is contributing higher to the rake. So yes, it definitely matters who wins. For the point of argument, platform can still rig and pass on some money to the licensing authority. This is nothing new or unheard of. Not saying that this could be happening here but it is surely not an insane thing in todays business focused world.
  8. I started playing on Unibet thinking it is a fair site. But oh my damn no. I dont want to get banned but I have full rights to get my feelings out here. I know people will be like here comes another crybaby, lol. I dont care. Admin can check my hands if he wants. Opponent is hitting every fricking river against me whereas I am not hitting a single straight or flush. There could be many reasons to this. I am a freeroll player, have been building my bankroll from scratch and that itches Unibet management and does not want me to take any money without giving so they force this rigged draw on me. No its not variance. Variance also has limits. This is too frustrating when you see you are ahead on the flop and opponent is just hitting every river. Every damn online site ultimately resorts to rigging their platform for money and it is understandable from a business point but its just plain wrong to do this. Another could be good site down the drain. Worst part is no onecares about all this because there are people who will say, hey you suck at poker, go learn it first. Well all the damn knowledge is not going to help when you are rigging the draws. On the other side, if I really do need to make regular deposits to get a fair play, just make it clear on the front and I would do so because I am looking for a fair game of poker.
  9. The twice suited omaha hand mission is so unbalanced. I am fedup. Please keep missions that require at least some skill and not just some mindless RNG that increases revenue for Unibet. When I joined Unibet a few years ago, I loved it. The games looked balanced and UI was top notch. Off late, I am witnessing the same issue that persists with other platforms, in keeping the game fair. Everything cannot be passed in the name of Coincidence and Variance. River outers and nut hands are way too often now. And the monthly missions are nothing more than an income gimmick. Already spent so many euros chasing that elusive suited hand in omaha, for a meagre 2 euro hexapro. Are we looting in daylight now ?
  10. Well, looks like I suck at rng. I have done many more flops and not a single suited hand lol.
  11. The part 2 mission where you have to play Omaha cash game and get all 4 cards of same suit in hand, I believe is not friendly. There is a 0.9% chance to get a hand like that and then you have to do it twice. All this for a third completion towards 2 euro hexapro ticket. This one is not balanced at all.
  12. RogueWitch


    Look at this guy Rolling like a Boss. Most hands are pre flop all in. Yes flips can go both ways. But why not my way. Deep Space Nano.
  13. RogueWitch


    I have been against the notion that poker sites are rigged. But given certain experiences, one cannot stop to wonder if its the RNG or some 'Hand of God' at play here. Been experiencing this for the last 3 days or so. I have KK, someone definitely has AA. I have AQ, someone has AK. I have JJ, someone hits 555. I have AK, someone has A10 and hits his 10. I have AA and someone casually plays his 24 and hits a A-5 straight while I am orgasmic about my trips. I am raising all streets with QQ and a person hits his K on the river. So much in such a short span of time cant be just a coincidence or can it? We mere mortals can only wonder. And the worst part of all this is that everything can be justified in the name of 'Variance'. I have built my bankroll from scratch without realy depositing any money. Is this the reason I face bad beats so often? I dont play cash games other than monthly missions. Is this the reason I face bad beats so often? I am sorry. Maybe its the wrath of the 'Luck Gods'. But I had to let this out somewhere :( Long Live RNG.
  14. Hello, So, I am browing the unibet community posts and threads without being logged in and I see a thread of my interest and decide to to post a reply. But to do that, I need to be logged in. I am redirected to the login page where I login. But after logging in, I am always thrown out of wherever I was and I find myself at the homepage i.e. https://www.unibetcommunity.com/. Now I have a new mission: Find the thread where I wanted to post a reply. After clicking through here and there I am able to find the post and reply. My question and suggestion: Why not redirect to the same page/thread after I log in to the community? It seems really unnecessary to go back to the homepage after
  15. RogueWitch


    Ahh, so much cringe from new players. @Hater You know what, all of us have been there more or less. Its just an early phase of poker. Study the concepts and make better decisions. You will realize that luck actually has 0 (ZERO) impact on your bankroll if you get disciplined and have a good bankroll management strategy. Look up these terms if you are not familiar. @pav Now when you go all in with AK preflop and claim that it is the best hand, do you really think that it is the best hand with 5 cards to show up? No hand is best hand untill all cards are dealt. Not even AA have the right to say that they are the best untill the river is dealt. If you go all-in that's your mistake that you went broke. Let me throw you some numbers to give you a perspective. Your AK off-suit have about 71% chance to win against his AJ off-suit pre-flop. You see, you will still lose about 1/3rd of the time.
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