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Community Answers

  1. Waiting for an update on bunch of things, will let you know more early next week!
  2. Thanks for these, I'll check it with our trader tomorrow. Have a great weekend!
  3. Hey @Quent, could you please post your coupon ID as well? I'll take a look at this tomorrow when I'm on my work computer.
  4. I can't give you any timelines as I don't know. But surely it'll be handled shortly!
  5. Thanks for the feedback @Amysue.acand you're more than welcome to keep on posting updates, what I've been trying to explain is that it will not make the process go any faster unfortunately. I can only give you updates when I receive them from the team handling the case. If you take a look at other similar threads about documents, you'll see that the people there post less frequently and still receive help within the same timeframe. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to post, just that the process will still take the same time. And lastly I've forgotten to congratulate you for the win! Don't see those too often!
  6. Not by any means @Amysue.ac, Each time you have contacted them they have contacted the relevant teams. As they are not (neither are we here) making the decisions but they have to come from specific teams.
  7. @Amysue.acPosting multiple times a day multiple times in a row will not make it go any faster. I'll give you an update when I have one.
  8. Hey @User_7441, apologies for the late reply. I can see that you already contacted our Customer Service and the issue is being sorted.
  9. Does this mean that the Supermoon freeroll of €750 and the added value (Of +€3500ish, hard to calculate) in the Community League are not those? (And if they are, does the freeroll cover the symbolic prizes for the next 15 weeks?) Community is not meant to be a place for solely promotions and this is not something it'll be in the future either. Sure, we will have competitions and promotions as before but it will not be a daily occurrence.
  10. Hey @FunckyFish, the latest update in that is from today and it's pending internal feedback.
  11. Community is boring unless there's prizes? Answers to what? I haven't disappeared anywhere. The new Community has been live for 3 weeks and we're going through a transition period. Thanks, I'm also hoping we'll get more activity once we get properly sorted.
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