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  1. Hey @Bigbet19, Unfortunately there is no such thing as "fully verified" as different type of verifications exist. You should've received an email from us right after you've made the withdrawal regarding the documents requested for verification. Could you please let me know if you have not received any communication and I'll make sure to send them again.
  2. Hey @slyer74and apologies for the delay. I can see you've been in touch with our CS and a case has been raised. Sometimes we have to remove certain payment methods for certain markets due to regulatory reasons and it's not up to us. I hope this is not the case this time and we can add it back to you. I'll follow the case along and send you an update when I get one.
  3. Working fine for me on a few markets @Panamera, could you please try the basic cookies and cache clearing and check back?
  4. Hey @Dalmon19! The bonus system is proactive and it does reward the loyal players as well. If you have something specific in mind (as in not getting enough bonuses, the value is not big enough) etc please let me know and I can check if it has been working as should. But by taking a quick glance I'm quite sure it has been working as should, we often just forget the ones that we've received if nothing comes out of them.
  5. I've deleted/merged a few topics now as they are all the same. I'd also like to point out this site: https://www.unibet.com/general-info/whentostop Especially the first part, "How do I keep it fun?". If you got any questions regarding the tools we offer etc, please ask away, more than happy to help.
  6. Please try to clear your cache and cookies and try again, this has worked for 95% of the customers.. This is the same issue that has persisted for a while.
  7. I do give a damn @Liliana, I'll try and follow up on this tomorrow. I'm currently on vacation so I will not be checking in every day. :S The actual issue is quite a bit deeper than what CS (or even myself) can do and I hope to shed some light on this when I have the answers.
  8. Hey @abhi, I can remove them tomorrow. If you need them removed today please be in touch with CS and they can do it.
  9. There's something going on with the streakr results at the moment, I'll take a look at it tomorrow. Regarding the different questions for some people, please keep in mind that we have a separate promotion for few of the markets but most are the same.
  10. @OzzyholikThat's not something I can change
  11. I'm actually planning a Community Streakr which would be tied to the main streakr, but that was supposed to be a secret as I still have a lot to sort out and it might not happen. Removed picks are not valid, in case it gets changed or removed the pick will also be removed.
  12. Most likely just a scheduling error then.
  13. No actually, it's just a matter of putting it visible.
  14. You should receive communication about this via email, there are multiple reasons why a withdrawal would be cancelled. Did you deposit with skrill? Did you wager your deposit? Do you have an ongoing verification on your account? I can take a look at your account when I'm on my work computer again.
  15. Hey @Krisz1108, I'll take a look at this shortly. Please also note that Community is English only.
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