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  1. The Highest Odds promotion leaderboard has not been updated yet due to number of people participating, and the T&C of it will be amended as well.
  2. I'm chasing the Highest Odds Leaderboard so we can update it, it is running. I'll pass the feedback on the promotion to campaign manager as well.
  3. Hey @Beckys14, Apologies for missing this! I can see the verification has now successfully completed. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you.
  4. Hey, The account blocks have been removed.
  5. Hey @show0, If I change your language to English, you will lose access to all local promotions. Would you still like to proceed?
  6. Glad to hear that and apologies for the delay (Both in the case itself and my follow up). Let me know if there'as nything I can do for you.
  7. I haven't checked if there's a reply, I'll do so shortly!
  8. Hey @Joeyee, option available now.
  9. Hey guys, as the Community is English only, please post the questions in English and I'll do my best to help.
  10. Hey @sum1gottalose, the proof of address that has been requested is something you've received via post. The one you sent in is a screenshot which will not be accepted for this. Let me know if there's any issues and I'll see what I can do.
  11. I can not @AnnMachavarianias the requests are not coming from me. I can only see what has been requested. If you've submitted the requested documents I can send the team a message and try to get an update asap.
  12. The document you've submitted is pending review, I'll follow the case and give you an update when I have one @Ali_nabhan:)
  13. @atlantis Have you submitted the requested documents? I am unable to view the case as it's being handled by another team, if you have submitted them I'll give them a nudge and see if I can get an update.
  14. @Boldy I'll push your case again as well with the new documents submitted.
  15. @Avatar01I've raised the priority of your case to high and will follow up tomorrow if it has not been sorted by then.
  16. @Niall your ID has been approved, the proof of address has been re-requested.
  17. Hey @JanW84! The reason the ID was rejected is that it's not valid (as in acceptable type on our documents), the quality looks fine to me. And the proof of address was not approved as it's a screenshot isntead of a PDF or a picture of a paper sent to home. The ones you've sent in now look good to me, I'll try and get them to check them right away.
  18. Please note that the Community is English only. You're more than welcome to post this again in english.
  19. They are all on my to-do list, I'll follow up on all the cases asap
  20. Hey, as mentioned in the communication earlier, please submit the requested documents and let me know once done, I'll try and push it again.
  21. Hey @steppek77, I do care but I can't give you updates I don't have. I'm really sorry about the delay and hassle and I wish I could fix it right away but that's not the case.
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