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Weekly Newsletter - Week 3

The weekly news letter is a recap of the last weeks events on the community. Including highlights of members posts,results of promos and general news from the Unibet community and Unibet in general.

This week:-

Slot of the week. Winners announced

Freerolls galoreTwitch Channel

and more...


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Weekly Newsletter - Week 2

The weekly news letter is a recap of the last weeks events on the community. Including highlights of members posts,results of promos and general news from the Unibet community and Unibet in general.

This week:-

NEW Slot of the week.

Community member has a nice win.

and more...



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Very first weekly news letter

From this week forward I will be trying to gather stories from the community and put them together in a weekly news letter.

Below you will find the very first community weekly news letter.

I have started off using this format of news letter, as it is something I am familar with but I would appreciate any suggestions of what people would like to see in a news letter and how they would like that information presented.

All constructive feedback welcome Smilecommunity.pngLinks from articles:-

Yearly awards

MathrimCs poker journey

Refer a friend










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Upcoming Community Update

By the end of the month we'll be pushing a few updates, which will change the look of some pages and add a few new functionalities. Read more here.


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Yearly Awards 2016 - The Winners

The results of the survey are in. Check out the winners in this post! Smile


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2016 Year In Review & Yearly Awards

2016, the year the Unibet Community was born, is coming to a close, and it's time to have a look at what happened as well as award the members who really stood out from the crowd and made the community a great place to be Smile


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#LuckIsNoCoincidence – Episode 6: Game Changers

Unexpected incidents can play a vital role in the final outcome of any football match, with goals and red cards the key contributing factors to any result.


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Dark community theme now available!

If you're not a big fan of light website skins, have a look at the new dark skin for the Unibet Community - just in time for hallowen Smile


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Unibet Idea Exchange and Bug Reporting

We're now live with the Unibet Idea Exchange and Bug Reporting section. Read this blog post for further info.


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#LuckIsNoCoincidence – Episode 5: Know Your Ground

Whether you are playing on the concrete of your back yard, or the pristine pitch of your national stadium, the surface makes a huge difference in any sport.

Our presenters, The F2 Freestylers and Jermaine Jenas are joined by a team of experts to analyse this dimension to the game with two pioneering experiments including the ultimate game of two halves.

We also look at the most important part of a tennis match, the court surface and we examine the science behind the different types of ground.


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The Locker Room - Customer Support

As a customer at Unibet, there's a chance you've already had - or will in the future - a need to contact our customer support for help in one way or another. A lot goes into handling all the contacts via chat, phone and email, in fact it's the biggest department we have. Located in Malta, customer support has handled more than 1 million contacts from Unibet customers so far this year and still going strong.

To shed light on the life as a customer support agent at Unibet being in contact with customers daily, we got in touch with Lily - one of our many great agents - she handles contacts with customers from a number of different countries. All questions for her were asked by community members, we hope you'll enjoy the read.  


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#LuckIsNoCoincidence – Episode 4: Home Advantage

Its all about the fans, but what impact do you out there have on sports?

We want to know why athletes perform better in their home games and in doing so will introduce you to some top global talent.


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The Locker Room - Responsible Gaming

The iGaming business is often portrayed as the bad guy trying hard to nick every last penny from their customers. In Unibet's case, this portrayal couldn't be further off the mark; responsible gaming (RG) is a key component of the company's culture, and we've got a dedicated team focusing solely on providing a safe, secure and supportive environment. 
We're considered an industry leader in the RG area and have won several RG awards. We recently had a chat with our RG colleagues and are happy to share a bit of information about how seriously we take this area. 


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#LuckIsNoCoincidence – Episode 3: Stats Matter

This is for the purist, the real football lover. The fan who kicks every ball, celebrates wildly and goes the extra mile to ensure that they're in the know.

We're here to help out by giving you the data, stats and insight in order to make informed decisions with your betting and how to make better choices.


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#LuckIsNoCoincidence – Episode 2: Penalty Pressure

Love them or hate them... penalties are a major part of football. Nerves kick in, goalies turn into heroes and history is made.

Scary, football hell, lotteries... many words describe them, but here we delve into the science, psychology and physiology behind what it takes to execute the perfect penalty.

Stay tuned as The F2 Freestylers are joined by Premier League stars Paul Robinson, Louis Saha and Jermaine Jenas to put amateur players through a series of high pressure tests.


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#LuckIsNoCoincidence – Episode 1: Check The Weather

We’ve heard all of the excuses, but how much does the weather really matter in football?

We investigate how the heat, conditions and extreme environments can affect the result of a football match with the help of Jermain Jenas, Danny Higginbotham, the F2 Freestylers and more of our experts analysts and tipsters.

What do you think of the findings in this first #LuckIsNoCoincidence video?


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Martin Soukup Wins Unibet Open Malta And Becomes The First Czech Republic Champion

Czech Republic’s Martin Soukup brought home the first ever Unibet Open victory to his country after defeating a field of 292, capturing the first-place prize of €65,000. Soukup fought out a tough battle against Ukraine’s Vitalii Belyaev who took home €45,000 for finishing second.


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The Locker Room - Odds Compiler

Going through the sportsbook section looking for the next great odds on which to place a bet, you’ve probably wondered what it’s like to sit on the other side of the table, you know, being the one who decides the odds to be put on the Unibet site.

The first instalment here in “The Locker Room”, our series of a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of Unibet, is an interview with the compiler Alistair who’s one of our great Unibet Group odds compilers.

Alistair has been working as an odds compiler for more than 2 decades, and in this time he’s seen and worked through massive changes in the betting industry, including the change that’s made it possible for us all to be here - the internet implementation which began back in the late 90s.