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  1. Loving the amount of tourneys in the new schedule and the banzai PKOs are great
  2. I didn’t think it was so bad tbh, I tend to rip through the missions pretty quick I enjoy the more challenging missions it’s more interesting for me personally. The value of the offers compensates for the occasional frustration IMO.
  3. There is no such thing as a slot ‘having a higher hit rate on other casinos’ you had a bad run on Unibet and a good run on some other casino, it’s literally purely coincidental. It’s all in the players head. Not that me saying this will effect it whatsoever because people have posted similar things for years and I imagine they will continue too, a simple bit of research can confirm this but people would rather immediately flock to review sites and forums to ‘warn’ other that a certain casino “has something wrong with the rtp because I did 100 spins and didn’t win £1,000,000” it’s laughable really.
  4. My record was either €37 or €43 from a €4 euro ticket I honestly can’t remember which, I think maybe it was €43 converted to £37
  5. @GR1ZZL3R Interesting question, RTP % is worked out on the overall performance of a slot, not what it returns to you personally. In the exact situation you are describing your 'personal RTP' is 100% as you've never put anything into it, or 0% yes if you're being pedantic. But personal RTP isn't really a thing and the % they give you on a game is to help you determine a games performance.
  6. @Robin666 yes it's bad luck... what I have told you about RTP is a fact I'm afraid wether you agree with or not, if you have been around the block as you put it I'm suprised you don't already know what an RTP % is and no offence but it seems like you have personally had a bad experience and seem to have a personal issue with the streamers you keep mentioning, I hope your luck improves soon and your bad streak ends. You should consider any money you deposit at a casino as lost money because nothing is ever certain to pay out, no matter how many spins you play on a slot without a bonus it doesn't 'owe you a bonus' or any other thing like that, every spin is independent of the last and the next.
  7. @JakeK @Themlies @Robin666 just so you guys know RTP has nothing to do with you having good winning steaks or bad losing sessions, RTP % is calculated over hundreds of billions of spins and is a return based on a lifetime of playing. It is IMPOSSIBLE for you to comment on RTP unless you've been spinning non stop at Unibet for 40+ years, what you are experiencing is good luck and bad luck, the more you know. ✌
  8. I hope this is the right place to post I contacted live chat the other day and they told me to come here. I completed the 2nd step a couple of days ago and I recived the ticket but not the free spins, same thing happened last month on step 4 but when I contacted live chat they passed it on and I received an email saying I had unintentionally declined them but I didn’t it didn’t even come up with the usual 3 options and same with this month, just goes straight into the game. Thanks
  9. @waffel @He ’donked’ half pot on the flop with top two?
  10. @JakeK RTP cannot be tested in a period of 6 months, it’s based on many many hundreds of millions of spins over a long time, unless you’ve literally been spinning on a game for 24/7 without stopping you’ve got a longgg way too go to test theoretical RTP
  11. @yeandama @Well I can’t comment on your ban obviously as I’m just a customer but if your account has been suspended due to terms and conditions then hey well within their right to withhold your bonuses earned through the loyalty program, it’s in the terms you agree to when opening an account.
  12. Lower variance? No thanks. You call other people ‘the all in brigade’ but you must be calling them. Lower your own variance by folding to the so called all in brigade once in a while
  13. @FunckyFish and people say Liverpool get every VAR decision, they have literally just stolen a goal from us
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