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Play poker against worlds best chess player and win a signed chess board + €1100 UO Online buyin!


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Even if you find knights, bishops and pawns
To be a bit of a yawn
I'm sure you'll appreciate playing againt Magnus Carlsen, even if you're outdrawn

We've got some really exciting news for you! On Sunday the 29th at 18:00 CET Magnus Carlsen will sit down at the tables with you. There's a signed chess board and €1100 UO Online buyin in added prizes for the winner, and Magnus have got a bounty on his head!

The tournament buyin is €20 and there'll be 2 hours of late registration and the option to rebuy.

The added prizes are:

  1. €1100 Unibet Open Online buyin
  2. €50 Unibet Open Online ticket
  3. €50 Unibet Open Online ticket
  4. €50 Unibet Open Online ticket
  5. €50 Unibet Open Online ticket
  6. €50 Unibet Open Online ticket
  7. €50 Unibet Open Online ticket
  8. €50 Unibet Open Online ticket
  9. €50 Unibet Open Online ticket

Magnus will be playing with his custom avatar, so be on the lookout for this pretty face.Magnus_Carlsen_avatar.png.ae556872cd46eaf5af34eda2a3b7daa1.png


  • Swedish players can't take part in this promotion
  • Danish players can't win the €1100 UO buyin
  • The added prizes can't be exchanged to cash or other tickets
  • Unibet general Terms and Conditions apply
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Welcome to our little community @Magnus_Carlsen😃

Can You tell us more about your poker experience thus far,online and live,please.
We are well aware of your achievements on chess board,so it is pointless wasting time/discussing on that,but to say BIG RESPECT!!!


Kind regards and looking forward playing against You! :happy:

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For you, lovely community members: 


There is a satellite to Magnus Open! Only thing needed is a comment on the thread. :) Good luck! 

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