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  1. Just finished 3rd out of 955 players to win a €50 UOS MTT ticket aaaah! Thanks Unibet! Better start looking at the schedule and see where I'm gunna donk this off! I don't get to play many big mtt's a year so this will be a ncie treat
  2. @Andy-Unibet thanks for reply. my advice for the guys is to next month make clearer! thank you
  3. Thanks @psrquack i see where you are coming from. there are however lots of nano mtt's that are rake free so this would seem a bit off not to include them as the mission doesn't include a minimum entry free any idea @Stubbe-Unibet @Andy-Unibet? thank you
  4. Aww that's super confusing now! I might have to ask mods to take a look. thanks for reply
  5. Hi guys and girls, August mission challenge 5 MTT cash 2 days in a row non-freeroll. Now I cashed in a 4c flip but it didn't count! Which is fair enough bit cheeky I know but do we know if this counts for all flips? Or is it only certain flip tournys that count? Also could we say 'non-flip' in the description if this is the case! as obviously in this case there is a bit of confusion so may confuse others thanks and hope you are all well
  6. wanted to pull my hair out trying to find a 5x in the hexapro for challenge and then this happened! Best 5 minutes of the day!
  7. So some positive news, I have a ticket roll again! I have only invest €1.20 but now have a UNIBET ticket roll of €26. They are the €2 mtts so that is 13 buyins. Even if I lose it.. that will take a long time to lose. My long term aim is to play a unibet open! I built a €200 unibet ticket toll before so i am confident i can do so again.
  8. I won! Community MTT vs some tough players! My biggest solo cash for months. I ran so hot. But its about time I ran hot and delivered haha.
  9. Thanks so much @SCOBY I just kicked my PC over haha I am so happy
  10. @SCOBYme and you have the same problem, we play fun players all day then jump into €10 games against these games and expect a W lol tought beat but honestly not the worst.
  11. 4/7 at break. top 5 cash. Avg is 13k and CL has 19k. VERY SHALLOW. lets get #OneTime going I have never won a community tournament. Finished, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th but never 1st.
  12. @BluffMeista i shoved 20bbs PF. I would call that aggressive @Sparrow473 my plan all along
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