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  1. I have a different problem, I do not use Norwegian banks, I just want to deposit from my MuchBetter wallet, which is offered as a payment option. But I only get error messages. MuchBetter works with both Betsson and Pokerstars, but not here. Why can't we have a Norwegian representative here? Do they not exist?
  2. Thanks, so I have €10 in my account. Appreciate it. So I decided to try again with MuchBetter , and as you can see from the screenshot , the same error again. I hope you can bring some positive news about the deposit methods soon. I talked to MuchBetter support as well, and they have no problems at their end.
  3. Only €10 as a test . Tried all deposit methods. Do you have any news ? Unibet support are of no help. Regarding MuchBetter , it works with Betsson, Pokerstars and oher sites. Deposit and cashout within hours. So why cant Unibet sort it out?
  4. Then why would the Norwegian site recommend these payment methods , if Norway has become a restricted country ? It does not make sense. They want us to deposit.
  5. Who is responsible for Unibet Support? I received this mail today: I don't even understand the Norwegian , clearly used a translator tool. Who is Ivanna? And what does she mean by BIN on my card? I use MuchBetter. -------------------------------- Selv om vi ikke har norsk talende agenter tilgjengelige akkruatt nå, vil vi gjerne hjelpe deg på norsk. Agenten bruker derfor et oversettelsesverktøy for å hjelpe deg. Beklager for eventuelle ubeleiligheter dette medfører. Kjære XXXXXXX, Takk for at du kontakter Unibet. Kan du vennligst oppgi hvilken BIN av kortet du bruker for å heve det ytterligere med finansavdelingen. På forhånd takk for din forståelse og samarbeid. Ønsker deg en fin ettermiddag. Med vennlig hilsen, Ivanna Unibet Kundeservice -
  6. Very strange indeed . I think there are Swedish owners now (Kindred Group) I have sent them a mail to ask if there are any Norwegian representatives that could help us.
  7. I have now tried again , I talked to MuchBetter support and asked then to change my account currency to EUR , since Unibet is in EUR. But I get the same error message. I also tried different deposit method using my MuchBetter Mastercard for Wizz (Mastercard) , but that did not work. So we are stuck here. Is it possible to contact anyone in the Norwegian market that understands this ? I mean we do have a lot of Norwegian players on Unibet right ? Even Magnus Carlsen is Norwegian and ambassador for Unibet! So you need to tell us how to deposit! @Jami-Unibet
  8. Serious problems for sure, how long do we have to wait?
  9. Did you fix it ?? Must be the currency right? @Jami-Unibet Is it possible for me to change my Unibet account to USD?
  10. They should go back to normal MTTS, standard 10-12 min levels in all buy-in groups, and no rebuy's. Many poker sites are now going back to the old formats again, Unibet should try to keep up.
  11. Then 888 poker would be a better choice for you, freerolls around the clock. Some like it, some don't.
  12. Why did you stop working with affiliates? Cardschat did promote Unibet through the freerolls and I have recommended new players to your site.
  13. Yes same error as before. I tried with €10 so it should work. What does the error message means? My MuchBetter account is in USD, but that should not matter at all.
  14. I tried again with MuchBetter, but same error message.
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