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Sport Betting Advance Search Option!


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Hello, i'm would like to suggest an improvement for sport betting witch will make betting faster and easier. Id love to see an Advance Search Button where you have the options to select the day/hour/league and specific bet. Example: I would click the advance search button select today, Romania Liga I or Click on Football in general and select Correct Score. Boom all bets with correct score appear and i just click the odds, filling my ticket for an easy and fast bet. You could make it like a Poker Decision Tree by clicking boxes and when your satisfied just click apply and your ready to go. This will simplify betting. @JeppeL @RayL @Patric-Unibet @ReCorpH.

I would love some FeedBack if this will make the betting experience faster and smoother?

@pittpitt@AndreiBN@Purps@testuser1@TTABKATA@Nestabear@pinki@Marekss@WuDu@Rushbieand others.

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I mentioned that,and similar things,before new look came out.

Marco is not here anymore so we are a bit left out.

Yes,would like to see that and think that is something easy to add.
Also,think that "POPULAR" box is not quite "inteligent".
When we have international matches on,it has Premier league link,but when we have clubs football matches on,it has international competitions links on. :annoyed:

Think that it needs to be adjusted based on each user habits.Example,if my bets are 60% of Premier league matches,than link of PL should show there.
Idealy would be if we could arrange that box by ourself. 😃

About "smart selection",that is also what I proposed to Marco earlier.Think that a little "star",or similar simbol,above each "selection boxs" would solve the problem.
Add that,new, tab where we have "home","in-play","free bets"etc., and thats it.

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I always thought this is not technically possible so i didnt post this here. I would love this so much. All the live matches and you can make an advance search for over 1.5 goals in every one of them and have them on one page. Now i feel like marathon man trying to click every match meanwhile ofcourse in some matches those goals are happen and youre pissed/tilted etc :waterfall:.

You can do this now with prematch within one league, you can see all the both to score, or over/under (usually 2.5 but sometimes 1.5 and 3.5). This is what i have in mind Przechwytywanie.thumb.JPG.c95edf2d0f97a65f26776b5b94ca9b6b.JPG

Why not being able to pick all the markets for those matches, like home team win and it will be both to score, or over 1.5 or over 4.5 or handicaps or whatever. I dont think is this that hard to make.

Someone mentioned popular, why not make this for favorites of every user. So that everyone could add personally leagues/sports that they are betting the most. Looking for everything within menu is time consuming.

Anyway this is great suggestion, im all for it. 👍 👍

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