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  1. @GR1ZZL3R @AndreiBN @Nestabear @Purps goood Morning :) I hope you all doing great! I am not back yet, but now i have more time and I rty get here at list once a week, and hoppfully soon i will be here on full time :) @Marekss
  2. Hi @Purps, How are you and how is yours tips so fare ? :)
  3. @pittpitt I would suggest to use excel or other recording program! Before I written with pen on my season book every single day( it's take a time) after I used word but super @Purps created very easy using and understandable example! Now I don't need searching on paper hills and I can creat own flirts! I just klick on what team I want to know - like "lakers" and I have all my bets plus I record every single game by Q and I can see all info in one page If you wanna experiment on tennis, now will be tournament WTA get all inoformation about lady's and try with 0.25 pence betts! Ask for help about players to @AndreiBN he will give advice! And I will help too, then you will understand more and more, get confidence and you will roll one day your own system
  4. ehh good question lol ...diff not betting live on hockey lol likely on tennis,mma,golf ...hockey only pre-match no correct score or some kind high odds low return, looking to grind it up like what you doing it seems like i winnings scheme! btw thanks again for sharing it & make this forum a better place loll also i need to know , where my betting stand at the moment & area i need to improve...i think is't gonna be a great test! Do you think it will be easier if you separate sports, I mean if you got budget 500$ then 250 to nhl and 250 tennis! And one more question, how you record your bets and investigate mistakes? I don't wanna teach you, you doing great! Just I don't want you step on my mistakes and I happy to share and support how much I can!
  5. GL @pittpitt do you bet on pre games or live?!
  6. Marekss


    Because of Ingram and Rondo, Lebron will have more take on him, it's good time get rebounds & points, let's say close to triple double What do you think @BillyR23 ?
  7. Marekss


    @BillyR23 Westbrook back to business, will be interesting game
  8. Marekss


    Hi @BillyR23, I thinking about Clipers vs Rockets game too 225 looks good but my concer in Rockets will play 2 game in row, and yesterday's incident, I expect Chris Paul will sit on bench!
  9. @GR1ZZL3R He done amazing work, it's easy now put in one place, plus I add filter on, now I sort out LAL team and get all information about bets since day one! @Purps Thank you!
  10. Marekss


    @cris1285 me too on blacklist! Wondering what we done wrong?
  11. Marekss


    Good tip is JJ Radick over 15.5 points odd 1.70 he will come out like starter today, I am sure for that!
  12. Marekss


    Bulls 7.50 really 76ers are so good what do you think?
  13. This is good, very good green run! Well done @Purps
  14. Hi @Purps, what you think about Vitaz vs Avangars over 6 goals?
  15. I will go today for IN-PLAY 0-2 Set Betting Qiang Wang - Ostapenko, Jelena 3.45
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