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Ivanus Rank 14
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pinki Rank 21
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@MadAdo  wow! Big Congratz ! Hearts  

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
Bing__ Rank 17
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Congrats @MadAdoHappy

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steppek77 Rank 18
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@MadAdo wrote:

Heart ULTRA breaking NEWS Heart became father 2nd time today early morning, so that is my story of the year for sure !!!

Biggest victory ever, never proud more on my family. We all so happy and glad for new member of us ... Jazzhands

Happy weekend for every1, me the luckiest man In Love

Congratulation, @MadAdo with a new familymember!

Want2Believe Rank 15
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now you have two reasons for making Daddy's Jokes @MadAdo Very Happy Congratz!

MadAdo Rank 16
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@Ray-Unibet  Ok

See my comment in https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/General-Poker/Missed-VIP-Double-Trouble-late-reg-ended-too-early/...


@Santa-Unibet  With respect of my current situation - I for sure got enough this year!

So decide to leave that ticket to someone who really needs it - @MerenitsuNLP  just an example. Thank you so.

tatuaj7 Rank 12
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pinki Rank 21
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@MadAdo how is the situation of the front? 

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
sorcloud Rank 10
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@MadAdo wrote:
@psrquackI agree - you analyze game in a wise way ... but often I do not have so many time to play game in such a wise way - as was in this case as well + sometimes you should play unpredictable (choose low connectors - which I love in PLO) ! Agree that chances was not so high (even more after such UNRELATED flop) Smile Thumbs Up :agree:

  In your introduction you were talking about you starting to lose, but i assume u are seeking to be a profitable player, and getting better at the game. However just as that hand represents, you have fundamentally wrong understanding of the game. PSRQUACK described that hand perfectly, you getting involved in that hand in any form and shape was a punt. You say you love playing connectors, especially low ones. Well here is the thing: low cards suck, just as in holdem.

  The only situation where we want to play 6543ss : 100bb deep on BTN (once we get to the 50bb territory, we avoid low cards completely, unless we are double suited even on the BTN) , we can open raise, or defend the big blind with. The hand is absolutely weak, but probably seems pretty and full of potential for someone that doesnt understand PLO. The reasons we dont play this hand 100bb: it doesnt have nut potential. nuttiness is key for PLO, especially deep. you flop low pairs, low straight draws, and you'll just get dominated by a better hand once the money goes in. Reason we dont play this hand shallower is because when you face a 3bet, the hand flops smooth enough due to being connected and u'll have to continue often on the flop chasing equity while you are behind.

  You also said that you want to be unpredictable/deceptive (in that hand this didn't even exist, since you were all in preflop). Well that only shows that you dont understand your own range once you 3-bet, and how low boards interact with others and your own range. Let's say we flop J43 rainbow: you'd think you are deceptive as hell here flopping a very strong holding with 6543, two pairs and an openender, however these kind of boards are rare enough, and when you have a flop like this, your overpairs are so strong on these low boards that you can just pot and get the money in (unless deeper than 100bb). You don't need to add a hand like 6543ss into your 3betting range to have more coverage because your already existing 3b range is very strong there, also they often enough come with a gutter, which makes the hand even stronger, such as AAQ2, AQJ5ds, and so on. When you think about 3-betting connected hands, please use the higher double suited versions, such as 8765+ds, otherwise you just end up over3betting trashy holdings and burning money. 

TLDR: avoid low single suited connectors, never 3bet them. cheers!


MadAdo Rank 16
Rank 16

After new son on the board:


there left no so much free time for "hobbies" anymore as far as I prefer family at the very first place (but who NO?) ...


So time to recap:

- family first! Popeye

- my personal goal somehow achieved - I built pretty healthy roll from nearly nothing again!

- Advent missions still beatable even for Geek like me ... after today already passed Jazzhands I'm on 21 which is really promising as I could still use 2 jokers left on last 4! (following 2 missions somewhat selfdone ones)

- resolved "optimal" micro stakes strategy for NL4/PLO4 cash games

- HexaPRO not suitable for all of us! My stats are really awesome poor (won 3 of 30 with 1.5x only!!!) lost at least 10x with owning more than 1000 chips by well-known "2x AIA2" ( 2 times in a row all in any 2 cards ). As much as good cards I hold, than worse for me ... but also figure-out, you can't won it by simple folding Smile I decide to skip as many HX missions as possible to keep roll goes on.


My best wishes to you all my loving communityHeartThumbs UpCash