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4soul Rank 18
Rank 18

Hello, and preety happy to see everyone prepaired for the Sunday events!

As you may know, i challenged myself (being new recreational player on UNIBET) doing a decent bankroll from 0€ (NOTHING! 0! Nada! Freerollin'!) to "???" , that means 700€ after 3 months Smile!!!! I've withdrawed 814$ ( my account it's setup in dollars, that means 704€ for that moment) for buying a CAR in this blog: From 0 to ???

My account now had:



Heart14187P ( at  15000 points i will win 5€! ) and 

Spades Tickets: €1000GTD Mission October Special and €3000GTD Mission October Special.

With these advantages (and these aren't so much from 0 Happyshy )i must build a

REAL BANKROLL with four numbers:0000.00€!!

Let's do this!



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4soul Rank 18
Rank 18

First for all, i must choose the best strategy to have the bonus: i can select a bonus with €25, but my "unidentified" bankroll can't help me with that Very Happy , so better is €5BONUS (with -500BP). I also buy 2 tickets with 1€ entry ( -200BP), 1 banzai ticket with 3€ (-300PB), and one normal ticket on texas holdem with 4€ ( -400PB). So, im splitting my bonus points for these tickets(=1400PB).

bonuses.JPGAlready chosen a 5€ BONUS!

4soul Rank 18
Rank 18

Our experience have argues that we can force a little bit with the things building bankroll. Now we know where we shall register into mtts, what kind of banzai moments helping us or which normal cash tables are profitable for us. On cash for shure, we will use the tickets for constructing points, on mtts tickets we must be tight for doing ITM ( that money allowed us to do other things than only play tournaments) and so on....

We will try also some SNG with 1€ entry ( 2 or 5 players)

From NOW ON our account have this thing:

bonus.JPG€5 BONUS!

And also on tables appear the red circle

red cicl.JPGthe red circle is the first bonus, the others are minor or major challenges for winning pointsclenges.JPGOur situation is profitable....we are near 15k points for 5€ free money

4soul Rank 18
Rank 18

First day i laughing so much Smile....bad day....only badbeats and coolers!

On tickets cash:

AAvs KK99 sets.JPGweard board....didn realised that i won it for a moment Smilechalegne dead.JPGIn here i called because are really rare the hands required in the challenge : 3 clubs cards and one black card

I've lost all the tickets in cash omaha and i bought again one banzai ticket with 200BP and made from him 6.92€, but it require 165 flops left to see untill it will gain me the money! So, i must gathering more Very Happy

On tournaments:

win the 4way pot 12k chips.JPGnice pot won in bounty , but after a while with no card lost the AKvsAT...hit T flopmuie last 16.JPGSick and lost almost entire equity in the mttlost 14th w KTvs K3s floped flush lol.JPGafter 2 hands im out won 2.32ecallin w 48s on my 3x open , call cbet.JPGin the 1k€ i lost when i saw calling him 4x open and 1/2 cbet....i check/raised in turn and almost dead. no win

In the 3k€ we resist more time:

AA vs bluff KT.JPGi catch the bluffer in turn! double upshoved pref QQ.JPGthe limper just shove the QQ , doesnt know to play them ???? i just hit ....of corse i play it 50-50 when i am double stack Very Happysick flop.JPGPut him on QQ in flop , i reraised and lost....blinds with 13bb call AJs.JPGand the last hand was crude! AJs vs AQs , he preflop shove....find the call in almost 12bb. and that was all damn!

The deepest mtt was 100€ Singularity - 5th with 8.13€ win , lost with KK vs AKo , i reraised him shove....and he called with same stack.... A in flop....thats all Sad

sci out.JPGwon 8.13e

Played 2 sng with 2 players ( 200BP) , i won one of them, but i tried few texas banzai and lost this amount...bad move from me....but the blood ask for it!Haha

After all, out account:

Cash 8.67€

Clubs Banzai ticket: 6.92€/165 flops needed

Heart 14327 P

Spades 962 BP

Out of concentration....out from tables!  But we win our small piece!  unibet-poker-tournaments.jpgWe invested 1803BP and we win 15.59e , so we are in lost with 2.44e

94372244d9915b522bfe4c9c0f34e9d1--wet-look-leggings-black-leggings.jpgWe can have more luck :P





4soul Rank 18
Rank 18

We just revealed the ticket on banzai, saw all the flops and won some bucks! After all, we dont have no tickets left...

Also, played few cash banzai texas and we hit good:

4bet 1e all.JPGhe shoved in flop!hit strong.JPGbest 4-way pot winner its here when he need!reraised shvoe w 33.JPGand he reraised shove prf....lets do this with 40% from bankroll Very Happy

So brutal game, but i am pretenting to use some other BONUS POINTS if we screw it!

We construct a decent bankroll !

now we can discuss.jpgNow we can discuss....



4soul Rank 18
Rank 18

Hey....my words hearing from me into the house were: don't play today...don't play today..and so on!

AND I PLAYED! i was really tired after the work....and could be fine do not destroy that bankroll boost starting!

I played only cash .....and you can see:

fkk.JPGi raised min....he reraised shove to me....bad rvr!mue.JPGwtf it's hapening!sic.JPGreraise shove on flop....and dead!

Bankroll: 11.27€


Said the other twin inside me!


4soul Rank 18
Rank 18

9e closed.JPGI can't!!!!!! but be tight more then Very Happy

I could't stop playin some banzai....after few glases i was drunk and don't know how i won more bucks and lost few like this situation:

again shove trhn.JPG

On mtts, was cool today. We played like 12-14 from them (entrance with 1e or 1e+R)

92 place QTw A9o.JPGmade a lot of rebuys....near 2e.... short shove w QTo called by A9o from button...A flop

loc 5 4e.JPGCash in one omaha event 4edeadly hint.JPGthis was the last hand....sad one

loc 1.JPGAnd....our last event was won by me! put out valentinik Very Happy - the one who always shove in positions....win 34.55.JPG34.55e win!

So ,we are fine now! After 5 hours of gambling our bankroll is much safety now.

50.69.jpgThe experience revealed results!


4soul Rank 18
Rank 18

So, we receive our first 1€ from bonus:

bonus2.JPG3 days for 1e

Our account looks cool. We still have 897BP

account.JPGso close for 10% bankroll boost Very Happy

AND we are verry happy about the results chart:

chart.JPGafter 6 sessions of play

From now on: strategies for building!

16114229_1223534841068304_121248550613412129_n.jpgConferences now...

fkingun Rank 16
Rank 16

Good to hear that you are going well. I'm just getting experience and loosing money. It seems like I lost the inspiration for now. I took one day break and it's good but the poker gods are still mad on me Cool. Keep going, I'm following you. Rockon

To err is human, forgive is canine!
4soul Rank 18
Rank 18

I guess it's the time when you must stay a while away from tables then, @fkingun ! Ure doing good with some fresh air, one out with a dog or a dinner with someone loved Wink.GL! Hope for possitive news Wink

Today, we had a break from work, so i could play more than usual ( today was the biggest session from our challenge Very Happy ). Somehow, i made a lot of mistakes and i didn't forgive any s**t about flips, just put the money in....how much there are, like usually....but this can affect my challenge. If everything was normal, i could win more.....but this is our style Very Happy We can combine with positive things Smile!

We had our moment of shine...like "wait a minute!" when we saw a limper callin in sb near 35% of his stack the allin from utg2, so with AKo in bb i might be still good, i reshoved to be shure being called:

fold here.JPGSomeone can tell me if here with AKo it's a fold?

donk calll mtt.JPGmake a reply here in this blog jimi7 Smile)))) ure the winner, i want to know what u feel sometimes?

Nevermind....we had a strong session with more then 14mtts ( with 1e and 1e r a entrance). We didnt step into 2e events yet... thats because we were near 37e bankroll for a while Secret -damn banzai!. Anyway, best result in mtts was in the Meteor Shower - 4th place with : 18.05e, hit into aces when we floped one pair ....

4th place.JPGnice comeback Very Happywin 4th.JPGAnd we decided to win first Smile))))))

On banzai we lost 10-15 flips and after 6 hours we were back in bankroll. Our best result was deep into bvanzi but lost massive.JPG25.03e


10$ w tens.JPGExacly 10e with 10 10 !

On omaha banzai was sad, best hand was

JJJJ omh 4.JPGquads jacks preflop shove

And we met a tight guy that let us seeing all the board flop fullhoused :P

slow full house QJvs44.JPGand we took from him what we need

z'Best strategy for today was to play normal omaha tables for boosting some points in challenges

13e from 2.JPGbest omaha table 13.08e from 2e

We have receive the 5e from 15.000 points step, now we have 15942P , we get another 1e from bonus , we are near deblocking anothe 1e. We received the 1000GTD November Mission Special ,  and we are near finishing the Part 4:November Mission and receiving the 4e PLO4 ticket. After this, last part will be for the entrance into the 3k november special freeroll.

Our bankroll is increased: 80.13€

BONUS 80.13.jpgNew banner Very Happy

14721511_102966020175788_7309519083817843965_n.jpgIt's fair we pass the 50e bankroll really fast!