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Interview with "just another" falling STAR!


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Q: Hi weird man, who you are ?

A: I'm POKER. NO Chris Moneymaker, NO Daniel Negreanu, NO Mr. Ian Simpson ... me, me is POKER !!!

Unibet alias: MadAdo.png.e4c6e6d15ea50c466b0b7b306aeb80dc.png

q: Okay, some 'basics' about you personally - who the hell you are ?


A: I'm born in 1984. So just a 'comunism' baby and live in a nice Slovakia country (just middle Europe) - quite poor, but proud and we all working damn hard (low salary, but I think that is not all about the money?) I'm a programmer so quite able to understand technical things ... even more - using my brain for earning money - most of the time! 👼

Q: Fine and what about the poker - what's your beginning ?

A: It dates back to the 2009/2010 when I start by playing on Zynga (Facebook) and know absolutely nothing about the rules and game. Start learning by 'just playing' and winning chips by "novice luck / feeling" quite often :happyshy: Play with spending 'play money chips' only with no real deposit ! When became virtual millionaire I just realize I should move-up ... so shifting to PokerStars first (alias: MadAdoStars) ! (because my friends tried it already and there were a chance by earn real money by freerolls, etc.)

Quite soon I install also Unibet, Full-Tilt and WillamHill. I played tons of freerolls on PS, UB, FT and with running on my old laptop with 9" display it was quite funny when pop-ups flood me and I must click (without mouse - just touchpad) like nanonoko beast! I played 3-6 freerolls simultaneously on 3 different software and that was absolutely crazy! :haha: My main 'stage' remains PokerStars for couple years and there was my first real deposit (somewhere end of year 2010) (it was huge 500eur => approximately my full month salary -> as far as I was greedy to clear 'bonus' money ...) You know - I was (still I'm) nano-stakes player so I don't need such a bankroll and played NLHE cash games with $2 most of that time ... running to $5 and very rarely (tilt-mode) with $10 buy-in. Try also popular 50-50 format (6 Sit&Go where 3 ITM double-up money) ... YES, start loosing money as far as I learned with just play ... so not a good start of my "carrier"! Cut the long story - managed to cash-out 505eur on January 2011, so was really happy as good I was 🤣 Meanwhile building bankroll on other sites by playing freerolls on a regular basis and when have couple bucks, just played cash game and bust-out :waterfall: ... nothing so special!

Q: What about life poker ?

A: YES, playing with my friends "private league called MadAdo series of poker -> MSOP" -> NLHE 4 players, 1eur buy-in, 1000 chips, 30 min levels ... winner takes all! Later on we extends with possibility of 1 rebuy per 1 player (after elimination, HU rebuy not allowed). From beginning of this 'competition' I start to became winning player (win first one of course with making quads in HU battle - villain had a chance of making straight-flush) ... we played somewhere 25-30 such tournaments and I had decent stats (won leaderboard with most winning - but there have been couple of 4th places as well (include unsuccessful re-buy)) ... I bought chipset, special plastic cards, dealer button, timer, poker cloth ... falling in love to poker and you all know how it taste!

I played one 'bigger' tournament where was 7 players (include me) and quite 'unlimited' rebuys. Buy-in have been high-stake 3eur and after all I managed to bink (make another quads during it) and earn somewhat near 30eur! Was quite satisfied because I play with no worry, just enjoy the game ...

Q: Do you have any notable/memorable poker success ?

A: sure, like we all have some. Here are some of mine best:

1) (Jun 9, 2012) first HU: PokerStars 3466 players Limit Razz, finished 2nd 😛

2) (Jun 30, 2012) 32 players private (CZE/SK) freeroll tournament (1 VPP buy-in as far as I know) on PokerStars: 3rd for USD 22.50

3) (Nov 18, 2012) FullTilt: achieving "Edge status by earning more than 10 Full Tilt Points over a 7-day rolling average."

4) (Nov 26, 2012) PokerStars: Buy-In: $10.00/$1.00 USD (using some 'free' ticket), 18813 players, Total Prize Pool: $188130.00 USD, 62nd place. USD 216.34 eliminated after 4-5 hours battle when defending my bb (play heavy passive) with QsAs and villain from button shove me (6s3s) and 6 on flop sent me to rail !!!

5) (Jan 25, 2013) PokerStars: Buy-In: $1.00/$0.10 USD, 14 players Super Satellite, 1st place, T-USD 33.00

6) (Feb 1, 2013) FullTilt: reaching Edge Silver status

7) (Sep 17, 2013) PokerStars: Buy-In: 1 FPP, 51 players HU format, 1st place. A USD 50.00

8) (Oct 20, 2013) PokerStars: ChromeStar VIP

... many many more ...

X) (Aug 19, 2016) FullTilt: Freeroll, 591 players !FLIP!, 1st place. A USD 93.75

+ there have been a plenty of bonus money from competitions on twitter + share of Jackpot deal ... I won decent money there (for sure over $300)!!!

Q: What is your favourite poker game ?

A: HORSE or Stud Hi/Lo for sure! But love Razz, 2-7 NL Single draw, PLO, Courchevel, Badugi ... maybe some more :happy:

Q: Any favourite player ?

A: Antonio Esfandiari (magician), Tom Dwan and Isildur :laugh:❤️ but I like Ian Simpson too!

Q: Why posting all of this ?

A: Getting really broke last days :waterfall: lost many money and I don't think it is because of my wrong play (wrong decissions if you want) I know what is bad-beat and how the variance should working. Problem - real one - is that I'm getting money-scared and that mean you should probably STOP playing! I don't need restart, I need something else - need to figure it out ... thinking about replacing cash games with Sit&Gos - I have solid results there (no real statistics available) and not enough (representative) amount played ... I have also 'decent' results by playing nano MTT ... you know me probably 😃

Okay, I should write more and more, but you probably have my story - I'm was winning player (but consider deposits/withdraws) I know game basics, understand math, pot-odds, starting hands, strategy, ... etc. but that is still not enough! I became to loosing my money never mind what I'm doing and how I'm playing. I wanna change this process, because I never re-deposit and bust only free-roll money so far (long time ago!). Any advice will be appreciated, good luck to you all. LOVE community! ♥️

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Nice blog, makes me remember my beginning too. I hope you weren't one of the victim of Full Tilt's black friday's freezing balance accident. Btw could you write someting about the legislation in Slovakia? Has Unibet the slovak gambling licence or it uses maltese as a common european one? Is the gambling market free to join-like the romanian- or a state keeps the right allowing the state established gambling firm only? And last but not least congrats to the results and I hope you will find the inspiration and the right gaming type.

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@psrquack  Full Tilt story: I had some frozen money there as well (but only money from freerolls maybe some nano events, cash games) ... it was up to couple bucks only and have no exact idea how many! I never deposits on Full Tilt (if I remember that correctly). I played on PokerStars and occasionally some Unibet freerolls, NL4 if managed to built a roll for it!

Here is my exact movement when FT and PS fuse together:

Full Tilt Assets Total Credited to your Stars Account
Cash, Ring Game Tickets, Casino Chips, Bonuses $46.80 / €0.00
Tournament Dollars, Tournament Tickets $5.50/ €0.00
Full Tilt Points, Coins1,027.21 StarsCoin
Play Chips, Play Money Tickets0


Legislative in Slovakia contains some "black-list" of hazard providers (with no valid license I suppose) and Unibet is there present as well.


I have no problem playing so far, I'm NO depositor, so have no idea how this is working now ... I'm regulary witdraw some of my winnings and noticed no problem so far ... using mBank (Poland bank) which is my prime for years/ages (8 or so).


I will update this blog probably next week ... good luck to you all until then. We should discussing those "play / beat" nano cash stakes !!! I'm interested in strategy, tips, examples, ... we will talk about that!

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When I stuck I always ask myself which gaming type I like to play the most and in which type am I good in. When the 2 things didn't match I ask myself again why I like the one gaming format and why am I so sick in that. When I got the answer I know if I should play that type of poker or I should head to the antoher format. When the 2 things match I ask about the issues of my result. Did i correctly realized the style of the table (loose or agressive, the quantity of preflop bets, free bets etc) and did I choose the best playing style or I was in  another mood and skiped it. If the players style and my selected style also match then i ask myself if the loss come from the bad beats or from my leaks? Did i change my style/went too agressive after a couple of losing hands/paid too much with draws/called too much preflop with speculative hands/raised too much with almost nuts/nuts and forced everyone to fold etc. If I think i played all hands correctly then  it's nothing but variance, I don't need to worry, tomorrow I will win it.

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Here is how I was running during my very "young" poker days (well known GOD-mode - just ask Ray-Unibet, he knows what is it all about):


It was all happen because "I do not care about it" if it will be for real money, river As 🤣 and anyone beats me out -> we all know how it goes 0lucky (ask Mr. @Merenitsu  he probably understand)

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Hey, i think we should have a little discussion about this hand:


I understand that our main goal is collecting bounties, but as you can see the someone raised 2BB, another player called and you went allin. What's wrong with that hand? You can't fullfill none of the tourney goals. You can't earn bounties, because none of the players had less chips than you and the chance of triple up is also very low, because at least one of the players will have high cards too. In the theoretically case if you had a preimum hand like double suited KK, AA, you also reduce your aouts, because people aren't stupid and don't like gamble as it seems and one of them will had strong hands too. On the other hands if they also want the bounties only you give them the opportunity knocking you out, because a standard player won't fold when he needs to call 400 from his 1675 chips to knock you out. So he did the only acceptable way and try to isoliate the third player with the reraise which occours the second problem,


the third player must go allin if he has any acceptable hands (means cards which aren't to far from each other, any Ahigh flush draw etc), because he had 800 chips only and if he folds he loses the opportunity to

1, knocking you out and won your bounty

2, the triple up

3, if you won the side pot against voiHaalee he will have 800 chips the same amount without risking the allin.


So I think folding preflop was the good move in this case.


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@psrquack I agree - you analyze game in a wise way ... but often I do not have so many time to play game in such a wise way - as was in this case as well + sometimes you should play unpredictable (choose low connectors - which I love in PLO) ! Agree that chances was not so high (even more after such UNRELATED flop) 😃 👍 :agree:
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I usually use a quicker way. Do I have more chips? If no and I have questionable hands and I'm not forced to be allin (means I have playable stack) then I fold. If I have less chips but have change being in HU situation then I fold/go allin, but it depends on the previous activity of the player and how I run in the season.

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@MadAdo  @psrquack's comments are very accurate ...  and i think that those bounties arent so important ... i prefer 1mtt and after that some Shooting or smth else ... more to gain ... But bounties are also ok ....my current bankroll is from them ...  i had 0.3e from bounties after that  some Nano ...and here we go :)

For me personally ...nanos are much much better then freerolls ...I've explained it to @Merenitsu many times .  Stay away from cash games, this is fun for bigger balance ...  you can earn quick some Euros but also you can loose them when you have 30-40Euros... in my opinion cash games only when you have : 100Buy-ins+ with some limitations : day limit losse(better rest and play in another day) ~number hands during session...  

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"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
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And we are back on the train!

After resting from CASH game last days (I'm not played any 3 days in a row which seems to be my biggest pause during this year!)

A little bit Monday booster from casino flips (won/accumulate around 20 flips during weekend and unlock also 'bonus' game on both: Hot Sync + Wild Chase):

- those boosters will be missing me so much (@YlarP) !!!


Since Sunday evening had a little bit !flu! I just near push/fold both mission specials and busted out :( on 1000GTD looks somewhat promising, built quite solid stack there, but run out after hour or so ... 3000GTD not good either!

I had 10MTT from November mission part 5 and wanna to dig the cave. Decide to play PLO bounty started 21:45 CEST and played until today early morning (00:10) ! I somewhat wonder that it did not count into today's Advent mission - but keep no such a greedy! :smile:

Here we go:


All after all nice multiply of my tiny bankroll (was less than 10eur since Black Wednesday, and ultra-black Thursday) ... so I multiply BR by a factor 5!

+ Double Trouble ticket available in my stash -> but won it only once (2-3 weeks ago) ... from my rough 5-8 attemps :(

I'm quite overloaded by work now but I would like to discuss play/beat Nano/Micro stakes later on this week !!!

Call you all guys (will need your opinion):

1) nano Community specialist - Mr. @pinki

2) Sit&Go beasts: @Bing__, @EL_HEFAZO, @yarik_gr

3) Bankroll builders: @tatuaj7, @YlarP@SCOBY@Nestabear@GR1ZZL3R@4soul

4) MTT grinders (no tilt = huge win): @Merenitsu, @psrquack, @TTABKATA, @Want2Believe

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@MadAdo Hi boss!

In my opinion the good strategy in nanos is similar to that in freerolls ... but here you have time to wait for a solid hand. pay attention to the showdowns, hands with which others go allin ... you will meet chips-donors at the table many times and it is excelent news :) this type of players are perfectly familiar with freerolls but they are also present on micro. nothing new ...when you increase it your stack x2-3 dont rush your decisions, when you have couple tables and you have quick double/tripple up in Comet/deep impact slowroll your decisions, if you see sh1ty/fold hands there dont waste time to click fold:) I have not discovered anything new ... these things are used by many... but in nanos people play fast and fourious and they havent patience
generally ...
About some Nanos:

1. Generally note some things for each of them :

- time to iTM

- needed stack on ITM (playable), sometimes min-cash is ok...when you gain ITM then higher prizes are easy to get with these players

- dont rebuy ie. in impact, abyss., galaxy to risky with these players. sometimes I did some exceptions as I knew I would recover my chips for 100% :) sometimes you simply know 🆒

- Comet: long nano itm smth 23:20-00:00, easy late reg. even in 1-1.5h, you can play this one slowly

- Galaxy: similar prize pool ie. 100euro Singularity, with addon cost:0.8euro...i think addon with 7k+ chips is ok... less too risky i think.

- deep and abyss and gargle are similar - a little faster than others :)

- silly arthur dent nano - decent ITM, only one buy-in

- and weekend supernova, odyssey r/a (close to micro), cosmic rays

0.1 daily nanos you can easily let go - wild field... better spend now this cash for 1E Qualifiers. butif you have place on screen ...why not? Titan is ok for me ... here i can even rebuy in some point.

and finally 0.2Euro qualifiers ... you can wins from nanos spent on them and after that try some 1MTT(shooting star .singularity, qualifiers to 5MTT, ). these qualifiers have added some options at nano stakes...shame that they are 9-handed with these players .... calling stations etc etc :)

Maybe later I'll add something else ..i've the impression of something I forgot.

Generally i think nanos are better then freerolls when you have some cash ... small field,low variance and easier get paid places...ie. 50euro Davitsche freeroll it is 0.05e Nano with huge field ...you need there couple hand to get smth significiant ... in nanos sometimesyou have one hand and it is enough for 1euro ;)

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"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
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I'm betting on luck, one day to be lucky but on other days luck does not surprise me, I do not play on high stakes and everything I play are tickets won for free tournaments, or free spins. My limit for submission is set to a minimum of 30 days to not become addicted to gambling. So when I win some tickets, I try to make a banckroll to try all the bets on the site (bingo, slots, betting, etc.). the biggest win in poker was 100 € at the tournament with a buy of 1 €. The bingo was a 250 € jackpot to buy 12 tickets of 0.20 cents a couple of years ago. But after that we did not have any big gains and I banned from playing bingo. Now I play bingo only occasionally. Most of the poker in the winning tickets and free spin slot. You have to be patient and eventually I will definitely get to win a big ticket of OPEN. Everything from small investments or tickets won at free tournaments. This is my opinion Patience and free games.

Sory for my google english .


Good luck  !!!!!!!



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I criticize what I don't like"!!!

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@psrquack i alsoquit UOS, nano level .. maybe some 0.25 and 0.5 buy ill play ... those with decent stack and levels ... i prefer regular nano with small field...  and this prizes in nano leaderbaord are not tempting. im sure that i won more in regulars ... now with 0.2qualifers perspectives are bigger :)

for me this 0.1 UOS NANO are unnecessary .. better to run freerolls or flips with 0.25 tickets for 0.05e. especially those with r/a are wild ... when Ian Simpson rebuys 20 times in the row trying to win flip  :)

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"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
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Hey hey! @MadAdo I'm not playing Nanos, think it's just a wasted time. I rather wager those cents on sport few times and will get x2 x3 x5 x10. Same thing with Micros, but we need to play it for the missions. Interesting competition in poker for me is in tourneys 10E+. Less crazy donkers, more solid players (captain America whisperd me this) P.S. I'm not playing poker for money anymore. 😃

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@Want2Believe wrote:

Hey hey! @MadAdo I'm not playing Nanos, think it's just a wasted time. I rather wager those cents on sport few times and will get x2 x3 x5 x10. Same thing with Micros, but we need to play it for the missions. Interesting competition in poker for me is in tourneys 10E+. Less crazy donkers, more solid players (captain America whisperd me this) P.S. I'm not playing poker for money anymore. 😃

come on :)  when i play some nanos or micros :  im watching a film , doing many stuff ...  maybe with 4+ tables situations looks diffrent or if some money are close  then ... :)  Sport? I used to have a lot of fun in it ... I think I will come back to it.  but always no time for bets especially Live bets ...  i dont like pre since couple years ... i always hunting for goals at the end of the match :)

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"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
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Well done, nice advices so far ... but especially giving credit to our nano-nightmare specialist -> MR. @pinki  you deserve an icecream for sure, your analysis damn interesting and you run into deep details which is why I like it so much ! 👍 👍 👍

Meanwhile I'm thinking about my twitch-friend's GOLD advice: "earn money by folding" 🤣

It should looks somewhat stupid for you, but he is absolutely right in many ways. I watched his stream as he played on PokerStars from $1.50 Sit&Go (6-max) and cash games starting from 5/10c up to 25/50c (high-roller! for many of us 😃) ... his graphs have been interesting and I like his patience. But seems like 'variance' and cold-streak take his mind into wrong side so he stop/quit to play (once more time) !!! And this is story which we all know and are aware of and would like to avoid whenevert possible ... you all know the story.


Q: $1M - "What do you think about CASH tables (micro for now) on Unibet - are they all worth to play" ?

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