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  1. @AndreiBN Yey!! Freebet, please! Thanks for the competition! :)
  2. @MackDaddy When the multiplier is over 25, first place win 80%, second place 12% and third place 8% from prizepool.
  3. @Nestabear Happy Birthday! €50 Mystery UOS in the lobby! :) @GR1ZZL3R @pinki @YlarP @Bing__ @psrquack @FreedoM @MadAdo
  4. A big one in 7 min! @Nestabear @TTABKATA @Purps @psrquack @FreedoM @GR1ZZL3R @MadAdo @YlarP @CharismaMan @AndreiBN
  5. @YlarP Welcome! :) You just won a nice pot with 77! :) I had 66.
  6. @Nestabear After that river, me either. :)) I'm still in. After I left from your table, I lose a flip (big pot), but after that I came back. :) Good luck!
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