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  1. Hi, sorry for late reply, recently I went to bank and created Smart ID, now when I try to make deposit on trustly method via smart id option, the fields asks me to write my Smart ID id and personal code, but what is my Smart ID id? I tried my bank id and didnt worked i tried id on the bottom of the field which might be trustly id operation is also not working.. Where do I get that id? Maybe Lithuania is blocking unibet when using local bank operation?
  2. Few months ago I was using trustly method to make direct bank deposit, but today I was not able to find my country, few days ago I was told in a poker group that Lithuania will block any deposits/withdraws because of new laws so I double checked if its real and it seems it is.. Tony G has opened his own online poker platform and its very sad that we are forced to play only on it, because laws recuires physical buildings in a specific country to provide online service... Well that sounds no more games for Lithuanians on Unibet? Any solutions? Neteller? Pm? ?
  3. Ohh this saturday Iam going on my first ever ski trip, kinda sad that it happens together with this month league so I'll skip it.. but hoping to show top performance at next month league.. maybe it will be Feb 23 day which is saturday? Cause that day I don't have to work @DaVitsche
  4. Hi there, I joined online poker right after Unibet launched its new software after microgaming and never was into any other site like I was in Unibet.. So now Iam only playing at Unibet. I just feel natural here, the promo's are really good. I really like mobile app. Iam really interested in any way of product improvement and agree to the terms of NDA.
  5. Could somebody clear me out about the jackpot size on the stake you are going to play? It will be completely random like 100M hand promo? Because I remember I was 3 tabling 4nl tables with a 20euro bankroll and got into 100M hand number table and it was win win situation with a multiplier which depended on stakes you play and how many tables you play also. I think its nothing common with current hexa promo but just asking. :D
  6. I like more falling star bounty structure than shooting star. Shooting star was a shove fest. In falling star I can play more strategical, make way mre decisions, but of course its long lasting.. well I glad I adopted to long structures even remembering 150gtd 1e 20:00 CET evening deepstack with 7k chips and 12min levels on first unibet client was something that made me patient, but current turbo tourneys made my play also interesting so it's a win win. I also have full time work, but my work start time ranges from 8-12am so I get a bit flexy and can spend more or less at the evenings.. I would love to see both format tournaments with the same starting time, but the current one is personally better.
  7. all in preflop, new year, new boards ughhhh
  8. Oo what a board, looks like second and third place got same points.. What's next? :D
  9. I've registered to Unibet since they released a whole new poker application ( which was the very first days, it had lots of bugs but monthly updates got it much better and now we're playing in a second stage of this application, it is a bit redesigned, highly improved bonus system and tournament schedule but you could feel the same good vibe here ). I was choosing where to try online poker ( my first one with real cash :D ) and Unibet got my attention because of its eye catchy graphics and mainly no HUDS. Fun fact: I got my first information about huds just by looking through rooms and being as a poker rookie, I was able to see that this thing is not fair because lots of players using it and you will have to play against them... So to get advantage you have to use it too and so on... makes hud vs hud situation and that's not fun at all. New players just can't get a good online poker experience until they find Unibet or any other site that doesn't allow huds or any other tracking program. I only play at Unibet it makes poker look way better without huds plus you can change avatars. :)
  10. I did a little investigation and yup this is my device fault, mainly because it runs non stock google android and the rom just interacts with the file as corrupted or so. Well Iam getting another device very soon which is on stock android.. :)
  11. My device is Xiaomi Redmi Note4 Global version which is equiped with 3gb ram snapdragon 625 cpu topped with Android 7.0 and latest miui version
  12. https://imgur.com/a/C51XOqC
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