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March Poker Mission 2020


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Scroll right to see rewards :)

1aCreate a new identityChange your appearance by creating a new identity50 Bonus Points
1bBe all-in in BanzaiBe all-in in any Banzai cash game at any point
1cPlay a Unibet Open satelliteIn the main lobby, choose "Tournament", then "Full Schedule". Filter to Unibet Open satellites by using the "Unibet Open" checkbox. Register for a satellite and finish it to complete this objective.
2aPlay a freezeout tournamentPlay any non-freeroll multi-table freezeout tournament€1000 GTD Mission Special ticket +
5 Temple Tumble free spins

2bPlay NLHE, then play PLO the next dayJoin any Hold'em cash game table and reach the flop 10 times. Then do the same in Omaha the next day.
2cPlay HexaPro tournamentsPlay three HexaPro tournaments
3aCheck your NotificationsSee if you have any "Notifications" by pressing on the bell icon in the top bar€2 SNG
50 Bonus Points
3bPlay tournamentsPlay any multi-table tournament that has a €1 buy-in or higher for three days in a row
3cNLHE hearts and diamondsBe dealt only hearts and diamonds 15 times at any NLHE cash game stake
4aPLO ShowdownWin at least {2} hands at showdown in any PLO cash game on {3} seperate days within a {7} days period€3000 GTD Mission Special ticket +
10 Temple Tumble free spins

4bMore HexaPro!Play at least one HexaPro Jackpot SNG for 3 days in a row
4cMTT cash Finish in the money in any non-flip multi-table tournament with a buy-in of €1 or more
5aChallengesComplete one minor step in Challenges€5 MTT ticket
500 Bonus Points
5bMore Sit & Go!Play at least one Sit & Go for three days in a row
5cMore Bounties!Eliminate at least one player from any non-freeroll multi-table tournament with the word "Bounty" in the name on {2} seperate days within a {7} days period
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@OmahGAWD @ReCorpH 

Last time ( last month? ) when there was this same mission, I noticed that the mission didn't get cleared if the player who you knock out re-enters the tournament. I only got it cleared after the player literally got eliminated from the tournament, and didn't opt to/wasn't able to re-enter anymore.

No idea if it's designed to work this way :wonder:

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@OmahGAWD and @Purps,

That seems to be the case here as well. Since the player you busted rebought, he was not eliminted. Maybe @Stubbe-Unibet can shed some light to this? 

The mission does state "Eliminate", and in this case the player is not yet eliminated as they can rebuy. 

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