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  1. Andy-Unibet


    Hi @Chris k, The ticket has been expired and 500 bonus points returned to your account.
  2. Hi @liftboy71, Have extended your expiring tickets for another month.
  3. Hi @WhiteJedi, Thanks for the suggestion. There are two main issues with having with a promotion like this:- Getting all the ambassadors online at the same time to fill a SNG Running the actual league On iPoker you alias does not change so it's much easier to track players as they play. This is not the case on Unibet where players can change their alias multiple times a day and it can be easy to forgot to change it before the start of a league game. Now we could enforce a "same alias" policy in order to win points but it would still require manual checking and recording of each game and league updating. In order to automate the leaderboard it would require dev time from Relax and I just don't think we could justify the resources for something that may only have >50 players enter on a regular basis. On the ambassador side, Ian regularly plays SNGs at the end of his session with viewers of his stream already and although they don't have big prizes for the winners they do enhance the community spirit you mentioned. There are a number of community driven promotions that already exist, The Community league for example, along with all the streamer added value games that run weekly that get everyone involved. I do think your idea of a SNG with the ambassadors would be a great promotion for if/when we run a live Unibet Open and can send a couple players to a location to play the SNG live.
  4. We've been looking at specific criteria when warning customers and this customer does not fit that criteria just now.
  5. Hi @Hunmolyos, After logging into the main site, click on your balance and it'll drop down to show additional information, including your usernumber.
  6. I think it's good for us to be as transparent as we can about these things so here is the latest. Of the 25 accounts we send emails to originally, 7 appeared in the list of players that ratholed over 100 times in the last data run (01/03/2021 - 24/04/2021). Those accounts had poker blocked this morning and emails will be sent to those account holders to let them know poker will not be unblocked until the confirm the understand what ratholing is and that they will not continue to do it in future. If they appear in the next data run, poker will be blocked permanently. A handful of new accounts appears in the 100+ club in the second data run and they will be sent the warning email that was posted earlier in the thread.
  7. Hi @successlaw, The tag on the UOS tickets has been changed back from generic in preparation for the next UOS in May. I've extended all your expiring tickets until the start of June so they'll be available for the series.
  8. Enjoy your 200 BP nerd. Variance is coming! You did not knock me up! I don't need more children in my life just now 200 BP credited.
  9. I've updated the opening post with some trophies
  10. Now we don't have to pay Ian I figured I could bump it up.
  11. Unfortunately this is simply not good enough and Ian's contract has been terminated with immediate effect. (Not really) @Pionrj, ticket credited now.
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