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  1. Hi @daradeb, Your ticket has already been converted into 3300 bonus points. You can go into the bonus shop, via the head icon at the bottom right of the client, and purchase otehr tickets with the points. 100 BP is €1 so you have €33 in value.
  2. @Adrienne, checked with CS and you just need to place a qualifying bet of $10 CAD and if it loses you'll get 100% (up to $10 CAD) back @Livertool, CS say bonus is active, just need to place your qualifying €5 bet and you'll get it back if you lose.
  3. Confirmed with organiser "Preregistered players can arrive at any time. They are guaranteed a seat upon arrival. Chips don’t go on the table until the player is ready to sit down."
  4. Hi @Nel, 1. 12:00 Dublin time. https://internationalpokeropen.ie/ipo-schedule-of-events/. 2. I'll double check wit the organiser but I suspect you'll be fine to late reg. You've basically bought a buy-in to teh flight so you'll be on a list but I don't expect they'll put your stack in play without you being there.
  5. Hi @Bigtel89, could you post a screenshot of you being in Game Lab and ensure you're in the "School" section. If you are in another section you will need to tap the green cross at the top right of the screen to return to the main menu. It may be partially hidden by the home button but you can move the home button by dragging it around the screen.
  6. Hi @Xerka23, we're aware of some delays in some accounts receiving winnings and we're looking into it. The winnings are being recorded in the poker BO so you'll get the money once the delay is resolved. Could you send me the screenshots of the account issues via PM please?
  7. Hi @Xerka23, there was a client update this morning and you are still running the old version. If you restart the client you'll be prompted to update.
  8. Next few weeks if we can get everything sorted. Will announce any changes when they are confirmed.
  9. There is a monthly level 3 freeroll and a quarterly Unibet Open freeroll for anyone that reaches level 5. No plans to add anything additional at this time.
  10. There is a Omaha freeroll every day at 18:05 CEST
  11. We don't give out hand histories in bulk in txt format (or any format for that matter). You can copy/paste individual hands from the history tab in the client. I can confirm your 12x multiplier carried over and is active.
  12. Ultimately it doesn't matter. I tried it on my test account and everything worked as expected and there have been very reports globally considering how many players have completed the mission but even if it was a genuine issue the only compensation you can get is bonus points and you've received them.
  13. The poker back office shows the spins were credited and the slot back office shows the spins were cancelled. We don't have the option to re-credit spins (should hopefully be available before the end of the year) so the only option for compensation is direct value in bonus points.
  14. Have added 200 BP for the cancelled free spins
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