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@Merenitsu wrote:

Nice. Got 20 tickets and miss this tournament :waterfall:

Yeah, and I got 18 tickets.. For what?

I didn`t see any Community centroll when I took a look in the poker-lobby about 17.00 tonight. Nor was it any tickets for me at that time. But when I did log in now 23.30, there were 18 (!) tickets for me.. "Expires in 17 hours".. :wonder:

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@Silver1 wrote:

Got the tickets as well and if you guys extend the tickets please do so to mine as well☺️

I believe it'll be the poker team extending these if they so wish to do so, will let yo know 😃

Link to the tournament test https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Unibet-Idea-Exchange/Community-freeroll-league-restriction-to-members-only/idc-p/236828#M2587


Former Community Manager
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@Pesek wrote:

Why only 10 tickets, why not 1000000? If there were only 2 tournaments which i didn't play whats the point of giving so many tickets whith so short expiration period?

Tickets based on your community rank and you could buy chips with your tickets, which means more tickets more starting chips. If you would have rank 1000000 then you would get 1000000 tickets.The plan was 1 tournament only, but many members couldn't register to the first one due to unknown error so Stubbe added a second one.

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