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  1. I haven`t got any bonusoffer since mid October. Not even 25% bonus. And Unibet Norway don`t exists anymore.. So after been a member of Unibet since 2005, I will find a new online casino I can have som fun an joy.
  2. I miss the Christmas calendar and it seems after Unibet Norway have change to English, no more bonuses :(
  3. Hi, @Jami-Unibet. Do you know why Unibet Norway have end (?) bonus-offers to the players? I hav not got any offer in October, even I have made deposits..
  4. It seems to that bonus-offers have end at Unibet Norway. I have not got any bonus-offer at all in October 😞
  5. What a bad poker-night 😞 Good night and sweet dreams 🙂
  6. It seems that nothing is back to normal...
  7. It surprises me that Unibet which is a big company, can not fix the problem faster..
  8. I have played "Thunderstruck II"for some months now and had I reach all levels. But today when I got 3 hammers and free spins, it starts at the first level again.. Can anyone explain that?
  9. Why not? As long as they don`t exp before tomorrow. What is the problem? 🙄
  10. Hi! When can I use my two flip-tickets? Says it exp in 17 hours...
  11. I did log into the casino, and to me it is just a mess.. What`s the point with much pictuers and colors of the providers? The providers games is not from A to Z.. And a line with "Continue to play"..??
  12. Too late, @ReCorpH I tried to fix it and play with 1 NOK as that the bet was frozen.. But it didn`t help, because my winnings was gone.. I don`t know where..
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