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  1. Hi Unibet staff @JeppeL is it possible to remove the popup of 'high hands promo' for belgian players as we are not included to any promo's or rakeback? Don't mind it pops up that much, but still annoying. if not possible, no problem. Cheers
  2. probably been asked before, if so, apologies i'm planning to play the series here and there and play some qualifiers, but before i play those qualifers, imagine i have some leftover series tickets, will they be converted after series? thanks in advance
  3. @Lerre belgian government is a disgrace, that's true, but stop blaming unibet, they can't help it, right? @iitztekto probably the worst thing you can do
  4. YESSSSS indeed i got my account back! thanks for all the people contributed to this thread and felt my pain :-) @ReCorpH no need to appologize, in the beginning of the thread i was mad at unibet or going so deep in time for bank statements, but last months I always said I understand Unibet wants to check these things, the ones who are to blame are the bank and visa company for doing so difficult into giving me MY OWN INFORMATION, that was the sickest part of this whole trip. @Andy-Unibet you were talking about some 1 euro and 5 euro uk tickets, no idea how many there were, but you can put them in my account. The most important thing are obviously the two 250 euro UK tour online tickets to play last weekend of september, so please make sure I definitly have them on time please (to prevent heart attack).
  5. @JeppeL uploaded ID last week and still waiting on ID-check, how long does it take normally? should be ok way before 27th september, I hope? thanks in advance
  6. Hey can somebody tell me when exactly is the next UK Tour online event? I was told somewhere the end of September? Thanks in advance!
  7. @Jeroenvg give it up bro :p btw: pokerstars with that juicy 2% rakeback you can exchange for giftcards where you pay another x % fee on ! that's really something alright!
  8. so... drop the license and do the same :)
  9. @Andy-Unibet thank you so much, will contact u from the moment I can get into my account again!
  10. Oh btw: and the value of an entry (or ticket) is 220 Pound or 250 euro?
  11. @JeppeL uploaded, thanks for looking into it! @Andy-Unibet last UK Tour Brighton (september 2019) i played I had two entries (which i won with online sattelites) and i used one of them. Than around 20th Octobre I won another entry, normally for Manchester in November, but I sent an e-mail I coudn't attend and move my 2 tickets to a date in 2020. This is the e-mail: Hi Wannes, Thank you for your email. I have moved you to 2020, you can also go ahead and use your other tickets, qualifiers for Manchester will finish soon and we are in preparation to plan the 2020 events and hope to be able to provide more info soon. Thanks I couldn't attend the online UK Tour final end of June as my account was blocked, but I was promised to play the one end of September. So after months and monts of misery and frustration, can you please confirm I can play the UK tour final with my 2 tickets? Thank you for looking into it.
  12. @Andy-Unibet @ReCorpH first of all great news: after 6 months, my bank finally send me the bank statements of June 2017! The lady always said it wasn't possible she provided me this by mail, and now she said she pulled some strings ... don't really know what to think of that obviously but ok... send it rightaway to unibet department, and now they say it's not good, but clearly it's good as my name, the 3 dates with right amounts and bank account number (beginning and the end, the middle for some reason with XXXX). it's on page two of document in annex called 'wv' maybe she only looked at the first page, if so, don't really know what to think of that too, but ok... pls unfreeze my account after 6 months and also pls tell me my 2 unibet uk tour tickets are ready to play the end of september... SENDING OUT AN S O S
  13. tnx for support @startelver , problem is that there are two UK tour bullets linked to my account, so really need those 2017 bank statements to be allowed to play online version end of september. if it wasn't for those tickets, would have given up long time ago. but again, not angry on unibet, they follow procedure and i understand their side too that it's suspicious that i still didnt get the bankstatements from worldline or bnp parisbas... should be ok by september tho
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