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  1. This should be made possible. To show one or selected number of holecards. It certainly adds to the game, and can't see any reason why it should not be implemented.
  2. This thread is one for giggles. The stupid,silly, funny nicks. And that there are people who actually bother to report. This is good fun!
  3. Hearing about Brocky. I hope he owes money to some really bad guys. All I have to say is: that guy was a real jerk! Let's hope we won't ever hear anything from him again. UB and community is better off without him. Just saying...
  4. I miss b2b. Unibet however seem not to even want to include b2b in their history. What happened?
  5. Pls, check this player out. Never seen anyone run so good. Crushing everyone by playing ridiculously aggressive/staying in pots where any good player folds. Looks like a big time fish, but keeps winning massive amounts on plo Micro. Needs to be investigated.
  6. Seems to be working again. I do however feel that you need a new software. Or to be quicker to fix something like this. But that is however mostly in your own interest. For a player there is always the option to just quit.
  7. @psrquack Some people will always suck up to whoever is in power. And they will always be trolling their piers. It's just the way they are.
  8. @Stubbe-UnibetYes, I do need to calm down, spot on! And yours is the sort of response that calms people down. Containing info about what the issue is all about, and what is being done. I only wish UB realized the importance of responding in this fashion sooner. And also, I do still think you need to do some more squeezing on someone who is much too relaxed, know what I'm saying. Anyway, thank you Stubbe! Much appreciated!
  9. Well, I'm good, but not that good (to keep playing). Good idea about the browser. Will check it out. Thank you.
  10. Trying this and that (maximizing-minimizing, taking away avatars,and so on) to see if anything changes. Sitting at PLO4. On bb, I have JJ to start with (it says so next to my hand). Utg miniraises, me and another dude calls. Still JJ on flop. UTG bets 20c-call,call. Turn and I do not improve, goes check,check,check. River says I have A high str8. I bet 20 and get called. By what? I have no friggin idea. But I win the pot!
  11. "stubbe will be back on friday" How is that for caring about the customers? Geez. Time to leave UB, I reckon. This is friggin outrageous.
  12. The one response we get is from a guy on vacation! Kudos to him, but isn't that just hilarious?
  13. Unibet is maybe the worst when it comes to customer service when this sort of disaster happens. No information. Little response. And as it seems. Nothing is done. Shut the damn client down when it is not operating properly!!! What Unibet needs to do here is get a firm grip on the balls og Relax Gaming and squeez really hard.
  14. I can't even see my holecards. When I leave the table, client crashes. You owe four big blinds. Just shut it all down and get it right. Disaster.
  15. @WuDuYeah, Elaine finds out that the place has a lot of dresses in store. And Kramer gets arrested for pimpin. But about the jacket, no, can't recall.
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