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Easter egg hunt


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@psrquack wrote:

Could we have any information why the Easter Egg hunt bingo room's free play was frozen yesterday @RayL , @JeppeL or someone from the bingo department? Thanks.

Yeah it was totally frozen once you entered the room. 


Choosing the list view on the main bingo lobby made it possible to get the coupons though. Somewhat boring not to see the numbers/ball being drawn but it least you'll get the tickets that way.


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Sorry for being a bit slow with answers today @psrquack and everybody monitoring this thread. We're on the road with Jeppe on our way to a conference. I've inquired more about these issues and will update you guys right here. Sorry for the troubles gang. 😞

Former Community Moderator
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Is this still bugged?
Changed my evening plans cuz it said 18:30, now I'm home and it says 17:30 ????


EDIT: when i log in on my phone it says 18:30, when i log in on my laptop it says 17:30 ... ??

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Hey guys! My name is Krists and I have recently started to work in the Bingo department. Nice to meet you all! 😃

As you know, our community hero's are traveling and were limited to reply on this matter!

So, what happened ?

We worked hard to resolve the issues as fast as possible. The technical irregularities was caused by a faulty free game round template in Easter Egg room. On Tuesday evening, when issue appeared again, the free game template was re-adjusted and the game which caused the irregularities was cancelled, therefore majority received notification about cancelled game in Bingo. With this in mind, all other games settled as expected and you can view detailed round history if you click on "My Bingo" -> Game history -> select the date/room accordingly.

The technical issue has been fully fixed and we really apologize for the inconvenience caused! 

We decided to extend the Easter Egg room for two days and it will be available for everyone till end of the month - April 30 😃





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