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MTT promotion Bounty Badlands starting February 4th


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Yesterday i played couple of bounty tourneys, it went well, i felt the chi, and i was like, ohh i wish there is a bounty promo again. #mindreaders


However i hoped there will be more brandnew tournaments. The 1 euro tourneys are very early except one (and they last long), the 2 euro ones are both when people usually sleep :Laugh: I agree that the nanos and the 5`s are perfectly timed. Lets see, thanks!

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@XY wrote:

Hi @Kris-Unibet,would you explain points distribution? Can't find the answer under T&C on the main page.I guess each level (nano,low and high) have certain points value.

Also,can we fight for all prizes? Prizes are Bonus money?

Hi @XY

The amount of points per bounty depends on the buy-in level, leaderboard prizes are paid in cash.

PointsNano leaderboardLow leaderboardHigh leaderboard
1€ 0.25€ 1.00€ 10.00
2€ 0.50€ 2.00€ 25.00
3 € 5.00 


Good Luck:)

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Hi @GothMoth, this happens when players don't choose an alias and register without one. The system assigns one which always has Unibet in front followed by a number sequence, something like this "unibet_12345567".

All good though, cheers for staying vigilant, and keep any suspicion coming, better safe than sorry we always say :).



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Hi @Kris-Unibet

Thought I should let you know that the link to the leaderboard from the swedish web site dont work. I found my way to it from the link here in community but perhaps it can be good to fix for other peoples sake :)

Also I wounder if there is any way to se how many results you have in the leaderboard? Since its your best 20 that count it would be nice to know if one have 5, 11 or 20 results that make up your total point :)

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@Merenitsu wrote:

@Kris-Unibet today i no got points for bounty in 1 Mtt 15:45. Now I doubt the veracity of this competition and I think that in other tournaments it could be the same😠

Hi @Merenitsu

I noticed you played several tournaments in the low leaderboard segment already, only the top 20 results count to the leaderboard. If you 20 tournaments with a higher points score you will not recieve any new leaderboard points.

If you still think there is a problem let me know and we'll investigate.

Good luck!

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@pinki wrote:

@Kris-Unibet @RayL  i have a little problem :

On PL site i dont see Bounty Badlands Leaderboards only :


https://www.unibet.com/poker/leaderboards <- Here i see everything clearly :)


Hey @pinki,

Thanks for letting me know,  will try to have that fixed as soon as possible.

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