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  1. Hey @mamrot @Psycho79 I think the test trial is over with @Psycho79 suggestions. We haven't had on €50-->€250 started yet, so I have to do something. Satellites were running better, not good, before this latest change, so I will turn back to how it was pre suggestion. All unused €50-tickets can be used Tuesdays & Thursdays.
  2. Hey @mamrot Thanks for your thoughts. There are some problems though. You suggest €25 The Earth PKO €500GTD at 19:15 , we have the €25 - €2,500 Neptune Rebuy starting like 5 minutes later, that would be to much cannibalism between those tournaments to have some decent guarantees. At 20:15 CET €10 The Venus PKO €300GTD , we have two €10 tournaments running one omaha and one sputnik. Adding a third would not be good. €1,000 Sputnik €400 Sputnik Omaha Regarding the "One word about new tournament €10 Mercury Blue starting at 17:00CET" this start time was actually requested by our ambassador Ian Simpson. Thanks for your suggestions , this time they don't work well in the whole picture. Always open for suggestions though. Cheers, Leo
  3. I have to bring in product expert @Stubbe-Unibet on this one
  4. Hey @GR1ZZL3R Here's the daily freezeout, I'm sure you can find some playable there. Sorry for the blurry picture
  5. Hey @Psycho79 and @mamrot There's 23 daily one and two euro qualifiers to €10 ticket, so there's no need to add more qualifiers for the €10, those tickets can be used in the €10-->€50. It's hard to get these qualifier to Big Bang to run properly, we will give them some more time before doing any changes
  6. @mamrot As said before, we gone true all running flips to make sure this exploration will be as limited as possible. We're sorry for the inconvenience. Next step would be to have a minimum number of players to start so high that some flips wont run at all, we hope not being forced to do so, and that these measures done now will help
  7. Hey @mamrot We need to wait some more days to see if @Psycho79 suggestions with Big Bang will work, if they keep being cancelled I have to leave that try, and go back to the qualifiers I had before.
  8. @mamrot It depends what time it's request for, could be that it interfere on the "regular" schedule. Is there specific time and buyin you want me to look at.
  9. Hey @Purps @mamrot @Psycho79 @FunckyFish First of all, all effected from yesterday just received a ticket for a new one on Wednesday. The problem with the setup is that tables are generated before registration close. We're doing as much as possible without rewriting the code to have this solved, rewriting code in that this matter is really complex
  10. Hey @Psycho79 , The daily qualifiers (not Tuesday and Thursday) aren't running so good so we I will try your suggestion for those days. I try as much as possible to avoid qualifier trees where the tickets are "looked" in to that specific target tournament, sometimes I have to di it, but I try to have generic tickets as much as possible. This will be a "looked in" version, let's see how it works. Hard to go really wrong on this one . So they will run all days except Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  11. Hey @Samn1 we had so few players, the format didn't seem to be that popular, so I had to try another format. We will see what happens with the new one
  12. Hey @Pickleman Thanks for the notification, when noticed it was too late to adjust back //Leo
  13. We introducing a new tournament from tonight. “€1,000 20BrightBulalakaw” at 19:30CET it’s kinda push/fold tournament which start with 20 BB, quite long levels so the chip depth increase as the tournament progress. Let’s see if it flies, 10 minutes late registration
  14. Hey all, The €10 Protostar Bounty has to go. We will introduce another interesting format that start time. Please comment in this thread what you think about the new tournament. Buyin €10 Starttime 19:30 CET/CEST Name: €1,000 20BrightBulalakaw
  15. Yes @SCOBY they are running, as mysterious they appear any time
  16. Thanks @Psycho79 we will look into that issue. Meanwhile we change that flip to 6 handed /Leo
  17. Hey @mamrot Sure we can give it a try, we run it min 5 players though, if it's 5 players it's absolutely rakef ree
  18. Hey @GR1ZZL3R Thanks for pointing this out, the flips should obviously be open for registration as soon it's published in the client, it's sorted now and will increase traffic.
  19. Hey @Hotzonicu The 16-18% will stay as it is, I changed the payout for the top 2 though, they now get the same prize from the distribution. It wasn't the case last Sunday
  20. The "Qualifier to €250 Supermoon 8 TIX" on Sunday 2nd May is moved, new time is 18:00 CEST
  21. @psrquack Those freerolls are run on Ian's request, probably he's been busy lately
  22. Hey @psrquack Changed name, look for "Simpson Special"
  23. Hej @jerry Let's try doubling a €1 Omaha at 21:15, "€75 Omaha Protostar Bounty"
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