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  1. Hey @Pickleman I hope it will be appreciated by many customers. Sorry to hear that you couldn't attend
  2. Hey Guys, I think we wait until after UOS ... Cheers
  3. Hey @Farseer We have a few different variations on bounties, this is on of the most top heavy bounty, it's not many of them but some players like them. You find much more "normal" ones in the schedule
  4. Hey @GLENGYLE Not at the moment, the run frequency has to be a bit higher first
  5. Hey @mamrot & @comanimal I like the idea, especially swopping the "new" one with comet on Fridays. It's still a bit of season I think to start a new €100s , let's wait a few weeks and we will make some updates. If I take to long, just send me a reminder
  6. Hey @mamrot As you probably seen, the qualifier didn't start in 17 tries, I don't think it's worth keeping. I will now remove it, at least I gave it a try.
  7. Hey @Purps We use to have some earlier qualifiers, but since they almost never started we decided to remove them from the schedule
  8. Hey @CapJack666 , a very tournaments has been removed, tournaments that never starts because no one registers. That's just one or two. Guarantees go down when it's lover traffic, that's standard, it would be impossible for us to run all tournaments with given away money for free, overlay. As it always been, when players are back from their holiday activities the guarantees start to raise again, so we have the good times ahead of us. Have a great summer!
  9. Hello @dJ_b0rG It's until saturday exchanged to the superqualifier for the half price Supernova
  10. @WuDu Just let those guys logging in late also participate, just make sure you be there in time. Did you like the tournaments though ? 2 hours run time, might increase tiny when we see more player. Good Luck!
  11. Hey @mamrot I hope you are fine. Sorry for my late reply, trying to do some holidaying in the middle of work What I try to do is to create a schedule where as many as possible can find a good tournament of their choose with a decent guarantee.. With x-number of player liquidity I have to balance the schedule as best I can, your and other influencers from the community is important to make that happened. The reason why I don't think it's a good idea asking the community what the next new tournament format should be is that you get as many options/formats as you get answers. I did this just a few just recently with "Venus" and I think I had 12 answers with 9 different formats. Thanks for you engagement and please continue share your thoughts whenever you see something not so good. May the flop be with you
  12. Community gets what community wants. After going through all suggestions I came out with a format. The suggest came from @comanimal and @IanSimpson with support of @mamrot Name suggestion I think @Psycho79 had the best "Venus" it will be. Thanks for supporting in making our offering even better than today, I start low at the guarantee, just €400, I am pretty sure you guys will make the guarantee grow to at least one-cool-thousand before this month ends, any indications it break the €500 barrier, I will increase the guarantee immediately.
  13. Hey @WuDu We have so many freezouts runnning daily I'm sure you can find something you like, can you see a blank spot. If so, there might a rebuy tournament it clashes with.
  14. Hey @mamrot Okey let's give it a try, starts tomorrow
  15. I haven't forgot to sort the tournament, will happen any day soon
  16. @WuDu There are quite a few freezout tournaments a round the clock, is there any specific hour of the day you see a gap? Thanks for your inputs!
  17. As you might noticed, the new "€400 20BrightBulalakaw" didn't turn out to be a favorite tournaments among the players. So I will now ask for your suggestion on the setup for the new €10 buyin tournament we will be running daily at 19:30 CEST (CET). Copy below "template", fill in your suggestions and post it in this thread. I will pick the new tournaments not from what I think is best, I will take what you suggest the most. And hopefully we will have a good tournament running. NAME: ..space theme FORMAT: texas/omaha HANDED: 6 or 9 handed tables START STACK: number of chips LEVEL UP TIME: each level, could be a mix like 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 and then 8 8 8 8 8 minutes what ever feels good TOP UP FORMAT: freezeout, rebuy/addon or re-entry LATE REGISTRATION: number of levels I will create the new tournament on Monday, give me your best suggestions
  18. Hello @ZebuBe We had to re-publish the tournament that day, because Belgian players had login issues the day before we decided to double the bounty value plus double the prizes in the tournament as a nice gesture for the players. We're sorry for any inconvinience
  19. Hey @mamrot @Psycho79 I think the test trial is over with @Psycho79 suggestions. We haven't had on €50-->€250 started yet, so I have to do something. Satellites were running better, not good, before this latest change, so I will turn back to how it was pre suggestion. All unused €50-tickets can be used Tuesdays & Thursdays.
  20. Hey @mamrot Thanks for your thoughts. There are some problems though. You suggest €25 The Earth PKO €500GTD at 19:15 , we have the €25 - €2,500 Neptune Rebuy starting like 5 minutes later, that would be to much cannibalism between those tournaments to have some decent guarantees. At 20:15 CET €10 The Venus PKO €300GTD , we have two €10 tournaments running one omaha and one sputnik. Adding a third would not be good. €1,000 Sputnik €400 Sputnik Omaha Regarding the "One word about new tournament €10 Mercury Blue starting at 17:00CET" this start time was actually requested by our ambassador Ian Simpson. Thanks for your suggestions , this time they don't work well in the whole picture. Always open for suggestions though. Cheers, Leo
  21. I have to bring in product expert @Stubbe-Unibet on this one
  22. Hey @GR1ZZL3R Here's the daily freezeout, I'm sure you can find some playable there. Sorry for the blurry picture
  23. Hey @Psycho79 and @mamrot There's 23 daily one and two euro qualifiers to €10 ticket, so there's no need to add more qualifiers for the €10, those tickets can be used in the €10-->€50. It's hard to get these qualifier to Big Bang to run properly, we will give them some more time before doing any changes
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