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  1. Android 10: It was stuck on the loading screen at first but to be fair my phone had low battery. After restart it loaded properly. On horizontal view after scrolling for a bit on the tournament list the app seemingly froze. By switching to vertical view it worked properly once again. The rotating issue has also been a problem on the previous release as well. I suggest an option to lock in rotation or just remove this option altogether (if someone wants rotation they can just use the built-in option on their phone). You can soft "fix" the rotation issue by leaving your table then reentering it.
  2. Do you have apps from unknown sources enabled? Also what's your device and android version? It may not work on older systems.
  3. Challenge accepted! My R3 pick is Hertha Berlin. I also like the added bonuses for every 2 rounds. It gives the competition a Streakr like feeling.
  4. Looks good. Maybe add 1 more Omaha. I would prefer more exclusive freerolls in the future instead of some of the public ones though. A daily level 2 might convince some of the remaining level 1 people to try to level up. Do we still have Betting Freerolls or is that a separate promotion from this bunch?
  5. Congrats guys! @Stubbe-Unibet@Andy-Unibet @Seb-Unibet @Leo-Unibet On another note: Whoever you are @Joco146 I hope we get paired up at the same table.
  6. Its always interesting to test out new stuff. Count me in.
  7. @Seb-UnibetI hope you didn't take my comment negatively. I don't think anyone thought about the possible length of the competition when they entered their teams since the number of competitors were unknown at that time. It has become a bit clearer after 1 week but as you said it could still end unexpectedly soon if a huge upset occurs. Regardless I don't mind having a lengthy competition with the only downside being that it's not fun to see someone pick Bayern 3 times in a row (which tbh is a terrible strategy on the long run). All in all I think this competition is a great idea and I appreciate that you put in effort to a sport section that has been lackluster since @JeppeL left (yes we had Euros but we all miss @AndreiBN.'s Grand Slam competitions).
  8. True, but if anyone picked their teams before their respective matches kick-off that should still be acceptable this time since we have had different policy for previous competitions. I also agree with @Karmasuper's point that this competition is going to be a long one (probably going into next year). It would've been more interesting if you could only pick each team once instead of thrice (not too late to make this change). Either thing is up to @Seb-Unibetto decide though.
  9. Yeah I was talking by experience. But to be sure you should contact customer service.
  10. You should pre write a time you want to play chess in otherwise it's gonna be hard to catch others to play with here.
  11. It says "the Hungarian chat is currently unavailable". The link redirects you to the English chat. I always use the English chat. They can redirect me to a Hungarian colleague if they want to. I'm fine either way. Thanks guys anyways.
  12. I use Chrome. Everything looks fine on the international site. It has to be an issue with the HU site. I might just e-mail them then. Edit: I'm experiencing the Help issue on the .com site as well. Poker & Bingo are shown properly though.
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