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  1. https://hu.unibet-1.com/ works without needing to use vpn
  2. Your bad runs are way more exaggerated in your mind than your better ones. You can look at the stats as shown above to confirm this. If ranting here hasn't been enough to calm yourself self-exclusion might be another option to think about.
  3. Pretty sure that's an inappropriate alias, it means:
  4. I will claim this then... Thanks guys.
  5. I wouldn't get my hopes up. I doubt there will be one on community.
  6. Looks like it's a promo for the world cup. Got another one today.
  7. Found a free scratch card on my bingo account today. I didn't win anything but maybe you guys have better luck.
  8. Unfortunately this site's non-poker section has been dead for a while now. Good effort from your part though. 956 people left. There is no way anyone will win this competition now.
  9. We need better questions like how many goals will be disallowed by VAR this weekend?
  10. I would actually tryhard just to get this ngl.
  11. No problem. @GR1ZZL3RI also completely missed the scenario @Kamonmentioned so we are in the same boat box.
  12. You don't say... I meant of the whole scenario where you get into such a 2 player preflop all-in situation and then manage to lose the hand.
  13. Not sure what are the chances but losing that hand seems very unlikely to happen. Thanks for the clarification though.
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