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  1. Solksjaer was embarassing last night, took off every creative players to save the lead... But there are even more really really embarassing stuffs in the first round. Barcelona, Salzburg missed two penalties in one half, Besiktas. I mean if you cant score against Dortmund nowadays, you really suck at this game And cant wait to see Leipzig to be roasted...
  2. Congrats guys! Thats a nice win considering the strong field.
  3. Interesting No doubt, Big Brother reading the community, and fixed the broken RNG
  4. Dont wanna spam @CristianPoker80 s great blog, so i announce the big news here. The jinx worked, i won... 57 cents + 2€ hexa ticket!!! Yeah, obviously not worth it, just if you play them anyway. I like hexas (at the moment...) so hopefully i win something valueable in the flip tourney.
  5. @psrquackI got 3 or 4 tickets, and never won a penny on that flip tourney (so shady to run it at 2 am, maybe doesnt even happen ). Play them if you like them, but playing hexas only for the ticket makes no sense imo, you need to be great at flipping way too many times
  6. @Chiron69 you CANT have the exact same hand. Your opponent had a flush.
  7. I assume he complains about the regulations in his country. Probably cant participate in promotions and so on. But never know w Mere
  8. 8 hexapro wins in a row. Probably once in a lifetime
  9. Well, for a Finn any girls or bars is cheap here The girls in their early 20s living there because of their studies are supercute, but be careful with the 25+ beautiful and "self-sufficient, independent, strong" women because they searching the One who takes them to Dubai every weekend
  10. Weird to see those words next to each other, because most of the hungarian beauty - talking about the ones in Budapest - are not affordable without pain
  11. Nice gesture, but feelsbadman. I finished 51th, because in order to reach 40 had to push. If only i had known...
  12. Depends what is the style of KerelMaat. Most cases i would fold, but im a chicken. The main reason i comment: imanem. 12 BB deep, one more player to act, and only calls?
  13. Seriously? Villain flopped a straight
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