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  1. Dafaq Frankfurt I like their playing style, many creative players, i sincerely hoped they can make it to the CL instead of Wolfsburg. But if they cant even draw against this Schalke
  2. Nah, Pool built the big lead last season and started to play like shit. Lack of motivation, creativity and concentration, just not the same Liverpool we all like. Before covid they lost the plot, remember the game against Atletí. I agree its a big issue that key players are injured, but not an excuse because they were not better even at the end of last season. Well, not 18 months, lets say only 1.5 season
  3. Not that Liverpool deserves a spot in the Champions League, the last 18 months they play like Burnley...
  4. Brrr, 0lucky again... if you have a little luck, thats a 7000 multiplier
  5. Gail Falkenberg is back on the tennis court after 3 years! She is playing a qualifier at Naples, USA. Why is it interesting? Because she is 74 years old! Won a quali round at the Australian Open and reached the top 300 in the 80's, but recently (obviously) she didnt have much success, hopefully she can grab a game. Such an admirable young lady! Her last win was against the infamous and only one, my favourite Rosalyn Small 5 years ago. Look at her results, hilarious. I think their match is still somewhere on youtube https://www.tennisexplorer.com/player/small/
  6. Dvtk - Ujpest : great win for the bookies
  7. Ujpest still can go down mathematically. They have two tough matches against main rivals, if they loose both and everybody else gets the max points, that could be an unexpected failure. Not too realistic scenario though. Dvtk should take this one (well said reasons, Duck), the goverment just sent couple of millions of support for infrastructure, have to keep them in the first league I take the cards, we will see plenty.
  8. Ugh that Real-Chelsea was extremely boring Well, knowing Guardiola in the knockout stage and his careful approach, tonight might be the same scenario... If he is smart enough he gives the ball to PSG, and dont let them run, Mbappe (if healthy) and co are unstoppable on counterattacks. In Ligue 1 they struggle creating chances against parking buses. But we all know the Catalan Overloads the central area, passing the ball around like its handball, stretching the field wider, so i think its the best match up for the french out of the semifinalists. Depends on Mbappe and his injury, but that 2.6 for PSG to qualify is tempting. Thoughts?
  9. Pohjanpalo is a strange individual, he doesnt score often, but when he does, doesnt stop at one. Dortmund got a chance all of a sudden? Perfect weekend! Quite interesting last rounds in the Bundesliga coming up, when the (one of the) hottest teams are Mainz and Bielefeld Bo Svensson wont stay much at Mainz, judging by the results he is as talented as they said so. In case he stays, they can fight for Europe next season. These teams winning and winning, while Hertha is in quarantine... Very tough situation, i dont see them surviving. They shouldnt fire Dardai in the first place (few years ago) and shouldnt hire absolute retards, the BuLi2 what they actually deserve.
  10. I like Karatsev against Berrettini at the Belgrade tennis tournament. The russian's story is for Hollywood, more than a year ago he couldnt win a match on lower levels, but since the pandemic he is about a top 5 player. Full of confidence, having his first tournament win a few weeks ago, yesterday he was an unbeatable beast against Djokovic on the serb's own homeground! Match of the year so far! Berrettini is not at his best yet (coming from injuries) and his match was also taxing and ended even later during the night. Karatsev set is still available at 1.39, thats sure IMO, the odds for winning it dropping, rn around 1.8 (i had at 1.9).
  11. Real and specially Barca badly need money, literally for surviving. Ceferin paid the big 6 from the UK to step back, cash as a great fire extinguisher - at least for now. I think a proper ESL is doable. Get 16 teams, four groups of 4 with two advancing to the spring knockout stage. Perez, nobody needs like 15 groupstage matches! And have normal relegation and promotion, no fixed teams. Teams can get to Canaan from CL and EL (winners, finalists whatever.) But the greed
  12. I generally dont like changes but this one looks much better. Congrats on the rebirth and happy 5th birthday lol
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